Decoded Magazine North America: A Voyage into the Americas

Decoded Magazine is pleased to announce the official launch of Decoded Magazine North America. The much anticipated launch of the sister site is scheduled to go live for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), October 14, 2015.

Since launching in July 2014, Decoded Magazine has published over 1,500 articles, including industry news, countless tech articles, and reviews. There has also been some critical and in depth articles ranging from depression in the music industry, to copyright law pieces, along with over 90 mixes from around the world from the likes of Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman, Joachim Spieth, DJ Rap, Dirty Vegas, Coyu, Blond:ish, Hernan Cattaneo and many more.

Over the last year Decoded Magazine has run a number of successful parties, as well as supported some amazing promoters around the world including, and certainly not limited to: Darin Epsilon and Jadee with C-Jay ADE official closing party, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren boat party at WMC, Maceo Plex at Monegros Festival with B-at-Tv, Jeremy Olander, Magda, Uner and Nora en Pure in Mumbai, and more.

Decoded Magazine’s humble radio show has grown from one station to 20 syndicated FM and Digital stations globally. Some past guests include Toolroom Records with Matt Smallwood, Groovant Records with Ant Brooks, Selador Records with Robert Babicz, Natura Sonoris with Henry Saiz, Gabriel and Dresden, and many more. There are also new stations that are going to be added very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

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Decoded Magazine is known as the voice of reason in the underground Electronic Music scene throughout Europe, and is now expanding their brand into the North American market. North America is to have a voice of its own – not only uniquely designed, but also expanding into the Indie/Indie Rock scene. Much like underground Techno and House, Indie Electronic is about creative expression and artistry, and not about homogenous music that is at the forefront of the industry today.

In a very short time, Decoded Magazine has almost reached one million unique site visitors, that’s a little over 2.9 million visitors in one year, hit over five million social media reach (organic – meaning none of it was purchased, nor click-baited), and our Soundcloud is close to 300,000 plays in 12 months, averaging over 5,000 plays per week and growing daily.

So, what can you expect from Decoded Magazine North America? An educated, fresh and unfiltered voice for artists and their fans alike, linking all aspects of industry and lifestyle. It is a collection of music producers, industry professionals, marketing and business professionals, writers, filmmakers, and photographers that are passionate about creative and timeless music that evokes emotion and thought. Decoded Magazine North America is creating a movement of honesty, creativity, and unique content that both supports and nurtures existing and emerging talent. It is a platform for content reflecting the creativity and counterculture movement of the underground.

Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli |
Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli |

Decoded Magazine North America will also have a strong focus on the lifestyle associated with underground culture. This includes: fashion, food, nightlife, social issues, and more.

The North American side will be headed by three key individuals: Anton Silaev, Editor; Maria Coliviras, A&R – Electronic Music; and Gianni Aprile, A&R – Indie/Indie Electronic music.

Anton is an avid Music Producer and Engineer. When he is not in studio, he can be found trolling around the Internet ‘righting wrongs.’ Often the instigator of thought provoking, and sometimes-controversial social media debates; Anton is committed to challenging the status quo.

“My commitment to Decoded Magazine North America is to see beyond the glitter and glam of everyday life. Music has become so much about what we see with our eyes, rather than what we feel with our hearts and hear with our ears. The voices I intend to have heard are the ones that resonate with these sentiments.” – Anton Silaev

Maria is a stand for young artists and creative people in her community. Having had experience producing multiple films, and having a strong background in visual arts, Maria’s taste in all forms of art is well seasoned and unique. You can [try to] find her in the darkest corners of the after hours with her hood up, two-stepping away to heavy Techno.

“Art is an expression of the soul. The life of an artist isn’t always easy. It’s a constant struggle between an inner voice that guides us, and the means of expressing that voice through a physical medium. Long live Techno!” – Maria Coliviras

Gianni manages several bands, and is heavily involved in the Indie Rock / Electronic scene in Canada and the U.S. He’s the kind of guy that always picks up his phone while at an obscure, underground Rock show scouting the next best talent, or in studio with his bands and engineers ensuring that everyone is taken care of.

“An ego is never an amigo.” – Gianni Aprile

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