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It’s definately been a tough year for everyone, but that doesn’t stop the music. Recently we came across Italian producer and label owner Mik Santoro who certainly grabbed our attention. We just had to invite him to provide us an exclusive guest mix and a few words celebrating his latest release.

Hi Mik, thanks for joining us today, let’s jump straight into it, how has 2020 shaped out for you?

Very unexpected? In all the ways, we are facing a new era with his pro and cons. I’m happy with all the work done, as label manager and producer.

You recently released Whatever Next EP, out on your Ampispazi Records with production partner Ercos Blanka on two tracks, including your own Siesta track, an all round beautiful slice of deep, stripped back house. Can you talk us through the production?

Its a long story which started back in 2016 when I originally recorded the ambient sounds, the vocals and put down the very first music. During the years I edited some parts and then kept the project closed, waiting for a special occasion. Finally, in 2020 the moment arrived. The track is about Ibiza and its long quiet afternoon summers spent in the nature.

I would say that with this I wanted to paint a “ Different Ibiza”, where the real love and passion for music has been overcome by other mainstream factors that we all know.

As owner of Ampispazi Recordings, how has this year changed the release schedules of tracks, have you had to redevelop the way you reach fans, what artists can we look forward to in 2021?

2020 looked great as we had planned many releases with new signings on the label. Unfortunately, we had to adapt and slow down the release schedule. 

However, we kept on going and we decided to create a compilation called “Moving Forward”, picking tracks from projects that should have been released in 2020. I take this chance to thank all the artists for their patience and for waiting on us for so long. Patience is a virtue that is not very common nowadays between newcomers.

Residing in IBIZA, what are your thoughts on the 2021 club and nightlife scene, what positives can you see going forward?

It is a very difficult question. We don’t really know anything. No one does really. We are experiencing an unprecedented global crisis. Nightlife has been cut down and all we hear is talks about restrictions and prohibitions. We do not hear of hope or solutions different from lockdown and social distancing. However, I see the underground music movement is still alive and wants to make music, get together, create new ideas, news concepts, evolve. So it’s a matter of time. Once things will get back to normal, we will be there, with great new music, ready to support the clubbing of tomorrow. 

You’ve created a special one hour end of year mix for us, guide us through your track selection, what do they mean to you and what story are you telling the listener?

It’s a peaceful yet jumpy refreshing set, starting from soft notes of Ercos Blanka’s Seneca followed by 25 min of trippy sensual deep house. Then suddenly, at the end of my hypnotic “Siesta”, Traumer on Infuse hits you in the face to remember us that dancing is always needed, even at home, during this anti-social times.           


Ercos Blanka – Seneca (Ambient Mix) – Ampispazi Recordings

Zito Mowa – 2% Milk (Original Mix)- No Fuss Records

Joe Metzenmacher – Art of X (Original Mix) – Heideton Records

The Robinson – Burnout (Ron Trent Remix) – Futureboogie Recordings

Mik Santoro – Siesta (Original Mix) – Ampispazi Recordings

Traumer – Portable (Original Mix) – INFUSE

Benny S – Nervous (Original Mix) – Ladeep

Oden & Fatzo – Cat Loves Jazz (Original Mix) – Moscow Records

Silent Revolt – Dogmatik (Basti Grub Remix) – Eyedyllic Music

John Tejada – Sweat (On The Walls) – Poker Flat Recordings

Fireberg – Undoing The Future (Original Mix) – Eyedyllic Music


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