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Built and programmed in 2001 by two of the Syndicates most powerful fugitives (Bass Junkie & The Dexorcist), Kronos Device continued the ethos of IBM (Industrial Bass Machine), taking the aggressive style of distorted kicks, robotic vocoder lyrics and seriously heavy bass into the new millennium… Phil Klein (Bass Junkie) dropped by with a superb bass-heavy exclusive mix for Decoded Magazine and a few words about this mad lockdown life we are all currently living with.

“2020 has so far been full of surprises, mostly negative but there have been some positives. Lockdown has brought a welcome change of pace to my life. A time to recharge my batteries, finish my album and start some new collaboration projects. It’s also given me the opportunity to do this mix.” – Phil Klein

01. Hybrid – Future Fever
02. DJ Nephil – Unholy Beings
03. Biepang – Bleak Leisure
04. Model Citizens – King Prawn VS Jumbo Shrimp
05. Debonaire – Electro Novocaine (Injectable Beats)
06. Cha-os vs Bassing Guild – Party People (You Must Follow Us)
07. Dynamix II vs John Robie – They’re Coming
08. Computor Rockers – Program A Beat
09. Go Nuclear – Techno World
10. LA Synthesis – Agraphobia (Carl Finlow’s Transmogrify Remix)
11. Umwelt – Destruction Libératrice
12. Drexciya – Hydro Cubes
13. Middle Men – Defeat The Object
14. The Resonance Committee – Change
15. Go Nuclear – Exotic Dancer
16. Bass Junkies – Bass Craft

‘The Infinite Ones’ EP on Avoidant Records is out now and available here.

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