Decoded Radio presents Eat and Beat Recordings with Danny Serrano + Interview

Effortlessly balancing a will to experiment with an unwavering commitment to the founding spirit of house, Eat and Beat label owner Danny Serrano is one of electronic music’s most exciting up and comers.

Mixing up styles and moods, but always focused firmly on the dance floor’s needs and desires, Danny’s sets have energy, precision and most of all, soul. Hailing from Madrid in Spain his musical background started as a child from the age of only 8 years with a keyboard he began to record, cut and paste diverse sounds. Danny took to the decks at the age of 16 after experiencing sets by visiting European DJs. Inspired by the likes of Satoshi Tomiie, Laurent Garnier, and many more Danny soon realised that his future lay in music.

Decoded Radio manager Daz Pearson caught up with Danny on his recent return from Guatemala and Chicago to chat about new releases, Eat and Beat, his second album Origen and his label feature mix.

Hey Danny. Thanks for taking the time in joining us on Decoded Radio. You have just got back from Guatemala playing a gig for The Secret Garden then later heading onto Chicago. How did it all go?

It was an incredible experience and was the first time I played at both places and I hope to return again soon. I loved Guatemala and also Chicago, I felt at home.

During the short time you were in Chicago, the birthplace of house music did it inspire you in writing new material?

The truth is that it is an incredible city, when you feel something different than other places. I love the mix of cultures it has, its clubs, its people. I hope to return soon again and stay for longer.

Eat and Beat was founded by yourself in 2013. What were your motivations for starting the label?

The main reason was I wanted to have my own label to reflect on my music. For many years I worked for many labels and thought that now would be the time to have my own brand.

The newest EP from the label is due for released on 15th February with two original tracks by Polish producer Gogan. Can you tell us about this new artist and about his EP?

He is an artist who is working very hard with his own style and I think this EP is going to work very well, he has received very good feedback.

Your current release on the label titled ‘Article’ comes with a Javi Bora remix and another original track Sultan. How have these been working for you in your sets and how did Javi become involved in the release?

It was easy. I met Javi himself in the closures of Space Ibiza. There was good felling and from there we were in contact, the remix came out alone. Javi wanted to do a remix for me and I wanted Javi to do a remix for my label. Easy!

You have just announced VIVa favourites Anek will soon be joining the label. What are we to expect from the pair on Eat and Beat?

I’m very happy that Anek has wanted to make a remix for my label, I have a lot of respect and admiration for them. I also met them at Space closures and since then we have been in contact. They’ve made a great remix, stay tuned.

Slightly moving away from the label here but I need to mention your latest release on Leena Music under mobilee Records with Alexander Aurel – Collapse EP. Amazing EP with two fantastic tracks. How did the EP come together?

Alexander and I have been friends for some time. We wanted to do something together and now is the time to do it, it has been a very good experience to work with him, I think he has a lot of talent and I have learned new things from him.

You’ve been working on a Second album ‘Origen’ which I believe will be divided into 4 parts to be released for sale throughout 2017?

This is the idea of the new album, it will come in 4 parts and a final part in physical format, plus a pack of special remixes. It’s a very different album from my first album.

I also would like to comment on the new branding and logo for the label. It looks great. Why did you feel the need for change?

I had to change the logo because the previous logo had many problems for merchandising. I hope people are happy with the result.

I read Satoshi Tomiie was one of your inspirations. What was it about his sound back then that struck a chord with you, as it did to so many? His GU Nu Breed mix is still a favourite of mine.

I think the way Satoshi sees music is different from other artists, I have great respect and admiration for him and I had the great luck to be able to play alongside him in 2006 with the Carlsberg tour. His way of composing is what I like the most, he has great productions.

Having the opportunity to evaluate the back catalogue of releases with this feature mix, has it opened your eyes more to what the labels sound has become over the past 2-3 years?

It may be that way. I do not have a marked style, not only do I play House, or Techno or Tech house, I play music that I like regardless of style, I like good music in general, regardless of their musical style and this is what I try to convey in my sets.

As mush as you would love to include every release in a 60min mix is there any special mentions to artists that you didn’t get chance to include?

For me all the artists who want to work for my label have my respect, support and admiration. All are great artists and I thank them because they want to work for Eat and Beat.

Before we bring the interview to an end what is your touring schedule for the next few months?

I will be in Spain with a showcase of my label, I will also return on tour in South America, and with the new album we are closing a new tour for promotion through Europe.

Good luck with the album and I wish you all the best with the ongoing success of the label.

Thanks to you for your support and this interview!

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Eat and Beat Recordings with Danny Serrano.


Ian Dillon

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