Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Somatic Records with Modeplex

Somatic Records is a label boasting a roster of young exciting producers with a mix of well-respected artists in their genre who continue to push boundaries within the melodic universe. The label is currently celebrating its 2nd birthday which makes it a perfect opportunity to be able to speak with label owner Steve Pegram. Steve is fairly new to the scene he told me but has always tried to find his place in music from an early age. He bought his first belt drives during the UK Garage explosion in the late 90s and began to take music seriously at around 19 years old when he enrolled onto a Sound Engineering Course in London. He studied for 2 years and learned lots of new things but soon discovered the course wasn’t for him. The realisation was he just wanted to make music and as he got older wanted to create his own label.

Although still in its early days Somatic Records have hit the ground running with quality releases and have established an identity with its music. Steve didn’t have a plan for the label and confessed he didn’t know what to expect. At first the aim was to find and give new names a chance to showcase their sound to the world, however as the label grew bigger, the quality in mix downs and productions had to improve. There is now a plan for the next few years of the direction Steve wants the label to go with label events in the near future. “It’s still my passion to unearth new talent & every day is a learning curve” he said.

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things…” Is a quote which I loved reading from the label bio. Steve was inspired by artists like Pryda & Jeremy Olander (check out his interview with Decoded) due to their abilities to take you on a journey of emotions through the power of music.

“I would say the style of Somatic is aggressive melodic techno with some subtle progressive elements – a style of techno that can be beautiful and tell a story” he explained.

The label is based in London and from Steve’s point of view the city has a lot to offer a new underground label in comparison to say Berlin, Barcelona or other renowned cities for underground music. “London is one of the greatest cities in the world for encouraging new artists and new sounds. There is always a corner of London that your creativeness can thrive in. It wouldn’t be wrong to place the label alongside cities like Berlin but I’m hoping to build upon the early achievements and to be leading from the front in promoting Somatic across London Town.”

Now to introduce Modeplex who provided the label showcase mix. Dave has become a great friend of Steve’s and an asset to the labels vision. “We got talking after he began following me on SoundCloud and in a short space of time we just clicked. I shared my vision for the future of Somatic and the Underground Frequencies series (which we shall talk about later) and that’s where he made his debut with us” he said. The track shot straight to the top of the label chart on Beatport so it was natural that an EP followed. Both Dave and Steve discuss future ambitions quite a lot and offer advice where needed. “It’s great to have someone like Dave connected to Somatic.”

Between them they designed the label mix to feature the now and the future of the label including five exclusive tracks. “I featured a track from Jaden Raxel who won my Remix Competition last year with his remix for Riamiwo which is out on the 4th February” he said. There is also a track from a talent he discovered on SoundCloud called Martín Dubiansky. “He is going to play a big part in the releases for 2019 so keep an eye on him” Steve explained. Right at the end Dave also included a beautiful edit of Pythia from Local Dialect which is an original track from Modeplex which they are still working towards a release date for.

The previously mentioned Underground Frequencies is a VA compilation released by the label. Vol 1 was released last Summer and Vol 2 has just been released. They are inspired by a CD compilation Steve bought in the late 90’s called Underground Frequencies compiled by Tuff Jam.

“I discovered a new genre of music that rose up in the UK music scene like fire and I wanted to do the same thing with Somatic. I wanted to create something in the hope that listeners would discover and fall in love with a new genre the same way I did” he explained.

The label has an array of talent from rising names in the scene like Las Von, Hushkin and Innacircle. Modeplex, Riamiwo and Starkato have also contributed on both compilations. It’s kind of 50/50 on featuring the regular Somatic family and welcoming new faces to contribute to an idea behind Underground Frequencies.

For the most part being a record label owner is a labour of love. I asked other than buying the releases what is the best thing a fan of the label could do to help support? “Share & comment! It’s great seeing how many plays and views you get but it’s even better when someone leaves feedback” he said. For artists and producers who already follow Somatic or even the new fans who may have discovered the label recently – Somatic is currently accepting demos for consideration in 2019. If you feel your music fits then the best way is to send private links to They can be either mastered or unmastered and if you really want Steve to have a feel for you as an artist then send more than 1 track.

Looking forward to 2019 “There are many more releases and lots of new faces joining the family this year” he said. The label will concentrate more on compilations that showcase Somatic’s sound along with a regular new concept called ‘Hidden Frequencies’ which introduces lesser known names to the fan base and gives each artist two tracks to showcase their style in a mini VA.

Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Somatic Records with Modeplex.


Luke Brancaccio

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01. Modeplex – Obscure Society
02. Innacircle & Luegoh – Sensi
03. Riamiwo – Skalarfeld (Jaden Raxel Remix)
04. Las Von – The Passing (Matchy Remix)
05. Hushkin – Gibeon
06. Martín Dubiansky – Underpress
07. Innacircle – Shiva
08. Starkato – Skyrage
09. Las Von – Breach
10. Modeplex – Pythia (Local Dialect Remix)

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