Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Supernature Records with Audiofly

With 13 years behind them as a creative partnership Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito AKA Audiofly have accumulated unparalleled experience through their endeavours and continue to put everything into maintaining their careers at the highest level. After a chance meeting in 2002, the two men have established a creative empire, which includes two record labels, a global party brand and fashion. A constant source of positive energy, Audiofly retain a focus on the underground with the depth of knowledge to confidently explore new terrains. So, Anthony and Luca have relaunched Flying Circus‘ sub label Supernature. We didn’t wait around to grab a chat with them to discuss the return but firstly let’s find out what the guys have been up to in its 2-year hiatus?

“Well, things have been very busy in the last two years, what with the launch of Flying Circus Recordings and an increasingly busy touring schedule. We have spent so much time on the road lately that we regularly forget where we were and where we are going.” they replied laughing. Hahaha I can believe. The big question is; why the decision for the momentary hold with Supernature? “The main reason was to fully concentrate on the creation of Flying Circus Recordings and make sure we had enough material to start a new label with a fresh vision, without being bogged down by what was already there. There is nothing worse than doing anything half arsed. Either put all your intention into it or it’s not worth it. With that in mind, it was still a hard and painful decision to take at the time but we knew it was the right one as we didn’t have enough time or manpower to run both things smoothly in the way we wanted it. So, we decided to give it a break until FCR was up and running and have a clear direction for each label in our minds.”

It’s great that they have now reached that point. My curiosity led to understand what were some of the factors which helped them to decide to start it back up again?

“The main thing for us was to reach a point where we felt we had enough stability around the touring life, running labels and personal time that didn’t require us to chase each other 24/7. We felt confident enough that adding yet another piece to this over expanding puzzle, wasn’t gonna tip it over and destroy the balance we have so carefully created around everything we do. The other thing that gave us the drive to start again was the fact that we had enough music in the pipeline for FCR that we could finally start creating a new vision for Supernature that simply felt like a step forward from where we left it, without taking anything away from the sister’s label musical direction. It took some careful planning but we are finally getting there. Having a label manager that understood this vision (Nick Harris of NRK fame) helping us achieve it was absolutely pivotal in the re-creation of it.” they explained.

Supernature had the ethos of releasing artists and music from around the globe. I asked if this still applied and whether there was a new twist to their agenda? “Absolutely. Of course, adding new twists here and there was always going to be the case. For example, the first two releases (Brian Cid and Fluida) couldn’t be more different than each other in terms of production and yet there is something that makes them shine next to one another and we feel you can easily tell they both come from the same label, they are somehow part of a similar story. So, the new twist is basically that each new track being released should somehow take off from where the last one was left, as to create a long story which joins all the release together, past present and future.” They also went onto comment on any changes musically over the past few years between them as artists which would complement the Supernature sound stating; “Nothing consciously. Musical changes always happen as consequence of your journey as a musician. They are an inevitable part of the life of an artist and something we absolutely welcome as it comes as a breath of fresh air. Ultimately, we are just picking up from where we left off with the main goal being to pick up some good, unique music along the way that manages to tell a story that, hopefully, will talk to the listener as much as it talks to us.”

And telling a story is a backbone to Audiofly and to anybody who has followed them can confirm their excellence in music programming. So, I asked to discuss comparisons between Flying Circus Recordings and Supernature if there are any and what would they be? They began to explain;

“Good question. Imagine it like this: we are programming a 24 hrs party with all our favourite artists in a magical venue somewhere around the world. Ideally, we would like all the artists to pick and choose tracks from both labels that best fit the mood of that particular space or hour of the day. And that’s essentially what we would like to achieve: to have a vast catalogue on both labels that represents as many different moods as possible from which people of different musical inclinations can pick and choose whatever best fits them. A bit like our DJ sets.”

Which led perfectly onto my next question. Obviously Flying Circus has the events brand too. I asked will this be used to equally push both labels music and artists? They were not entirely sure about this part of the concept yet but explained “we would like to create a few bespoke Supernature showcases around the world if the opportunity arises but there is always the feeling that we are over stretching ourselves. And for that very reason we will just see as it pans out. As it stands, all the music and artists from both labels will fit perfectly at any Flying Circus party so in that sense we know that, if any opportunity arises to place any of the artists in our parties, we will certainly do it.” They then went on to tell me about some of the artists who will be key in the release schedule for Supernature. “The first two release are from Brian Cid, a very talented producer from NYC who’s making huge waves with his music at the moment and Fluida, a duo from UK whom we had the pleasure of remixing (and discovering) a while back, that uses a lot of live instruments in their recordings. Dance Spirit, who will make a much-awaited return on the label with some new bombs and Wild Dark, a duo from NYC as well, who truly blew us away with their slower, sultry take on House music. And superlounge has well, who have been long term collaborators of the label in the past and have managed to keep a high quality in their productions, to name a few of them. All very different from each other but each of them writing a new exciting chapter in the history of the label.” They went onto explain why as artists they are well suited to the label “I think words won’t do justice. You gotta listen to the music and join the dots in your own personal way. But in a nutshell, it’s the capacity of each artist to express music in their own unique way, which then somehow fits in this immense musical puzzle we are trying to build.”

Next we discussed the short and long-term goals for Supernature in an already saturated market that sees the releases of thousands of tracks every day. However, their short-term goal is to make an immediate impact to set up the long-term vision to build this beautiful story with each and every track that if a listener decides to play the whole back catalogue at all once they feel transported within this supernatural dimension. An example they gave me is the 1hr mix they created for Decoded Radio which tells a beautiful story from beginning to the end and it’s all Supernature material. Luca went onto to explain the mix:

“This mix was originally created for the Kolors compilation we put out on Supernature a few years back but in the end, we decided not to use it as we wanted each track to tell his own story. Eventually though, with the creation of this new phase of the label it made perfect sense to put it out with you guys and allow for this new story to be told. Every artist in the mix has somehow managed to make a track that both stands perfectly well on its own and yet totally transforms itself when mixed with another track, creating yet another beautiful message. Isn’t that the magic of music in the end? To be able to hear the same track played in a different scenario and sounding slightly different every single time?”

It looks to have been an exciting summer for Audiofly as artists. They spoke to me about some of their stand out shows. Luca explained “It really was. We felt that the quality of both the gigs we performed for and the music we played was at its apex this year. The synergy that Anthony and I shared behind the decks was simply out of this world and we both felt it so strong that we could literally notice a little improvement on each and every performance we had this year. We relaxed a lot around each other (time does that to you) and this turned into a positive energy that gave us both focus and direction.” And moving onto some of the tracks from the summer which have been working well for them:

“Katana by timujin (released on Flying Circus this summer) has been our secret weapon all year. We both massively supported it (which does not normally happen as we have slightly different taste in music sometimes) and the effects on the floor were felt each and every time we played it. Nice to see it has been picking up support all across the board too.”

Due to a gruelling touring schedule, Anthony and Luca have barely had any time to release any music together this year (except for a few remixes here and there) so this has been the year that they both spread their wings separately and started to release music on their own. Anthony just had a solo release on Akbal music, the label of their long-time friend Robbie Akbal. Luca is just about to launch his first proper solo release on Get physical, a label they both have been associated with for a long time, with Jaw from dOP on vocals. They are both very different releases from each other and they show their unique musical dexterity as artists. Needless to say, this gave them both the chance to feel the freedom to dip out temporarily of their long-life commitments towards Audiofly and come back towards each other with a fresh, renewed approach on how to make music together.”

Decoded Radio hosted by Luke Brancaccio presents Supernature Records with Audiofly.


Luke Brancaccio

01. Kincaid – Sonder [Polymath]
02. Maribou State – Nervous Tics (Maceo Plex Remix) [Counter Records]
03. Claptone – Birdsong (Eagles & Butterflies Remix) [Different Records]
04. Mathias – Druma
05. James Trystan – Another Story [Suara]
06. Julian Wassermann – Manie
07. Julian Wassermann – Extase
08. Vonda7 – Babcia [Art/Werk]
09. Vonda7 – Pure Intentions [Art/Werk]
10. UNDERHER – Time (UNDFND Remix)



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