Decoded Radio presents Diynamic Festival with Musumeci

After celebrating the 10 year anniversary show in September the Diynamic family returns to Amsterdam for the fifth Diynamic Festival. On Friday May 26th we’re back at the Amsterdamse Bos, a beautiful forest where last year’s unforgettable edition took place.

Diynamic Music was founded in 2006 by Solomun and Adriano Trolio in Hamburg and has constantly been an underground electronic music label on the rise. The motto: Do It Yourself. For 10 years now Diynamic is a home for several big factors in the German and International House music scene. The early beginnings were mostly represented by releases from Solomun and Adriano Trolio, Stimming and H.O.S.H.. More than 80 releases later and 14 artists and groups all together, the Diynamic family looks back to extraordinary fulfilling and dynamic past.

Ahead of Diynamic Festival Amsterdam we are joined by the newest addition to the Diynamic Family – Musumeci. Mauro Di Martino is a Sicilian DJ and producer since the late 80s. ‘The Gemini Project’ album on his own label Engrave Ltd has put Musumeci on the map. His music appears also on Aeon, Bedrock, Connaisseur, Compost Black Label, Diynamic Music, My Favorite Robot and OFF Recordings. Musumeci is also member of Human Machine’s combo and runs The Sound Of Connaisseur’s radio show on Ibiza Global Radio alongside Lehar and Olderic.

Hi Mauro. Great to have you join us. You are a long term friend of Lehar who has been an artist on the Diynamic roster for some time. How did you guys become friends?

Hello guys, the pleasure is mine. I know it may look we know each other for a long time, and this is great as it is exactly the same feeling we have, but I met Lorenzo only 3 years ago in Malta. I was on the island to play for Cosa Nostra, a party promoted by one of my oldest and dearest friend in music, Sean also known as The Element.

Lorenzo and Enrico (Olderic) were also on the line-up, I met them at the restaurant before the event and we had a lovely conversation. Later we had good fun at the party and I can say our friendship was born exactly that night (19.01.2014). Now there isn’t a day I don’t talk on the phone to Lorenzo, we speak about everything. We’re constantly contemplating on ideas and developing our projects as well as our private life matters.

We do holidays together, he is the godfather of my first son so in a way he is also responsible for part of his education. It’s a positive relationship, we push each other to be better persons, hard workers.

Your deep and melodic sound fits the label extremely well. Is there any specific artists on the label who you think compliments your sound should you ever have to perform b2b with any?

Of course, with Lorenzo we have a lot of affinities, we have already done several productions and soon this year we are going to release our first EP together. In these years we have been playing b2b quite often, recent highlights have been Diynamic in the Jungle (BPM), Watergate two times and WOO! in Naples few weeks ago. Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam is going to be the next occasion, which I’m really looking forward to. I still don’t know all other Diynamic artists very well but I have positive vibes from everybody, in these months I had the chance to work with Ost & Kjex and I just made a track with H.O.S.H which will appear on his album out soon on his new label Fryhide.

Some of your recent gigs under the Diynamic fold have included Diynamic Showcases at Watergate and Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest. Do you feel you have now fully settled into the family fold?

To settle into a group takes time but I have to say it’s easier when the people around are helping you to make you feel home, and this is what is happening.

You still have a few upcoming gigs in Moscow and Kiev before Diynamic Festival. Where will you be performing and who else will you be playing alongside?

I will perform on May 19th in Moscow at Bessonitsa with Lee Burridge and on the 20th in Kiev at Chi by Decadence House.

Diynamic Festival Amsterdam will be your first festival as a Diynamic artist and I’ve light-heartedly been told this will be your official inauguration. There’s no added pressure there I hope?

No pressure at all, just additional pleasure. It will be such a privilege to have the chance to share good times with old friends, make new ones and have fun with all the people coming to the festival.

Decoded Magazine attended last years festival and thoroughly enjoyed it. Are there any personal aspects that you are looking forward to at this years?

I’m expecting to have a good time, to live the special feelings music can create. I’ve never been to Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam before but I know it is a very big event and there is something that really attracts me to this kind of ‘happening’.

It seems obvious to see lots of people dancing together, nowadays it looks like you can see it everywhere, you just need to go online and watch videos of this festival or the others. But when you have the chance to be physically present you get the opportunity to get what can’t be streamed, the connection between human beings especially on a large scale event it is something that thrills me. When you watch from the screen at home all the crowd looks like an homogeneous mass, like a unique body, but it isn’t like that. Looking from a closer distance you see how many different ways to express are living in harmony in this kind of experience.

I like to see this as general proofs of a better world still in the making. I expect an event that will build in the memories of each person positive thoughts about human being.

That’s a fantastic view point. I’d like to talk about your own label for a moment ‘Engrave Ltd’. A new release is due 15th May by A45 ‘Somewhere Into The Distance’ which also includes yourself on remix. Can you talk us through the release?

A45 is a very particular person, he is in a way lost in his world of machines and techno, it’s like a religion for him. On Engrave Ltd we are releasing his fourth EP now, he represents 100% what we like in techno. I was particularly feeling one of the tracks so I asked him if I could try a remix. At first listen I heard between the arrangements of ‘Somewhere Into The Distance’ a particular melody ‘missing’ as well as a little different drum patterns that could have turn the track into something perfect also for my set.

I had the clear picture in my mind of what I was looking for so the remix was ready in two or three hours. The melodic hook was actually there, only in the need to be written. I’m actually very satisfied of the whole pack, I love the originals for their pure approach and I think my remix adds an interesting perspective.

Engrave Vol 1 is out now. Who are some of the artists involved with the release?

Engrave Vol. 1 was born by coincidences, me and Dodi Palese (other half of Engrave Ltd) were simply working on a split EP between myself, him and my side project Human Machine. While we were choosing the tracks to release (ok we are very slow, that has to be said) we started to receive nice music from our closest friends and artists we respect so we decided to create a bigger collection with the idea to showcase some of the sounds that we like in nowadays electronic music scene.

Between the unfamiliar names there is Carlos. Going back in the early nineties, he is the first person I ever work with in music production. He actually taught me most of the things I know now, together we produced a lot of music in those days under many aliases.

From disco, remixing Salsoul classic like ‘I Like It Like That’ by Inner Life feat. Jocelyn Brown, to the NY House like Gerideau on Jellybean or Helen Bruner & Terry Jones ‘Stand Up’ as well as electronic pop, afrobeat and latin jazz. It was fun, another life ago. After a long time I met Carlos last summer by chance and he played me something he was working on, I was like “yeah I like this stuff”! I’m sure you will hear more from him in the close future.

Sisio is one of the most important and influential DJs in Sicily as well as one of the four members of Human Machine making his debut with his solo project, Ekz has been a kind of fifth member of the band from the beginning, a friend I trust and we were more than happy to release his track which was a floor killer in my sets for months.

About Enzo Elia I would need a page to write about him as a person, I can only say he is a special guy. Recently he was noted for his appearance on Jimpster’s Freerange but for those who have patience, I invite you to check out his discography, don’t pass on the Enzino’s vinyl only stuff and the Balearic Gabba’s serie.

Zopelar is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting Brazilian producers of the moment and Davis definitely not a bad DJ, I heard him first time at Robert Johnson doing the warm up for Ame and Dixon and he definitely knows what he is doing. Their track Nevoa is simply beautiful. Just in case you are not familiar yet, check out their imprint ‘In Their Feelings’ to have a deeper perspective.

Rancido, I guess doesn’t need an introduction for the lovers of a certain kind of atmospheric afro beats.

And moving onto your own productions. How do you describe your own style? It’s very unique and refreshing which stands out a lot amongst a very saturated tech house and techno market at the moment.

I think it’s the same story of almost everyone trying to express himself with the music. Your style is the result of your personality, the sum of the experience you have, the way you look at things, the way you’re listening. The language we use is important, the words can be compared to sounds, rhythms and melodies, any how the style remains something that goes beyond this. When you reach your precise signature then you can produce everything and your style will be recognisable, always. I consider this process a never ending challenge.

Your feature mix includes a lot of unknown tracks which must mean new and exclusive material? These surely will also be included in your set at Diynamic Festival too?

I try any new music coming from myself or from our circle for months, as well as anything we want to release on Engrave Ltd. It’s a form of testing the music in different contexts and experiences. What works well in a club maybe doesn’t work the same on a big stage, some tracks show their potential at an after party, some are great as ‘openers’ others are ‘bangers’ for any dance floor. I think an important part of our job as a DJ is to play the right music for the right moment, it sounds easy but to do so you need to have access to a lot of music and be aware of your role in the context of the party.

The key is to forget the prejudice about music, to listen non-stop to almost everything you can and play the music you love, serve the vibe in the perspective of the whole party, don’t have any fear of making mistakes. We are talking about music and all of us want to have fun :)

It’s been great talking to you Mauro. I wish you all the ongoing success with Diynamic and your label. Have a great day on the 26th. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you very much for the chance to talk about so many things.

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Diynamic Festival with Musumeci.


Ian Dillon

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