Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Gai Barone

Without a question we had to invite Gai Barone back to Decoded Magazine in light of the news received about the release of his new album ‘Under Zero’ which was released 23rd November on Zerothree Music. The ‘mini-album’ includes 6 original tracks and one remix of Nexo by Luka Sambe. When we heard the new material it solidly cemented our opinions that Gai is a true leader of progressive house and trance. Gai is very pleased to be back working with the Zerothree Label. What he loves about them is their ability to set their trend; “that’s the real attitude towards making music, in my opinion” he said. This is what Gai has also done when he thought about the new album. “I’m happy with the result and considering the people who are asking about it I’m very excited to release it. Personally, I think there are some tracks that belong to my past, like Chavah or Minecraft, and my new direction which will be a bit deeper and darker, like Formal.”

Decoded Magazine Australia is due to launch on 1st Dec to showcase leading artists from across Australia and report on the very best in underground electronic music across the country. I asked Gai to speak a little about Australian artist Luka Sambe and why he included him as the only remixer on the album. Gai explained “I love Luka’s tracks they are the perfect balance of underground and progressive. We have to choose some names for a “Nexo” remixer and I was really happy to hear that Luka was the “chosen” one. And as you can hear the result is absolutely gorgeous, his remix of Nexo is a gem.”

If you have already managed to catch the radio show in syndication you will have heard Luke Brancaccio featured ‘Himika’ which is out now on Future Sound of Egypt UV which is Aly & Fila and Paul Thomas‘s progressive label. For me it’s a standout track from the show. Gai told me a story behind the track:

“Actually, it originally had to be a remix for another artist, but it was totally far from the original so we decided to go with a brand-new tune. The name Himika comes from a character of Sheen Jeeg, an old Japanese cartoon I used to love back in the days; not a very positive character at all, but really inspiring.”

If like myself you are a big fan of Golden Girls ‘Kinetic’ you would be equally as excited as me to notice Gai has sprinkled some ‘Patternized’ magic on the classic house track. He told me the remix came out of the blue and the original track was and still is one of his favourite tunes ever. “The melody is simple but at the same time perfect, never boring. I was listening to it a few weeks ago and told myself to do a new version for my gigs; it was impressive that many DJs are asking for it, but no worries I promise I’ll give it away for free in a few weeks” he said. What a gentleman he is.

While scrolling through Gai’s social media before we spoke, I had noticed a fan of his coin his sound as, and I quote “minimal trance.” I have previously learned Gai is not a huge fan of genre’s however I couldn’t resist asking to hear his reply on this. “Oh, we don’t need another name for a sub-genre, music doesn’t need it at all. It’s the Human attitude to label things and I disagree, don’t misunderstand me, I know very well we all need categories for anything, but please leave the music out of it. Any form of art is something that doesn’t need bars or numbers to define it. I always find myself clashing with some producers or DJs asking how I build a track, which bars I add bass line? how many bars I use for the outro? Really is music made of this? No!

On a more serious note there was a time in the late 90’s and early 00’s when progressive trance was leading the way. “I loved those years when “trance” was something different, underground, unpredictable, long pads and driving rhythms” Gai said. When asked his opinions on the current state of play with the progressive trance scene, or in fact the trance scene in general he told me “That’s the music I love! I find those feelings and emotions in today’s techno or melodic techno.” He went onto say “I’ll tell you some labels I’m following a lot in these days which have a specific sound I really love: Tronic, for example, or Hotflush, Still Vor Talent. They constantly deliver great stuff.”

You can also catch Gai as the latest guest on Paul van Dyk’s VONYC Sessions. “It’s always great to be part of his show, he is really open minded and he is a living legend, he invented a particular sound” was the reply to my question on how influential PvD has been to his career. Gai further commented “I remember I was in Scotland in a vinyl shop when I first heard of him and suddenly fell in love with his sound.”

Which leads us nicely to speak about his mix for Decoded Radio. It was humbling to hear Gai say:

“Picking tracks for Decoded is always inspiring because I can express myself totally, playing what I really like.”

In fact, he asked me if he could provide another mix as there was more exclusive material he wanted to share, unfortunately the show had already been through syndication. He said to me “there are a lot of new “bastard” (I mean, not belonging to any categories) tunes I never played before and something from me too, a lot of good music overall.” So, before we bring the interview to an end, I asked for a quick run-down of where he’ll be playing over Christmas and new year. “I’ll be back to Japan and Australia again in the new year, and literally I cannot wait for this. Also, I’m working on some dates in the USA at the beginning of 2019, but I’ll keep you posted in the few next days.”

If you haven’t yet heard ‘Under Zero’ go and check it out. It seems this will be last of new material from Gai in 2018. “I just want to leave some time for my album to be played and enjoyed properly, but I’ll be back in January with something stunning, I promise you’ll love it. Thank you for having me, it’s always an honour and last but not the least, congrats on the Decoded Radio and the precious Luke for the great job you’re both doing! I love it” he said.

Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Gai Barone.


Luke Brancaccio

01. Sigfrid – Sucker Punch (Four Tet) [Universal Records]
02. Chaim – Your Mulana [Disco Halal]
03. Stereo Type – Rumors [Get Physical]
04. Murat Uncuoglu – Paradise 25 [Isolate]
05. Gai Barone – Himika [Future Sound Of Egypt]
06. Luke Garcia & Th3 Oth3r – Frixio (KONDRE and &Lez) [Connected Frontline]
07. Booka Shade – Rosebud [Bedrock]
08. Booka Shade – In Velvet [Bedrock]
09. Sobek – Modest is Hottest [Monaberry]
10. Rafael Cerato & Gabriel Moraes – Rubik [Elastic Records]

Gai Barone

01. Axon. – Kinesis (Intro)
02. Revolutionary Block – SH101 (Gai Barone Re-Touch)
03. AKME – Albinoi (Swayzak_Remix)
04. Unit, John Ford, Mark Dressler – Look At Me Through A Magnifying Glass
05. Ayer Astura – Late Night (Gai Barone remix)
06. Gai Barone – Ripley
07. Dubspeeka – Garrison 2
08. Tannura – ID (Gai Barone Re- Touch)
09. Moscoman – Song For Bourdain
10. Stereo Underground – Flashes Feat Sealine (Gai Barone Remix)
11. Exilles – River of Voltage (Fabrizio Lapiana Remix)
12. Kevin de Vries – Sciamachy (Konstantin Sibold Remix)
13. Gai Barone – The Danzante

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