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Swiss duo Fat Sushi is currently making its trademark on the underground clubland by releasing tracks on some of the most respected labels in the game: Suara, Stil vor Talent or Hive Audio to name a few. Being in the industry for almost two decades before the peculiarly named pairing decided to join forces in 2013, you can hear the inspiration of various musical styles in their productions: heavy basslines, uplifting melodies and carefully chosen vocals – from deep house to techno spectrum.

With gigs all over Europe and the US as well as starting their own ‘Fat Wax‘ label, the past few months have been pretty hectic for the Zurich based guys. But there’s no sign of the cold fat fish slowing down: constantly hitting the Beatport charts and being played by the current key players of the Deep & Tech House scene such as Marco Carola, Nicole Moudaber, Maya Jane Coles, Oliver Koletzki, Andhim, Coyu, Eats Everything or Reboot to name a few – the hard working guys will sure be ones to watch.

George Pritchard caught up with the guys following their recent release ‘Smilla’ on Fat Wax.

Nice to meet you guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We would like to delve straight into some questions about your label Fat Wax Recordings and what’s happening with Fat Sushi.

Your latest release on Fat Wax Recordings Smilla your 5th release, which also has a nice tech house interpretation from Rafael Cerato, as of today, both tracks are in the top 100 on Beatport a week after release. Can you tell us a bit more about the track and the support it has received so far?

‘Smilla’ is a really special release to us – and we’re super happy about the support we got so far by the likes of Sasha, De La Swing, DJ Chus, Paco Osuna, Animal Trainer. It’s always crucial to get those guys’ feedback. Not only for promotional reasons, but also to get the feeling that you’re on the right path.

You have prepared a fantastic Fat Wax mix for us. Can you give us some insight in to your approach for this, will it showcase some of the future releases on the label and how would you describe the mix to us?

Thanks – glad you dig the mix! It represents the full spectrum of what we’re releasing on Fat Wax: From deeper house sounds to more melodic techno – trying to combine a more ‘oldschool’ vibe with new influences. It also represents the quite long history Daniel and myself have with dance music – being involved in the industry since the 90’s. And we’re trying to reflect that in the selection of our remixers too – such as DJ Pierre, Kyodai, John Monkman – or as you mentioned – Rafael Cerato.

Your record label Fat Wax Recordings has been running for nearly a year now. What are your plans for the label in the next couple of years, how do you see the sound evolving and do you plan on starting some events in the future outside of Switzerland?

We’re happy to see the label getting some traction already after a year. We focus on quality – rather skip a release when not being 100% sure about it. So 5 releases within over a year don’t sound much – but that’s the result of our approach I guess. In the near future we also want to focus a bit more on the artwork – and how to extend the beautiful work ‘Nudough’ is doing for us on the visual side. We really love his work and we thought: Maybe some people would like to actually have his designs on more then just mp3 covers. Sound wise it’s hard to tell what the future will bring – we’re definitely sticking to our quality approach. We’ve got great EPs by Thomas Roberts and Allies for Everyone int the pipeline we’re really excited about – as well as some new stuff of ourselves. On the event’s side: We take it step by step. We did some ‘Fat Wax’ events in Switzerland that were super nice and we’re currently working on a concept that further combines the musical and visual part of Fat Wax.

The summer season is well under way now. Can you tell us which event you are most looking forward to this summer?

We play the electronic stages of some of the bigger Swiss festivals which we’re looking forward a lot. Also a few Open Air events with our mates from Hive Audio. It’s always a tough choice how to prioritize studio and label work with the super sunny festival season coming up! But we’ll manage it somehow I guess… haha

If you could pick anybody to do a back to back gig, in your case it would be a b2b2b, who would that be?

Certainly would be interesting to play alongside Maceo Plex or Carl Cox.

A couple of technology questions for you next. If you could have any DJ or live setup for a gig what would be on the list and would it include the new Denon SC5000 which looks like an incredible bit of kit?

If we’re doing DJ gigs – the current setup is pretty standard. But we do look into a hybrid setup those days adding some bits and pieces such as Maschine and Ableton. I actually learned to DJ on Denon Hardware back in the days before switching to the MKII turntables. But haven’t heard of the Denon SC5000 yet so might need to check that out.

Can you tell us a bit more about your studio setup? Do you always work in the same studio or do you collaborate remotely and if so can you give is an insight to your workflow?

We usually work in the same studio with the following setup: Cubase 9, Fokal SM 9, KRK 12 SHO Sub, NI Komplete 11 Ultimate, UAD Apollo Twin… I think that are to most important elements of it.

A debate which I often have with fellow producers is which is better digital vst’s or analog. What are your thoughts on this, there are arguments for both sides but what works for you and why?

Daniel used to have a lot of analogue gear in the studio back in the days. It certainly is a nice feeling to play around with it and analogue synths do sound really good! For us, the digital approach is just bringing a lot of benefits too – think about ‘Total Recall’ for example. So we decided to switch to fully digital – although the temptation is there to re-add analogue gear in the near future.

I hear a lot of producers at the moment trying to emulate Stephan Bodzin on his Moog Sub 37. He seems to have really blown up in the past few years on a larger scale. I have a theory that the EDM fans from a few years ago who got bored of that scene have ventured over to melodic techno artists and taken notice of Bodzin especially due to his great live performances. What are your thoughts on this and do you think techno could be the new EDM?

Stephan Bodzin is an absolute genius! Melodic techno did blow up the past couple of months and it certainly was because of guys like him. I don’t see that genre getting played a lot on the radio/charts though – but then again, that’s what we thought of EDM. Personally I hope that techno keeps growing healthily – keeping its rough character while adding some melodies for euphoric moments. The genre is so versatile!

Can you name a producer which inspired you from the past to start Fat Sushi and can you name a producer who is currently inspiring and driving you on currently?

It’s hard to pick one – since there are certainly a lot. Currently I’d say the range goes from Maceo Plex to Andhim, from Rampa to Kölsch and KiNK – there are just so many great artists out there!

Would you class yourselves primarily as producers or DJ’s?

Luckily, we’re two guys – so we both have our strengths (and weaknesses). One is more the producer and the other more the DJ. We think that’s a pretty cool combination. Haha!

You have had tracks signed to some massive labels such as Suara and Kittball. Can you give us any information on what we can look forward to in the next year?

We’re releasing a new EP on Einmusika shortly and another one Fat Wax. We also might be back on mighty Suara and Hive Audio later on.

Can you tell us what your most important record is which you bring with you to every gig, your secret weapon?

One track we still play a lot is Thomas Roberts – Leonidas. It still does the trick! And we always have some classics in our bags such as X-Press 2.

There are many great new producers appearing at the moment, could you tell us who you think are the ones to watch this coming year?

Watch our for Thomas Roberts and Budakid!

Fat Sushi’s ‘Smilla’ is out now on Fat Wax Recordings
Grab it here

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Fat Wax Recordings with Fat Sushi.


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