Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Jannowitz Records with BOHO

Lars Kohl is a German electronic music artist who goes by the artist name of BOHO who is also label head of Jannowitz Records with an aim to unite electronic music lovers of all genres by creating a magical and dynamic trip that can lead from house to techno and everything in between. Since launching the label, he has been introduced much deeper to the scene working with a lot of artists as manager and promoter to reach more goals together and nurture new artists along the way. On the side of this Lars has ran events and also runs a merchandise line. So, about playing music. “For me it’s much more than just a job, it’s my fucking passion” he told me. “Because I’m crazy and visionary with Jannowitz we want to set a trend factor by constantly looking for new talents and sounds” he added.

“I was really thrilled to work with you and felt honoured to be on board with a lot of amazing artists you guys support with Decoded. Hugs and shout out to you & Luke for the Invitation.”

We started off with discussing Jaw dropping Records which had its first release in January which is an EP from a live couple from Berlin called GRAU including a Nihil Young aka Less Hate and a killer Andre Gazolla Remix. February is followed by a Nico Push EP. Future releases are all scheduled up until September. The label which was launched with Rachel Raw caters for a more relaxed sound compared to Jannowitz. It is something they both felt they needed to do after 4 years of Jannowitz being the main label so they can show the people new facets of music.

The main thing is, that the sound is quite different and more deep / vocal tracks / melodic and maybe anytime some electronic pop. “We’re open minded and try to ensure that the sound is not 100% defined and a natural process where we end because we know so many nice artists and we want to give much more of them the chance to release and support their sound” he said.

Which now leads onto Jannowitz. I’ve played the label feature mix many times now and love the sound. In fact, it was the soundtrack driving back from a night out in Manchester at Victoria Warehouse recently. “The feature was a very special selection with a lot of unreleased tracks from myself and really cool Jaw Releases for you guys” he explained.

“If I were to describe Jannowitz It’s a groovy peak time sound with a sexy groove and a special touch of melodic and minimal madness”

5 years of the label is soon to be celebrated with a VA compilation which consists of new and established artists. In the future there will continue to be this kind of VA once a year. You can keep an eye out for a Decoded premiere of Dejvid Kavazovic & Do Not ‘Believe’ which is one of 12 colourful tracks that are on the compilation.

As we looked back on the last 5 years Lars explained it was a relatively difficult road up to the current position. “Until one has been able to establish ourselves internationally with new releases and artists. It takes us several hours every day to achieve our goals and possibilities professionally as a team. We have had many highs including equipping several music artists in the hip hop & techno world with our Jannowitz fashion line” he told me.

“We had the pleasure to be invited to the official film premiere on the red carpet in Berlin for the legendary “Straight Outta Compton” movie and meet with Ice Cube, his son plus all the actors and our former idols like Kool Savas, Materia, Motrip and more.”

Or that Jan Delay was wearing our Jannowitz glasses in the “Bild Zeitung” / Ard / Zdf etc & invited us to his concert for a private meet n greet. In the electronic music scene we were already supported by mainstream acts like Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki (Ok taste is left to everyone hahaha, but every support is good) because of the fashion. As well as at the Mayday, Parookaville, Ruhr in Love ect. we were present for all of them.”

Besides, there were also some super freak highlights which were very personal to Lars like meetings with Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, Matador and countless other global players. New friendships and many nights that became unforgettable including an invitation and meeting with the “Blade & Beard” boys of the movie Raving Iran. Or a private audience with Westbam. “I also sometimes work for television and have already secured 2-3 times Jannowitz releases to be played on TV format” he told me.

As with every trade there are always ups and downs where you have to work your way up from the curb to the skyline without getting a great deal of help from others. “It’s a hard-daily business where the best days are 24 hours to work + 8 hours to sleep” he laughed off. We are continually striving for success which sometimes makes us a little tired but on the other hand pushes us again! Don’t look back because standstill is no alternative” he added.

If you missed the show on Pioneer DJ Radio make sure you head on over to SC or press play at the top of the page. The tracks that have been used for the Jannowitz showcase will all be released in the coming months. Among other things there are some new collabs too including a special track (#2) in the mix be Lars’ wife Rachel Raw and Ricardo Farhat. To be more precise it is a remix for Nico Pusch which was just released on Jaw Dropping records on 18th February.

“I’ve also included some new tracks I’ve been working on which are yet to be released. I’ve only played them live on stage. Unfortunately, I always need a lot of time to get these finished, most of the time I have to fly to Munich or Berlin to get the tracks ready with my producer hommies. But it’s getting there slowly and you can look forward to more soon” he said.

We spoke about some of the artists lars has collaborated with on the label. Firstly, his good friend Maksim Dark. “I love his sound and we just get along 1:1 because he is the absolute groove master. There is no DJ set where I don’t play at least 1-2 of his tracks” he said. BOHO & Maksim ‘Dark EP’ is coming soon on another label.

In his own words Lars’ has found an unbeatable combo with Heerhorst. “He is an outstanding artist from Hamburg and we understood each other from the beginning. He has now become a new part of the main Jannowitz crew and already has an EP and remix at the starting line.”

For the first time he also added an artist for vocals. Xenia Beliayeva wrote the lyrics and vocal for an already finished track. A new synergy has been created and the track has a whole new character. He always wanted to do something with a female vocal. There was also an extremely fat collab with Vazik & Touchtalk from brazil. “The three guys are now already part of the Jaw family so I couldn’t get around doing a track with them. I love working with people whose sound I play in my sets. There’s always something unexpected coming around and that’s what makes it so exciting” he explained.

“I have to mention two names from very talented musicians and friends: Mycell & Reza Golroo. With Mycell you can already hear the first track on the 5 years Jannowitz compilation due for release in March. CHASER is a fusion of dark but groovy minimal. And with Reza Golroo, the first collaborative release “Filthy” will be released on PHOBOS Records in mid-March. Additionally, an original by him alone on my selected Alive & Death VA for Jannowitz on March 15th. And more things will follow.”

And not forgetting Rachel Raw. “She is my sweetheart and sometimes soul caretaker, best friend, and mother for Jaw Dropping Records. She helps a lot when we travel together and supports everything. Rachel is very young in the business so we decided to teach her the DJ and label skills. Step by step she also loved to be introduced further to the scene and become a professional DJ. Her taste is: we call it “Deep Adventure” a mix between bouncy house, vocal tracks and a deep selection for a perfect warm up or a trippy after hour.”

They have played together at some huge spontaneous All Night Long events and some really crazy gigs in Switzerland and Germany. This gave them the idea to start an ‘all nighter’ concept” for around 5-10 hours which will be also supported by their new agency ‘Schneider & Friends’ meaning the golden Year of 2019 is locked. “It’s always nice to travel and share nice moments together” he added.

All Jannowitz ask is for support at their gigs and you listen to their music. “We love to see our fans move on the dance floor. If the situation comes up, we also like to party and drink with people who support us too” Lars said. If you support us as well as the artists with a purchase, it is of course great. Otherwise dancing and staying positive is plenty.”

Looking forward to 2019 there are a few things Lars wanted to talk about before we brought our discussion to a close.

“What will be a completely new and sexy thing is that from this year on we will release a “SIGNATURE SERIES” release as an EP with 4-5 tracks. The whole music style of Jannowitz will be interpreted. At Jaw Dropping Records all the releases will be under the direction of Rachel Raw and there will be a homogeneous process of how and where everything develops. And to BOHO there is to say. I’ve only just started… the question is where will be the limit? I would like to thank all the people who have supported Jannowitz and myself as an artist BOHO for so many years. Nothing more to add….. just LOVE.”

Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Jannowitz Records with BOHO.


Luke Brancaccio

01. re:deep – White Lies [Vondergrundmusik]
02. Massive Attack – Teardrops (Sonson Bootleg mix)
03. Spiritchaser – The Dreams We Have [Guess Records]
04. UNDERHER – The Departure [Dunkelheit]
05. Stylo – See Myself [Voyeur Music]
06. Unknown
07. BLR – Albios [Unknown]
08. Bookashade – I Go Go (Undercatt)
09. Unknown – Wrong (Antony Toga) [Voyeur]
10. Lee Van Dowski – Mirage4 [Selador]


01. The Hacker – Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)
02. Nico Pusch – Zauber Der Magie (Rachel Raw & Ricardo Farhat) [unreleased Jaw Dropping]
03. TouchTalk – Choice [unreleased Jaw]
04. Ponte – Frido
05. Mr bizz – Rush (unreleaesed Jaw)
06. BOHO & Reza golroo – Filthy (unreleased Phobos)
07. BOHO & Xenia beliyeva – Violet (unreleased Jaw)
08. Mr Bizz – Deals to Make (unreleased Jaw)
09. TouchTalk – Melody (Mycell rmx) [unreleased Jaw]
10. BOHO & Heerhorst – Pinkfinger (unreleased Jaw)
11. BOHO x Mycell – Chaser (unreleased Jaw)
12. Maksim Dark – Sunfire (unreleased Jaw)
13. Coppola – Farewell (unreleased Jaw)
14. AlBird – Starling (unreleased Jaw)
15. Fabio Neural – Flow Beat

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