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“I love music, how it can make our emotions flow; how it can change the way we think; the way we love; the way we express ourselves.” – Omid 16B 

Omid Nourizadeh also known as Omid 16B, is a DJ whose passion for cutting-edge electronic music is unrivaled. As a DJ and producer, songwriter, musician, and label boss, Omid has forged a unique and prolific career as one of the world’s most talented and respected musicians and producers. He’s much regarded as one of the leaders who pioneered the tech house movement back in the early nineties, alongside the likes of Carl Craig, Vince Watson, Craig Richards, Mr C, Steve Bug, and Francois K . Growing up in London, with Persian roots, Omid was influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Cure, Depeche Mode, RIDE and The Mission. 

Throughout his teens, he became an accomplished musician playing a list of instruments while attending Richmond College and utilising the music rooms at any given chance. “I was supposed to be studying but always missed a lesson or two if the music rooms were free” Omid played his first gig in his home town Putney at the age of sixteen (Vocals/ Guitar), performing with his own band “The Reunion” which continued to play the pub circuit in London for a further two years.

In the early nineties, the ‘Acid House Movement’ was turning heads, as was Omid’s enthusiasm to learn more about production and the independence to express oneself without compromise. Gradually Omid’s tastes became increasingly more electronic-based rather than indie rock. In 1994, he made the pivotal step of setting up his deep-house label Alola Records, followed by his tech-house driven Disclosure imprint in 1995, and later down the road, SexOnWax Recordings in 2002. With an impressive discography of singles, LPs and compilation albums released on his own imprints, as well as signed to the likes of Eye Q, Hooj Choons, Stomp/EQ, Yoshitoshi, Ministry Of Sound, Tsuba, and Bedrock, Omid has maintained the highest quality throughout his prolific career… without any commercial compromise. 

Omid continues to follow his individual creative path, taking his unique sounds from his London studio to the global stage. Omid also co-wrote the film score composition for a short film by his brother Nima Nourizadeh, titled ‘Outside In’, alongside Alexis Taylor & Joe Goddard (Hot Chip)

16B unleashes ‘The New Wave’, the first single taken from his forthcoming album. Powered by a tenacious chugging groove where Indie dance sensibilities meet dramatic filtered synthscapes with echoes of French Touch, ‘The New Wave’ features a magnetic vocal from Morel, who atmospherically weaves between the seductive and fierce with his rugged, captivating tones.

“I worked with Richard Morel on ‘Escape (Driving To Heaven)’ on my ‘How To Live 100 years’ album 20 years ago and always wanted to get him on another track of mine. So I reached out to him with the instrumental of ‘The New Wave’ and I was blown away by what he came back with – the perfect vibe!” – 16B

Track Listing
1 The New Wave (Vocal Club Mix)
2 The New Wave (Club Dub Mix)
3 The New Wave (Instrumental Dub Mix)
4 The New Wave (Radio Edit)

‘The New Wave’ is out now on aLOLa Records.

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