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Einmusik‘s music is not an industry secret, but still an undiscovered star in the growing universe of electronic sounds. No straight line to follow, no seasonal sound – his cosmos is too big to dive through it within an hour. Born in the late 70’s he was influenced by Depeche Mode, the sound of Visage and Kraftwerk. Right after he slowly discovered the world of Drum and Bass and later emotional techno material with the little extra. With “Jittery Heritage“ he started many moons ago to create his own style, full of melodies and open soundscapes. A lot of releases and remixes on well known imprints from all over the world followed and a lot of long nights in the clubs.

With “5 A.M“ he produced later an album between light and darkness to bundle the mood of traveling and touring. The musical output went from earth to the universe, creating heart-breaking moments and uplifting minutes. And the longplayer “I.D.C.“ followed – a statement against doing statements. Einmusik is not the man of words and vocals. He is not the one telling you what is the right sound for the right moment. But you will discover his anthems – they will reach you unexpected.

His label Einmusika Recordings is a suburb for younger artists. The place where you can do your first steps and grow without a rush. After 10 years it became as well his favourite place to be independent and follow the inspiration without paradigms. In October’17 the new longplayer “Serenade“ was released on the label, another journey to unknown widths. Like a secret garden, a wide open playground, an undiscovered world – make sure you’re ready to take off.

Hi Samuel, firstly thank you for finding the time for this interview and feature as I believe you are currently touring? Where in the world are you at the moment and what’s your next destination?

Hello from Delhi. I am currently on my very first India tour and will visit Mumbai, Goa and other cities. Exciting!

We’ve been hoping to speak with you since the release of your Serenade LP last year. Are you pleased with the praise and level of support the LP generated?

I am really happy with the long-player. I had all the freedom in the production process as an artist can hope for and I am happy with the result. People all around the globe listen to it and the album tour is so much fun. Thanks for all the support!

What were some of your personal rewards you took from the project?

Some days off in South Africa. No, seriously for me it’s very difficult to separate my life as a producer and Live Act from my private one as music is always with me. I was touring in South Africa and had some free time there with some friends.

And of course, you are now celebrating 10 years of Einmusika. Does it feel like a decade has passed?

I still can’t believe that the label made such big steps in the last years and I can present artists on the imprint which I really love personally. This journey of the past 10 years was amazing and we will celebrate it in big style!

What will the label be doing to celebrate?

We will have showcases all around the globe. For example, in Beirut, New York, Istanbul, Berlin, Barcelona and many more cities. And of course we will celebrate it with new music. We will have 2 big releases coming up and I can tell that we have some surprises for you.

Let’s talk about label manager and artist Phillip Kempnich. How important has his role been to the development and growth of the label?

Philipp is part of the team since nearly 3 years and it’s a win win situation as he is learning a lot and is connected to the scene because of Einmusika. And he brings new ideas because he is young and his view on the business is fresh and unadulterated. That was really important for the label. Next to this he is a really great producer and DJ so he is a perfect family member. But the management team of the label is much bigger. We have Sam, who is checking all demos and pre selects all the tracks that reach us. And we have Jane – she is doing all press and media stuff and the organisation of the events around Einmusika. Without their help Einmusika would have probably never reached the point where we are today.

I notice from your demo submission policy you give clear criteria for what will be accepted. On average how many demos are received each week/month and how much time is allocated to listening to demo submissions?

How I said we have Sam who is only takes care of the demos because it is a lot of work. We receive around 10-15 demos per day. Of course, there is a lot of stuff you can delete right away, for example when you get random Hip Hop or EDM stuff or emails with 170 other labels isn copy. We try to explain with the submission policy what we are looking for and of course we do find some pearls sometimes.

Two remix releases have landed this month. Your remix of ‘Zebra’ for two rising Dutch producers Olivier Weiter & Alex Preda is out now. How did the remix opportunity present itself and could you talk us through your direction with the remix?

Olivier Weiter is a friend since a long time. We worked a lot together in the Netherlands and he released on Einmusika several times. He is what you call a real buddy, a really loyal and nice guy and he is a very good DJ. So it was obviously time to show up on his label Weiter. The way I am doing remixes is difficult to explain. I am diving really deep into the original productions and I never work with a concept.

And also, your remix of ‘with Faith’ for Just Her on Sincopat which is nothing short of the melodic magic you are known for. What studio gear are you using to create these infectious melodies?

My gear setup became really diverse over the last years. For most melodies I’m layering different synths Usually I’m using the DSI Prophet 6, Novation Peak, Oberheim Matrix, Korg DW-8000, Arturia Minibrute and maybe some soft synth, like the Retro Synth from Logic or some Native Instrument stuff. For bass sounds I’m taking the Moog Sub37 and for drums the Elektron Analog Rytm.

You performed with Jonas Saalbach for Off/BEAT in December which was live from Teufelsberg Berlin Spy Tower. Firstly, how cold was it up there? A question I’m sure everyone who was watching throughout the day was thinking?

When our agent came with the date which was mid of December we already knew that this will be a big challenge. Not only for us, also for the gear. We stepped down after many hours with red noses and the only thing I could think of was a hot bath. It was windy and it was a typical winter day in Berlin – you can visit the Spy Tower privately to get an idea. But it was big fun and the result looks amazing.

‘Live Streams’ are becoming ever more popular for online promotion. From a performance stand point what did you take away from the experience? Did the fact there was no live audience have an impact in any way?

As a live act of course the crowd is part of my performance normally, so it is a challenge to be without an audience. But Jonas and I are often together in the studio for productions which was a benefit. Also the b2b live set for Off/Beat was kind of a studio performance for us. It’s always interesting what we can work out together and it has so much energy. This Live Stream gave us the possibility to be at a special place with a special and amazing film crew.

Now for some fun before we end the interview. What has been your fondest moment from 10 years of Einmusika?

It was not only one. When people started giving me demos on my gigs on CD or USB and when people like Jonas Saalbach or Philipp Kempnich were knocking on my studio door to ask if I can listen to the first productions I was proud that I created this project. When we had our showcases last year in Cologne, Amsterdam and Beirut and the people went totally mad I was deeply emotional and thankful.

What are your top 5 tracks from the label and why?

Oh that’s so hard to say. And from time to time it is changing as well.

Sebastien Leger – Goliath (Einmusik Remix) – Sebastien Leger is such a great producer. He knows exactly what’s needed on the dance floor and I am happy I did a remix for this special song.

Arjuna Schiks – Waterkristallen- an unbelievable track – when he came to my studio with it I was flashed and I still haven’t heard another song like this.

Budakid – Eleven – I love his deep and melodic productions. What a talent!

Jonas Saalbach – Aerial Perspective – Jonas is one of the most creative persons I know. His tracks are well balanced and technically he is on the way to become one of the big ones.

Miyagi – Illusion (Soul Button remix) – Robert was sending Illusion and I immediately changed the release schedule to bring this one. We were happy Soul Button did a remix so we had a more progressive version for the dance floor.

Is there any artist you would love to sign who hasn’t yet released on the label and why?

I love the work of many acts. I recently wrote some who I want to see on my imprint. Let’s see what happens. I am always checking for new artists and I try to get personally in contact. Recently I was with Seth Schwarz in the studio for example. Also something which was on my list for a long time.

All the best for 2018 and congratulations for the past 10 years. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks to all the people who are dancing with us. Thank you Daz!

Einmusika Recordings ‘Dagga’ Ep from Dirty Doering & Einmusik is out on Feb 20th
Pre-order it here

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Einmusika Recordings with Einmusik.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

#4 Olivier Weiter & Alex Preda – Zebra (Einmusik Remix) [WEITER]
#3 Stas Drive & Dmitry Molosh – Gravastar (Original Mix)[EIN2]
#2 Henry Saiz, Tentacle – The Prophetess (Brian Cid Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
#1 Tale Of Us – Error error (Original Mix) [Fabric Records]

Mini Mix

01. Stan Kolev – Mad As Hell (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]
02. Musumeci – Penfield Setting (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]
03. ARTBAT – Prometheus (Original Mix) [Diynamic]
04. Citizen Kain & Nakadia – Rumble In The Jungle (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) [Filth On Acid]
05. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – Kubrick (Haze-M Remix) [Jee Productions]


01. Budakid – Eleven
02. Miyagi – Illusion (Soul Button remix)
03. Jos & Eli – feat. Ellie Ka – Flashes
04. Nicone & David Hasert – Adulte Dunkeln
05. Marc DePulse – feat. Goldsun – By Your Side
06. Sebastien Leger – Goliath (Einmusik Remix)
07. Pete Grace feat. Thomas Gandey – Carried On (Betoko Remix)
08. Einmusik – 5 a.m.
09. Arjuna Schiks – Waterkristallen
10. Third Son – Atonal Impression
11. Jonas Saalbach – Aerial Perspective
12. Dragon Suplex -Disguise feat. Joeblack
13. Sebastien Leger – La Dance Du Scorpion

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