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Different is Different Records is a digital techno record label brought to you by Daniel Gavilan aka Greencross. The music they have been releasing since 2010 is dark, funky, futuristic and designed to move even the stone cold dead with high-quality techno from newcomers and big named producers from all around the world. 

Greencross has hosted showcases of his label as official parties of Amsterdam Dance Event and Florida 135 in Fraga, as well as ROW 14 in Barcelona. As a producer, Greencross has already remixed techno legends such as Ken Ishii, Tom Hades, Angel Alanis and Drumcomplex. His original productions has also been remixed by high profile techno producers like Johannes Heil, Logotech and Red Square. Different Is Different Records is Daniel’s own label, but his productions can also be found at Primate Recordings, NB Records, Home Audio Recordings and many more.

“I’m lucky to have the chance to contribute to the scene at this time, when so many sub-styles are being brilliantly produced, letting me create very eclectic DJ sets, still within the boundaries of techno. To me, diversity is taste.” – Greencross


Hey Daniel, it’s great to have you joins us and feature Different is Different Records on Decoded Radio. How are things?

Things are great Mr.Pearson. You catch me in the middle of setting up our new studio. I’m typing with one hand and drilling holes with the other one! By the way, I love the work you guys do at Decoded Magazine, thanks very much for the space. What would you like to talk about?

Who says men can’t multi-task ha! I’d like to start with talking about the Ken Ishii remixes presented by the label. Was this open to anyone to subscribe for access to the remix parts and submit their own remix to the label?

Here’s the thing: while we had already asked a number of producers to make official remixes for Ken Ishii’s Twitched, the idea of the remix contest came in to play. Since February until early June the remix parts were available on our website for anyone to download. During this period we received over 175 remix submissions. The remix contest is now over, and there were six winners. Besides having their remixes released, they also won studio gear sponsored by Elektron, Erica Synths, Teenage Engineering, RaingerFx, Bitwig, Bastl Instruments and Dreadbox.

How impressed are you with the quality of remixes received so far?

The quality and diversity of works were just staggering. When the time to judge came a first selection was made with 33 tracks in form of a playlist that you can find on Different Is Different’s SoundCloud. Many producers ignored the rule that the style had to be techno (or maybe their definition of techno was just very broad) and the outcome in some remixes was sublime.

Off the top of my head, I can remember there was this ambient remix and also a house version that is just amazing. It was very difficult to select only six winners, but after almost one week of deliberation, it was clear who the winners were. There’s also a playlist on our SoundCloud where you can find the winning remixes.

We have been including some of the contest winners in the first three episodes of the Ken Ishii ‘Twitched Remixed’ remix series, and the rest are to be released on the epilogue of the series, available next Monday on Bandcamp. This closing remix EP will also include a 2016 version made by Ken Ishii himself.

The label was originally launched in partner with Elton D but if I’m correct is now a solo project by yourself?

Yes, at that time we were heavily touring Brazil together. The idea of founding the label was mainly to showcase his music and of our friends. Shortly after due to reasons that were out of our control I had to carry on with the label myself. That was back in 2010 when I still lived in Sao Paulo. Nowadays I continue with the invaluable help of my partner in life, Martina, and we do all our mastering with a good friend and exceptional engineer from Sweden. So one could say the label has three employees of which only one gets paid so far hahaha.

You are currently based in Barcelona after making the move from Venezuela where you born. How has relocating helped further your progression in the scene?

At the moment I’m in the middle of some Austrian mountain enjoying serenity and nature. But yes, in 2002 I emigrated from Venezuela and ended up in my father’s land. Barcelona was the school for me in what the night and music industry is about. Everyone who works in the Condal City’s scene sets the bar very high with their music or events. Personally, it was a cultural shock arriving in Barcelona, departing from a city where there was virtually no electronic music scene besides the small parties a group of friends and myself would make. When you are finally adapted to the new energy of the new city, you have no choice but to ride the common wave of doing whatever it is you want to do, but do it with passion and a high standard of quality. This is enriching to any career in my opinion.

Personally, it was a cultural shock arriving in Barcelona, departing from a city where there was virtually no electronic music scene besides the small parties a group of friends and myself would make. When you are finally adapted to the new energy of the new city, you have no choice but to ride the common wave of doing whatever it is you want to do, but do it with passion and a high standard of quality. This is enriching to any career in my opinion.

After staying for five years in Barcelona I spent six years in São Paulo, did over 400 shows around Brazil in that period, also founded the label. The musical experience and the knowledge you may acquire from touring this country has it’s own enchantment. Relocating always helps to establish and strengthen a global network of partners, which is the foundation of an upcoming *hush* project.

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Could you tell us a bit about your background in the music industry?

From organising what were the last illegal raves of Barcelona in 2003 to hosting Different Is Different Records showcases twice at ADE, from releasing on one of the world’s first netlabels, to have vinyl on the legendary labels Primate UK and Primevil while having your tracks remixed by Johannes Heil, Adam Jay, Stanny Franssen, Ortin Cam and Angel Alanis.

I’ve also had the honour to remix Ken Ishii twice and Tom Hades once. I’ve had my tracks played by Adam Beyer, Joel Mull and Groove Armada amongst others. Although recently the label has absorbed almost all my time, I’m looking forward to produce some ideas I’ve been working on in my mind. There’s an upcoming release together with  Miss Electric that comes with remixes by Stanny Franssen and Ortin Cam, one of the remixes was released on the relaunch of the label Primevil UK.

What are the goals and visions you set out to achieve with the label?

Different Is Different Records has become an entity of itself It starts as a platform for releasing music and continues as a network tool between our artists and partners. Its future will be defined by the necessities she will have. I would like to steer her towards an input platform for the distribution of techno and its derived arts.

Could you name us a few artists you would love to sign who haven’t been already and why?

Henrik B, Hardcell and Lars Klein. Mostly because they are out of the techno business.

If you could have signed any tune ever released what would it be and why?

I have sacrificed the memory function of my brain for processing power so I can’t remember too many tracks with those characteristics.

What has been the most successful release to date on the label and why?

The female:pressure compilation without a doubt. Besides being able to work with this awesome collective, we ended up creating strong laces with some of the new artists we discovered while strengthening the existing ones with the producers we already had contact with. The release got many great reviews including a very nice one by Create Digital Music, (thanks, Peter!)

There are a handful of unknown track ID’s on your feature mix for us. New exclusive material I’m guessing? Could you fill us in on any secrets here?

Can’t really say too much since my memory fails again, but it’s upcoming material to be released this year.

We’ve had a good run of techno in our feature series this year and your guest mix certainly nails it. Can you talk us through the tracks selected in this label feature mix? 

When making the playlist I only had in mind the aesthetics and the kind of content of Decoded Magazine, so let’s say departing from this base a selection of new and not so new tracks were made. Impressions can be good or bad, I’m here hoping it’s at least good enough for the podcast’s standard.

What can we look out for in the coming months from Different is Different?

Elton D will come back with a remix of an original by Adam Jay, besides many other nice surprises.

Lastly is there is anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

The label has many Easter eggs, most of them hidden on the newsletter, so be sure to sign up and receive some free tracks that are only available for the subscribers. Also, I’d like to thank the labels followers and all the artists involved for making possible Different Is Different Records.

Many thanks for your time chatting with us Daniel. I wish you all the best in your ongoing success with the label.

Thanks very much and may fortune always be on your side. Keep up the polished work with Decoded Magazine and long life to techno.

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Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Different is Different Records with Greencross.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

#4. Lonya, Mariano Mellino – Still Waters Run Deep Feat. Amber Long (Original Mix)[Darkroom Dubs]
#3. Habischman – Skin : The Way (Tim Engelhardt Hybrid Mix) [Selador]
#2. Edu Imbernon – Bitter Fate (Fur Coat Remix) [Fayer]
#1. Chicola – Childhood (Original Mix) [Lost & Found]

Mini Mix

01. Dominik Eulberg – Mimese (Original Mix) [Herblut Recordings]
02. Soulwerk – The New Beginning (Simos Tagias Remix) [Proton Music]
03. Kastis Torrau & Arnas D – Eye (K Nass ‘Blindfold’ Remix) [White]
04. Dmitry Molosh – Dagger (Original Mix) [Specific Music]
05. ARTBAT feat. Thomas Gandey – Sun In Your Eyes (Donatello Remix) [Dear Deer]

01. V1L – Massive Blast (Original Mix)
02. Kid Mistik – Obrigado (Original Mix)
03. Kid Mistik – 19-09 (Original Mix)
04. Ken Ishii – Twitched (Stanny Franssen & Ortin Cam Rework)
05. Chinanski – Raludom (Original Mix)
06. ID
07. Energun – The Need For Response – (Original Mix)
08. Mike Maass & Frank Sonic – Gomez (Adam Jay Remix)
09. CatRoll – Jackblackets (Original Mix)
10. ID
11. Ken Ishii – Twitched (Tom Hades Remix)
12. Gayle San – Mirage (Matt Mus Remix)
13. Ken Ishii – Twitched (Lucas Freire Remix)
14. ID
15. Miss Electric – Invisibility (Original Mix)
16. Sascha Zastiral – Propaganda (Original Mix)
17. Gayle San – Mirage (Krenzlin Remix)
18. Ken Ishii – Twitched (Primitive Spirit Remix)
19. ID
20. Gayle San – Mirage (Rafa Ortega Remix)
21. ID
22. Drumcomplex & Red Square – Hyperspace (Stanny Franssen’s Late Night Remix)

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