Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Calypso Records with Thomass Jackson & Iñigo Vontier

Calypso Records is a label formed by Thomass Jackson and Iñigo Vontier releasing music from Latin American artists as well as
their own music featuring remixes from artists from around the world. The sound of the label is focus in eclectic music with analogue elements, from psychedelic guitars to conga rhythms.

I had the pleasure to talk with Thomas and Iñigo all the way from S. America. Thomas explained “I am Argentinian originally from Buenos Aires but I am based in Mexico City for 6 years now. I moved here for a few months and never went back. Iñigo is based in Guadalajara, Mexico.” Before we began to chat about the label and partnership the guys explained their background and how they first met. Thomass started in music at a very young age being involved mainly in bands with friends and around 1998 he began to be involved with electronic music. In the year 2000 he released some music with 2 different projects called “Meesiva” and “People” in Sonic 360 from the UK label owned by Chris Allison. Then he started to play bass guitar with a guy called Capri who released music in Gigolo Records in the early 2000’s and toured most of Latin America and Europe for 5 or 6 years. He then decided to start focusing on his own music which he started to share with friends and received good feedback. From then he decided to focus more on his own music rather than helping other people developing their own. Iñigo explained “For me it’s been around 15 years since I began playing with drum machines and cheap synths. For some years I was making beats in my bedroom and started DJing in local parties in Guadalajara. After a while we started doing our own events with a collective called Mix Le Fun which was also a digital music label. After that and around 2014 I started to release music as Iñigo Vontier and got the opportunity to release under some international labels. In 2016 we decided that it was a good moment to build a label that is focused on releasing music from Latin American artists in 12” format, so we can help grow a stronger music scene in Latin America.

The label has a very leftfield sound and style. When I asked of their influences attached to their style of electronic music Iñigo replied –

“I think we both are quite connected on the styles of music we enjoy and from that point on we have a clear picture of the styles we are looking for. It’s about the elements and the way the tracks are built most of the time. Also, we have different tastes in music and this mix of styles is what you can hear on Calypso.”

The latest sound to the label comes by the name of Colossio, a Mexican DJ & producer from Monterrey? Can you tell us about his new EP (available to buy here) which has just landed on the label. Thomass talked me through the EP – “Colossio is an up and coming producer from Monterrey who was also part of our first release which was a compilation of 4 tracks.” When digging deeper into his style he explained –

“His styles and influences come closer to psychedelic rock and krautrock in a way. Big guitars and harsh synths come together to build some kind of a trip that is very good for the dancefloor but also for listening in a car driving at a very fast speed.”

Also, we have the pleasure to have Man Power and Jonathan Kusuma on remix duties. Both delivered amazing versions of the same song but with very different approaches. Iñigo added “After the Colossio release we have a producer called Aristides from Peru that has a particular and eclectic style that fits perfectly in a jungle party. Percussion and chants from the depths of Lima.”

“Different artist bring different sounds and we enjoy being open to different styles. We like to hear any kind of music” says Thomass.

I asked is it fair to say Calypso Records primarily has a focus on Latin American artists? “Yes, the main idea is to focus on Latin American artists, but we are not closed to once in a while releasing music form artists from other parts of the world that somehow fit in the label’s philosophy” says Iñigo. To which Thomass further explained – “As Latin producers we feel the need to support and try to discover new artists from our part of the world because when we started we had support from people around us and it feels nice to give that back to other people. But also, we have remixers from all over the world to give it a more “international feel” to the label. We are very close to releasing the first track of a non-Latin artist.”

The passion for electronic music in S. America is globally recognised and is known as having some of the best crowds in the world to perform to. I asked why they believe this is? Thomas was keen to reply “I believe the cliché of the Latin people being more passionate and warmth is most of the time true. I don’t know why this is but I think you can see it in a lot of places. Sports and music are two of the main ones maybe.

At the mention of sport, a little discussion about the World Cup side tracked us momentarily. Iñigo said “Well Obviously I wish Mexico does great but being honest Argentina is a better team, though they are not in their best moment.” To which Thomass added –

“I hope Argentina will go further than the last world cup, that will mean Champions of course. But after seeing them today draw with Iceland I believe we are kind of fucked. Hopefully Messi and the team will be inspired the next two games and move us into the knock out stages! Amazing victory from Mexico over Germany!!! Good luck to England also.”

Iñigo, I believe you are over in Europe at the moment on tour. Where have you been and what are some of your favourite places you’ve visited? “I just came back from the tour, it was a beautiful experience I always love to play around these countries as most of the people that follows our work is from countries as Israel or Lithuania. I did a quick visit to Moscow, Biarritz, Paris, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Barcelona and Marseille, to be honest I enjoyed a lot all of the gigs and each one was great in their own way.

I then picked up on the label feature mix with Thomass? Which artists were included? Was it difficult to approach? Did it provide a good reflection on the label to date? Thomas explained “I think the mix is a good reflection of the label. It has everything from slower stuff to our kind of club stuff and all the way in the middle. It was not so difficult to portray the scope of styles and sounds. I believe you can hear what the label is about. Artists on the mix are Colossio, Aristidez, Iñigo Vontier, Dreems, Veltran, Naduve, Niv Ast, Jonathan Kusuma, Club Duro, Serial Experiments, Simple Symmetry and myself. As you can see we have a lot of artist from other parts of the world as well because we are lucky enough to get good remixers and friends who gave us edits for the label.”

Iñigo told me which releases were also forthcoming “Aristides form Peru with a Simple Symmetry remix, and we have the Vol. II compilation coming next year with some Latin American artists and the first international artist on it. Thomas added “I was talking about edits before and we’ll be doing a 12″ special edit series with artists including Naduve, TYU, Club Duro, Moscoman and many more. There are also so many artists who I would like to release in the future that it will be unfair to name only a few. Also, we are trying to focus more on discovering new artists than signing already known ones.”

I’d like to thank the guys for showcasing their label and chatting with me. Thomas and Iñigo left me with this parting message –

“Support your local scene as much as you can and always keep your ears open to new sounds.”

Colossio – Moto EP is out now

Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Calypso Records with Thomass Jackson & Iñigo Vontier


Luke Brancaccio

01. Evans feat Shawni – Through Her [LNOE]
02. Matador – Air [Rukus]
03. Test Tone – Aurora [Green]
04. MayDan – Burn Cloud [Beat Boutique]
05. Ziger – Back Door [Eleatics Records]
06. Matador -Surrender [Rukus]
07. Nic Fanciulli – After Time (Adana Twins) [Saved Records]
08. Ziger – After Midnight [Eleatics Records]
09. Andrew Plavinskiy – Atoms (Volcan Erman) [Emotional Content Recordings]
10. Cristoph – Vanquish [Pryda Friends]

Thomass Jackson

01. Myths of seduction (Club Duro Edit)
02. Aristidez – Nada Nada
03. Iñigo Vontier – Wirikuta (Dreems Remix)
04. Serial Experiments – Industry Works (Edit)
05. Naduve – Saba O Savta (Edit)
06. Niv Ast – Rainy Heart
07. Aristidez – Nada Nada (Simple Symmetry “What happens after death” remix)
08. Colossio – Paranoia
09. Thomass Jackson – El Tercer Sitio (Edit)
10. Take Away 14 – Veltran

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