Are you looking for an agency to help your label or music career?

Decoded has re-launched its much lauded full 360 Creative Agency – Decoded Creative. A platform for artists, labels, DJs, venues and promoters to utilise a service to compliment their business and branding with previous and current clients including Global Underground, Dave Seaman, Magdalena, Enrico Sangiuliano, Tom Hades, Selador Records, Egg Nightclub, The Gyle and more

The music industry is a fickle, complex and sometimes daunting environment to be an artist. How do you engage effectively on Social Media without paying a fortune to Facebook, how much should you pay for a website, what features should it have, where to start on writing a press release through to how do you even write a proper biography?

Decoded understands the complexities and needs of the music and entertainment industries, regularly working with promoters, press agencies, artists and venues each week to create bespoke creative campaigns, custom websites, social media strategies, graphic design and advising on best marketing practises.

Utilising a collective of industry digital marketing experts, graphic designers, website developers, social media gurus, app developers, journalists, video content creators and campaign managers, Decoded Creative aims to be an affordable full service 360 agency dedicated to creating unique, tailored made creative solutions for the music, hospitality and entertainment industries.

“We experience countless requests each week for advice on how to optimise social media to the construction of a press release or the need for a web developer to create a bespoke site; that we have taken our experience with Decoded Magazine and our decades of marketing, design and writing skills to create a one stop shop for artists and to compliment existing agencies. Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out industry best practice articles, how to guides and more, it is an exciting time for us and we always welcome a chance to sit down with you to discuss your needs” – Damion Pell, Director

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So what do we do?

Strategic Planning
In a saturated marketplace, how does one stand out? Planning is the key to making smart decisions and getting the best ROI out of your marketing budget. Bringing your marketing activities together into a unified plan improves the effectiveness of everything you do and every pound you spend. Sure, it takes some extra time on the front end; but it pays big dividends down the road.

Connecting with your followers and stakeholders through non-advertising methods is an extremely effective way to build a brand and influence an audience’s behavior. As a long-term process, we use a number of different tools to help clients communicate with the audiences most important to them. We have invested heavily in journalists to help you reach the key editors, reporters, bloggers, analysts and other influencers within their respective industries with clear, concise, factual written copy for album releases, promo write ups, website copy and artist biographies.

Brands are not just logos and taglines. They are belief systems—the collective perception your followers holds about your company or music. Brands are distilled from the values and passion of the artist, label or company and winning brands are built by engineering the perfect balance of uniqueness, frequency and consistency. Branding often involves letting followers tell you what your music mean to their lives, and then reflecting that message back in the terms most meaningful to them.

Websites & Mobile
A website is almost always the most powerful tool that you can use for communicating with your followers. It is the flagship communications platform where new and loyal followers find your music, your tours and connect to your social media. Through usability best practices, innovative design, optimising for mobile use, and creating multiple forms of engagement, we build dynamic websites that reinforce your brand or music. Our experience in running one of the fastest growing music media websites, allows us to understand the intricacies of social media, content delivery, search engine optimisation, website design, data capture and emerging technologies that help you grow organically.

Video & Multimedia
Video is the lingua franca of the Internet, crucial to a well-rounded Internet strategy. A short video can tell a story that engages people in ways that words on a page can’t. Video allows for a creative mix of sights, sounds, animation and branding that can tell your story online and across social media. From initial script and storyboard to shooting and post-production editing and animation, we provide concept-to-completion video work for Web, advertising, events pre/post and communications. We can provide 4K filming (multi-camera & drone) post production services, including album releases, social media viral videos, event filming, documentaries and more.

Graphic Design & Packaging
Your artwork can make a difference with your releases or event. Creating content that understands your brand, your concept or release is essential to engage your audience. We work with leading designers that create some of the most iconic label and clubland artwork, as well as packaging solutions, merchandise and logo designs. Stand out from your competitors.

Content Marketing
According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” That describes our approach here at Decoded Creative, but we also see content marketing as part of a larger ecosystem of digital communications and public relations.

Social Media Marketing
We work with clients to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of marketing via social media. Not all social media avenues make sense for all artists, labels or brands, so we help our clients evaluate the best opportunities, execute well within those spaces and monitor responses. We help clients launch new social initiatives, collaborate on daily social media interactions and integrate with social media advertising and special promotions.

Search Engine Optimisation
To drive more qualified traffic to your website from search engine results, we employ the link-building, keyword strategy, coding structure and development best practices that maximise SEO. We also help you improve SEO through tactical efforts like blogging, video and other tools that impact Google’s PageRank™ algorithm and the ranking systems of other search engines.

Artist & Label Services
As artists ourselves, understanding how an artist relies on a well-crafted biography, social media interaction, cover art, press photography, viral content to reaching out to the press is our forte, it is what we do and know best.

So let’s see it…

Decoded Creative has teamed up exclusively with Anthony Pappa and Dave Seaman to produce a series of tailored mix concept filming and post production, perfect for labels to showcase artists, for DJs to create visual mix series