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Packing a serious arsenal of studio hardware, the young talent has a vibrant catalogue showcasing the variety of his output. He is equally at home with melodic techno, acid and broken beats, such as on his releases on James Zabiela’s Born Electric and Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label.

Alongside bagging releases and support from big-name artists and labels, Jody Barr has been developing his own Portable Minds label. Launching in 2016 via his own ‘Culture Vulture’ EP, it’s a trend-bucking project both to showcase his own tracks and as a platform for fellow creative producers to express themselves freely without having to compromise their productions. The output predominantly takes the shape of single-artist EPs that showcase the more daring and unique facets of participant’s studio skills.

Jody spoke about what he has been up to during these very bizarre lockdown times…

“I’ve been isolated in Wales for 4months during this pandemic. Due to health reasons, certain family members have had to quarantine so I’ve been flying solo pretty much the entire duration. This hasn’t come without it’s testing moments. The welsh guide lines have been different to those in the rest of the UK, so theres still uncertainty as to what will happen and when. Regardless, I’ve been generally positive and upbeat during it all. The music turnover hasn’t been peak, but I’ve completed some remixes and few originals, along with finding other ways to be creative which I’m enjoying. My diet has also been pretty ambitious I must say – dried pasta and Weetabix is a daily occurrence.”

We loved this mix when we first heard it and we hope you feel the same…

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