Decoded Radio presents Filth On Acid with Reinier Zonneveld + Interview

Only just starting his career, Reinier Zonneveld has already performed on all continents, from main stages through underground clubs, leaving a thrilled crowd on each dance floor. If not performing, Zonneveld tries to find time in his fully booked agenda to create and produce new hits in his studio, with the experiences and influences he gained during his performances and travels. Next to performing and producing music, Reinier runs his own well received label Filth on Acid, which was founded early 2017. Filth on Acid will serve with the purpose to fully enable his creativity and as a platform for his wide view on techno music. All this being said, it’s clear that he is ready to continue influencing the techno music scene with his unique productions and shaken-up dance floors worldwide. It’s just the beginning…

Hi Reinier. Firstly, I’d like to say what an amazing set you played at Awakenings Festival this summer with Secret Cinema. It was up there in my top 5 favourite sets of the weekend. How was the experience for you?

I always used to go to Awakenings Festival as a visitor, and had opened area X the year before. So for me it was an honour and a dream to be playing at this area just before Joseph Capriati and Adam Beyer. At first I was quite nervous, but as soon as I played the first track those nerves were gone and I really enjoyed it. It’s a truly amazing experience to see such a big crowd go absolutely bananas on your own music.

We’re here to talk about your label Filth on Acid. It’s been my go to label since its launch and does exactly what it says on the tin. Could you tell us about the initial start-up days from concept to launch?

Thanks. I’ve been thinking about setting up my own label for quite a while before we first released in February of this year. The main driver for me to set-up my own label was to enable me to release music that I like and that in my opinion would work well on the dancefloors, without any boundaries (except for my opinion off course). So when I started conceptualizing the whole label idea, somewhere around December of last year, this was what I wanted to present. Therefor I asked some of my friends and great producers, Oliver Koletzki, Secret Cinema, Gabriel Ananda and Matt Sassari, whom all have a different view on music and their own style, but all can create great dance floor smashers, to collaborate with me for the first release.

With regard to the name, I was looking for a name which could bring over a party feeling by just reading and pronouncing it. After several weeks of thinking I actually just went through some of my old track names of which ‘Filth on Acid’ was one, which actually described the feeling I was looking for. And thus, with this name, I asked some other friends, who just started their creative agency (Stolen Goods), to create a logo, and they did an amazing job. After some administrative setting up and the first release finished, we were ready to launch, with the idea: let’s see were this party brings us. Now only just 6 months further, I can say I’m really happy how everything worked out.

The artwork is also very catching. Who is the illustrator and is there a running theme in which each release in based on?

The illustrator is a young Dutch guy called Matthieu Schellekens. We’ve been introduced to each other through a mutual friend, and after seeing his work I asked him to create the artworks for our label. In creating the artwork there are no boundaries to his creative freedom and we just send him the tracks and the name of the release and he creates these amazing artworks.

Let’s talk about The Summoning EP which is the first solo release from yourself on the label? Can you talk us through the tracks and why it’s taken so long to put the spotlight solely on yourself?

Actually, the first 3 tracks of the EP are the result of my live sets last summer. The acid lines in the tracks were created by me during the live sets, as I always bring my TB303 during my live shows to create acid lines on the spot. So when I created these lines during different gigs past summer, I noticed the crowd reaction and coming back in the studio on Monday I saw some videos of those gigs and thought: OK these are such bangers that I should create a track out if it, hence the result.

It took quite some time for my first solo EP as I got so many good demo’s which I promised to release on Filth on Acid and also already planned quite some cocktails (collaborations) with Cari Golden, Sharam, Coyu, on the label, that we already fully booked our release schedule.

Your collaboration with Sharam on a track called Ski has been a personal favourite of mine along with Noraj Cue’s ‘Pretentious Bitch’ (that bassline is unbelievable). Are there any personal favourites of your own which never fails to light up the floor?

One of my personal favourites is ‘Equivalance’ by the extremely talented Mees Salomé. As the second release of our label and the first ever release of Mees, I didn’t know what to expect and it was quite a gamble to release such an unknown artist. However, I tested the track a couple of times and saw the reaction of the crowd and I just thought by myself, we need to release this one. Eventually the track got picked by some great artist and has really proven to be a star on the dance floor.

The label has already released artists such as Secret Cinema, Oliver Koletzki, Gabriel Ananda, Felix Kröcher, Coyu, Steve Mulder, Mitch de Klein and soon Emmanuel Top with ‘This Is Cocaine’ which has a banging and devilish kick drum. Who else is in the pipeline to release on Filth On Acid who hasn’t already?

We’ve got a great collaboration between Nakadia and Citizen Kain coming up, as well as a EP by the amazingly talented Township Rebellion. And I’m working on a new cocktail mix with an icon of the industry and several great other producers, of which I unfortunately cannot reveal their names just yet.

What are your goals for the label? It already has certainly solidified a unique sound which stands out amongst others and is somewhat a breath of fresh air.

It’s a bit of a cliché but the goal is off course to reach as many as likeminded people as possible with our music. Furthermore it is a goal to take the Filth on Acid nights to the next level and have those nights in many more renowned clubs.

Filth On Acid T-Shirts and Caps are available online. Are there any plans to extend the line of merchandise?

Yes there are plans to extend the line of merchandise with some unique products that are suitable for partying and after partying, instead of the usual print tees and merchandise. We’re aiming to launch it in the beginning of next year.

Will there be a Filth On Acid party at Amsterdam Dance Event this year?

No, not this year. We just started the residency in the Marktkantine and chose to focus on these events first.

You will be performing a live all night set at De Marktkantine in Amsterdam in November. This is also a new residency I believe? Can you tell us about your relationship with the club and what to expect on the night?

Yes this is the second night of my residency: Reinier Zonneveld presents Filth on Acid. The first time was on the 16th of September and I couldn’t have wished for a better start of this new residency. During these residency nights I will perform all night live, so I will play from open till close (6+ hours), while bringing almost all my studio gear out there. So you can expect my full spectrum of music, from deeper melodic tracks to full pumping acid techno, and a lot of live improvisation. And as an extra surprise, I’m also inviting a special guest to join me for a couple of hours during the live set. The Marktkantine is one of the best clubs in town, so it’s great we can organise the event there. Also, it’s great that the crowd can really see what you’re doing on stage, due to the structure of the club.

And your touring dates for the rest of the year. Are there any big New Years shows locked in?

Yes there are some big NYE shows coming up, there’s just one i can mention atm (other lineups are unreleased as of yet) which is Loveland in Amsterdam! It will be very special as I’m going to play b2b with mate Oliver Koletzki.

Could you give us a run through of your label mix for Decoded Radio? Are there many exclusives included?

The mix contains solely music released on Filth on Acid and I’ve sneaked in some previews of what to expect in the coming half year. First of we start with a collaboration between Moonwalk and me. These guys from Italy have a really nice feel for melodies that work on the floor; melody in harmony with the groove. Then we continue with one of the most successful tracks on FOA till date; a collab with Oliver Koletzki called Cold Conquest.

Next up is the a-side of the upcoming release with Township Rebellion; these guys from Germany are one of the hottest new names in the production scene, and totally justified if you ask me. From here on things get a bit darker and serious – a collaboration with Bart Skils showing his signature dirty, deep groove. One of my favorite techno producers since long time! Ilija Djokovic delivers a breathtaking original, with angel like voices and dreamy soundscapes. It will be released together with a remix by Roberto Capuano soon!

Next up we have an original taken of the EP by duo Surveyor Mode. These guys already delivered countless superb and original tracks for the floor, and on their new EP they really show a new exciting way in which their sound has evolved. Another upcoming artist who deserves way more recognition in my opinion is Chipi; on his new EP he combines playful melodies with dark beats and sounddesign. The mix continues with the biggest FOA hit to date; a collab between Coyu and me: heavy hitting acid techno with twisted vocals.

Next up is my remix for Citizen Kain & Nakadia, who will do a collab EP on FOA, with a really quality cut! One of my personal favourite tracks comes from Bas Albers and was included on our first Stamp Collection VA. The mix concludes with some of our strongest tracks; the collab with Sharam, Ski, and the breathtaking Equivalence by Mees Salomé.

To get a brief insight into your background you’re classically trained, learned piano from age 3 and completed 2 masters degrees. When did the musical shift into the world of techno begin to present itself to you?

That was when I began my university studies and went to my first illegal techno raves. After those first great experiences I was caught by the vibe and wanted to create something like that as well.

It’s been a pleasure to feature Filth On Acid on Decoded and for having you take the time out and chat. I wish you all the continued success. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you!

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Filth On Acid with Reinier Zonnerveld.


Ian Dillon

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Reinier Zonnerveld

01. Reinier Zonneveld & Moonwalk – Untitled (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
02. Oliver Koletzki & Reinier Zonneveld – Cold Conquest (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
03. Township Rebellion – Untitled (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
04. Reinier Zonneveld & Bart Skills – Snake Charmer (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
05. Ilija Djokovic – Requiem (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
06. Surveyor Mode – Untitled (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
07. Chipi – ACIDKLLR (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
08. Coyu & Reinier Zonneveld – My Head is On Fire Ft. La CouCou (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
09. Citizen Kain & Nakadia – Rumble in the Jungle (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) [Filth on Acid]
10. Bas Albers – Gravitational Waves (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
11. Sharam & Reinier Zonneveld – Ski (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]
12. Mees Salomé – Equivalence (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]

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