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elrow Music is the tech house and techno Record label of the iconic Barcelona based clubbing brand elrow – the craziest party in the world. elrow shines with the first sunlight. Achieving it’s primary function to entertain and amuse, elrow fulfils these two objectives each and every time it’s doors open whether is at their spiritual home in Viladecans, it’s summer residency at Space in Ibiza or the many different venues and festivals that have enjoyed it’s joyful exuberance and happiness that has become elrow’s signature.

An experience where spectacle, music, colour and happiness, essential elements of elrows DNA, get together to create that unique and involving experience that their clients get themselves into as soon as they cross the front door of any of their events, regardless of city, country, continent or time of the day. Thanks to all these components elrow mutates together with all it’s public into a great family that enjoys this experience up-close and personal, something only achieved thanks to an absolute connection between the show, the artists, performers and public alike. Fun and uninhibited entertainment make elrow a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Daz Pearson catches up with elrow Music label manager De La Swing to see how the cogs turn behind the scenes of the craziest club brand in the world.

Elrow Ibiza

Hi Domingo, it’s great to have you join us for a chat. You played at Parklife Festival last weekend? How did your set go? What did you think of the festival?

Hello guys! Pleasure is mine! Parklife Festival has been, without a question, one of my best experiences, both in the UK and in my professional career, we’re still finding mud and dirt in our clothes and equipment and we can’t stop thinking about the wonderful moments we lived along the weekend, 2 days of heavy rain, mud, smiles, friends, good music and a big festival. I want to congratulate the whole team of Parklife for their immense work and for trusting elrow and me. We’re very keen to come to the next edition.

In my opinion elrow’s Stage had been one of the best, the tent was full from the beginning till the end, and the music and performances didn’t let anyone down. I’m very happy with my performance, because the job we’ve been doing in the UK for the last few months pays off and gets reflected when you go to such a big festival, as many clubbers came from different cities to listen to my set and I’m very happy, I’m totally in love with the British crowds.

That’s very humble. As many would know you are label manager of elrow Music. How did the opportunity present itself?

My duties as label manager started almost by chance. In 2012 when we set up the label when everything started it was more a tool where the residents could expose their productions. If one of us made a track, we would send it to the distributor and in a very homemade and amateur way our tracks were being released with no promotion, the cover design made no sense and there wasn’t a defined musical path to follow. None of us had any previous label experience. Then, in the middle of 2014 elrow gave me the opportunity of running the label and I found it very interesting, I thought to myself that we could try to put the label at the same level of success as the brand. Obviously, this is very difficult and even more so if you take into account that my previous experience was almost nothing but during the last years we have strengthened the label striving on the British sound and we have increased the support of both great artists and producers that we had been chasing for the last two years. All that I know now of label management is thanks to elrow Music.

Let’s start with the latest release from the label by Drastic Duo. Can you tell us a bit about the guys and how early feedback for this great tech house EP has been?

My philosophy is to give a chance to those producers in the shadows, making music in their home studios to get their name known. It is unbelievable the amount of talents hiding behind four walls, people that are making amazing music 24/7, meanwhile hundreds of promoters have no clue of their big labour towards the electronic music industry. There are many top DJs using demos of less known artists over and over again, but the unknown will continue to work hard until they get the call to act in front of the audience.

Drastic Duo are a great example of this and when I listened to their demos and tried their tracks live, the crowd’s reaction was amazing. Besides, this EP settles a new time for elrow Music, we presented not so long ago our new corporate image and a more defined musical path, based on the British sound where UK artists will be the main attraction.

The elrow Music Podcasts are available on Soundcloud to keep in tune with the sounds of the elrow artists. Are the podcast purely a platform to push the labels artist roster?

In general elrow Music artists aren’t very famous. They’re new talents that with the work they’ve been carrying out and the label’s support I’m convinced many of them will start getting positive feedbacks. Podcasts are a good tool to spread the word about their mixing skills and to promote their music.

A fast rising producer from the UK by the name of Jacky has made quite the impression with you. What is it about his sound that caught your ears?

Jacky is almost part of the family, everything started last year when I was performing at Space. He threw to the DJ booth an orange vinyl and when I looked down I saw this big bearded guy and I tried to thank him with gestures. When I arrived to Barcelona I listened to the vinyl and I really liked it, his sound is different to everything I was listening to at the moment, his basslines are quite particular and those triple bass drums that accelerate any compasses, giving extra energy to the dance floor, really impressed me. In very little time he prepared an EP for elrow Music and his excitement about the project is something that I will never forget. Amazing job by Jacky!

I understand he will be playing last set at elrow OFF Week Special this Sunday b2b with you very soon. Are there similarities in the way you both play which compliments each other’s style?

We’re both anxious to listen to the final result of our performance, we have never played b2b with each other. To be honest, I’ve never seen him play in person yet but I’m convinced that it will be very fun and we will take the dance floor’s energy to a whole new level. In addition, this Sunday is a very special date for elrow, since it’s the OFF Week Special show during the SONAR week and we celebrate it with our flagship event, SINGERMORNING, which is, without a doubt, the craziest one.

De La Swing

Other than label manager you are also one of the main elrow Sunday Residents and elrow Roadshow residents. What has been one of the most memorable sets you have played throughout your residency?

This is my 5th year as elrow resident and there have been lots of moments that will be in my memory forever. But if I close my eyes, the first thing that pops up into my head is Monegros Desert Festival 2014. I just hope we can all live the Monegros experience again, some day in the future.

The amount of detail and effort that goes into stage production and transforming venues with the elrow roadshows is phenomenal? It must a take a large team a lot of hours to maintain the success it continually lives up to?

Yes, exactly. elrow’s success is due to the big effort and hard work of each and every single department in the branch. There are really a lot of people working behind each show… People you don’t see at the party, but that are a very important and essential part of the company for achieving a great result.

Part of the team works at a workshop every day, creating all the décor you see at festivals. We also have a sewing workshop in charge of all the costumes and clothing. We even have a department for inflatable toys and confetti, a team of builders, we also look in each country we go for the actors you see performing. Then we have our HQ Office in Barcelona with the bookings department, design, the creative team, marketing, logistics, and direction. We’re more and more as time goes, but we’re a small-big family, where everyone helps each other to move on and make the people attending to our shows as happy as you can be.

elrow is an expensive product, because it has so many people behind it, trying to get everything perfect. I’m very lucky of being part of this family.

What is the most fun part of the job managing elrow Music?

The most gratifying thing is that you meet a lot of people new to the industry and they feel very thankful, because you make them feel part of the family. Besides, I get tons of new music I can try out exclusively (hehehe).

Which elrow Music artist would you tip for big things this year and why?

I hope every elrow Music artist gets big things this year, I really do. Every single one of them deserves it. They all have my full support and energy!

Could you name us a few artists you would love to sign who haven’t been already and why?

Right now, I’m working on getting Technasia to release on the label. His sound is a clear example of what we do in our parties. We’re working on it, hope I can count on him very soon.

You have kindly provided us with an exclusive label showcase mix. Could you talk us through the track selection of releases which you have chosen to include and why?

I’ve selected several tracks from one of our latest releases, ‘Off-Week elrow Music Various Artists’, for various reasons. One is promoting, but the main one because, for me, it’s a great selection of quality tracks that defines that musical path I want for elrow Music. I’ve also included future releases that I’m really keen on sharing with the world, with a couple of tracks outside the label that I’ve been carrying in my playlist lately and one of my own productions that you will soon hear in a big label. I can’t say anything, except that it’s a British label!

What is the release schedule looking like over the summer months and Ibiza season? What big tracks should we be looking out for?

During summer we have scheduled 2-3 releases per month, depending on the month. There have been interesting releases, as a Waze & Odyssey’s remix, another by Leftwing & Kody and a Wade’s EP, due for release in September. However, we feel comfortable with our summer release schedule!

Talking of Ibiza… elrow will be returned to Space for its final season. Can you let us in on any secrets for what is in store?

What we have in store for each Saturday night is an absolute madness! We want to keep surprising all who comes to an elrow show each week. We have a very powerful line-up and we’re premiering three new themes. Party is secured! Unfortunately, this will be Space’s last season in Ibiza, so we have to live it intensively, as we’re hosting the last shows in the best club in the world. If you want to know what will happen with elrow Ibiza next year is something that’s still on the table. Right now we live every moment as it was the last. And you really can’t miss elrow’s closing, because it’s going to be a memorable night!

It’s been a pleasure talking and I’d like to finish off with a laugh. What has been one of the funniest moments you can tell us about from touring with elrow?

There have been lots of moments, but I would highlight last year’s BPM. We flew to Playa del Carmen two days before to get relaxed, but we couldn’t. It was our first BPM show and we found lots of troubles, we lost half of the luggage with the décor, tools, etc. We spoke to the bosses and they asked us for help with the installation at Mamita’s Beach. For two days we were trying to find material and the previous night we were installing all the decoration without professional help. We finished at 8 in the morning, and then we took a shower, eat some breakfast and we opened doors! We laughed a lot and I remember we did everything we could to prove we know our deal: making people happy!

Lastly is there anything you would like to add? All the best with the label and I’ll hopefully see you at an elrow party very soon.

Thank you very much for your interest in elrow Music. Any support is always welcome. Big hugs for all the team!

Elrow Ibiza 2

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents elrow Music with De La Swing.


Ian Dillon

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#3 Martin Landsky – That Organ (Original Mix) [Poker Flat]
#2 Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin – Atlas (Adriatique Remix) [System Recordings]
#1 Quivver – Response (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]

Mini Mix

01. Reboot – For A Shadow To Dance With (Original Mix) [Get Physical]
02. Roundhead – Durante il Viaggio (Original Mix)
03. Lonya & Mz Sunday Luv – Judgement Day (Madloch Remix) [Assymetric]
04. Bellville, Fennec & Wolf – Enter The Void (2016 Rework) [Incroyable Music]
05. Sebastien Leger – Poseidon (Solee Remix) [Parquet Recordings]
06. Dizharmonia – Epsilon (THe WHite SHadow Remix)[Blindfold Recordings]

De La Swing

01. Vibe Killers – All Night Long (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
02. Francis White – Freakish (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
03. Justin Hoobs – Kick Back (Original mix)_Elrow Music
04. Waitz – Belief (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
05. Ronnie Spiteri – Keep On Rolling (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
06. Riaz Dhanani – Do It (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
07. Danniel Selfmade – Im Not Spik Spok (De la Swing Remix)_Elrow Music
08. Apollo 84 & Atove – Shockwave (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
09. Harry Lee – Ron Hardy (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
10. Skapes – Are We Gonna Party (Original Mix)_Elrow Music
11. Max Chapman – Get Freaky (Leftwing & Kody Remix)_Elrow Music
12. Roni Size & Under Score – Brown Paper (Original Mix)_Rejected
13. Jey Kurmis – Pettifog (Max Chapman Remix)_Straight Ahead Music
14. De la Swing – You Sight (Original mix)_Unreleased
15. Ki Creighton – House Season (Waze & Odyssey’s I Wanna Party Mix)_Elrow Music

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