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HIVE AUDIO is the record label run by the makers of the infamous Hive Club, located in the the industrial quarter of Zurich. The imprint was founded by Samuel Gmur and Adrian Wöllhaf, better known as Animal Trainer. Zurich is not only party capital of beautiful Switzerland, it is more and more becoming a habitat for talented and creative music producers and DJ´s, who will now get a new international platform. The first releases were held mainly by residents of the Hive Club itself but due to it’s success now release music by established international artists from the house and techno elite.

Daz Pearson get’s the low down with the Zurich based duo.

Hi Samy and Adrian thanks for taking the time out to chat with us at Decoded Radio. You have just got back from Bodega in Columbia where you played Paralelo Festival. How was the gig and general festival vibe?

It was our 3th time in Colombia and especially Bogota, it’s so overwhelming every time. Usually we play at Baum Club and this time it was the yearly Baum Festival. We also played the after party which took place on a small airport and we played a sunrise set from 6am till 10am in front of 2000 crazy Colombians. What a night, still stoked!

Baum Fest

As a continent South America are very passionate and dedicated followers of electronic music. Does it fuel your passion more so after playing their? Do you take a part of their passion away with you? It must be so infectious?

To be honest, yes. Almost every gig in South America is really good. The audience is so passionate for this kind of music and they really really really know how to party. More and more we play the best gigs over there and love to come back every time so much. So far we played Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia several times each.

With Sonar Barcelona only a few weeks away and IMS just ended how valuable are these conferences and events for networking to a record label?

They definitely are. Everyone is there but in my opinion the real deals are made at after parties, in hotel rooms and private parties.

You will be playing some Sonar parties for Mobilee and Kittball Records this year but will you have much time set aside for business?

Unfortunately not this time, we will be there only for 2 days and playing 4 gigs and have to go straight back home to our 10 years of Rakete Festival which takes place for the first time in Richterswil (near Zurich)and this is very important for us and our event series which we have been running for 10 years at our home base Hive Club and every year at some outdoor spots.


Could you explain how well it works having the Hive Audio label and Hive Club operating together to further push the Hive brand name?

The label and club didn’t always go hand in hand, the label is run by us (Animal Trainer) and in Hive Club are more people involved. This means we do the label without the other guys from Hive Club but we try to push the Hive brand with our label showcases (more than 40 in 2015) and of course also our resident DJs from the club. When we started in 2009 the label was more or less only for Hive resident DJs, but as we grew stronger we also involved other artists. The most important point is that we got to have a relation somehow with the artists or we see a potential to become friends. It’s a family thing. There will also be a 10 years of Hive compilation which is also for the club.

How would you describe the current house and techno scene in Zurich? Is there a growing scene in Switzerland?

Switzerland has and always had a strong scene in electronic music, if I had to be critical in one point it would be that every club and crew and somehow also the DJs look after themselves and their own people too much. We always tried to break this trend and work together with everyone from every part of the scene and try to push unknown artists with a Hive Audio. Sure we have our residents and our artist roster but we are very open to work with new people and discover new talents to push them.

We at Decoded have been receiving promos from the label of late and one artist in particular stands out which is Dario D’Attis and his new release on Hive with David Aurel. He seems to be a stand out name for Swiss electronic music?

Let’s say that this is Dario’s second career in electronic music, he was with purple music before which stands more for classic and uplifting house music. He sent us his track ‘the good old days’ and it went top 10 on Beatport and every big name in electronic dance music played it. Since then he delivered hit after hit and became a close friend and we are so happy and blessed to have him on the label. Of course, we feel the same for every act on our label but the question was about Dario.

So, what’s is happening in the studio of Animal Trainer? Will it be a big year of releases for you?

Hopefully yes. We found a new label homebase with Mobilee and we feel really blessed about this. First there will be an EP on Leena Music in June and then an EP on Mobilee in July and later this year some more material from us on Hive Audio plus a remix for andhim on Monaberry and a remix on freude am tanzen for Douglas Creed. At the moment we started working on our next full length Album for 2017. This means we are currently pretty busy with this project.

How challenging is working out the release schedule for the label? Is there always more music you would love to sign and release than it’s possible to do so?

It depends, we are getting so many demos every day. Too many to listen to unfortunately, we really don’t want to know what the promo inbox for Innervisions looks like with demos haha. We always listen to the demos from our core artists first as they have priority, but running a label also means discovering new talents so we also release material from other artists we have never met before just by them sending a demo via mail, like Sons of Aoide for example.

With all the press surrounding Beatport what are your thoughts on their recent decision to close down their Baseware distribution service? How much of an affect do you see this having on labels who use this service?

This is a dangerous question because I understand every label who is pissed about these distribution fails, but on the other hand all the larger labels have their regular and long term contacts with their distributors. I assume there should be a lot of smaller labels who are now in a bad situation but hey, there are a lot of other distributors, and I mean a lot. Where is the problem to find a new one? We saw a long time ago that Beatport was doing a bit too much the last 3 years and gave a lot of money away for a couple of senseless things in our private opinion, they should concentrate on their core business, selling music files and then all should be good.

From your experience which distribution services who would you recommended and why?

A difficult question every distributor has their advantage and their handicap. We are really happy with Kontor who we have been using since the beginning of our label. I have also heard Dig Dis from Stuttgart has a really good reputation the last few years.

What is it about running the label you both get the most enjoyment from?

Definitely discovering new music, new talents and making new friends. Also doing our label showcases which means hanging out and travelling with friends which is much more fun than travelling alone or playing venues with people you don’t know.

Could you explain a typical day in the Hive Audio office? An access all area account of the day to day events of running the label?

There are no typical days as we are travelling DJs with no day/night rhythm. We have to do the office things when there is time for it. Sometimes on the plane when travelling or in a hotel room. Our office is also our studio where we spend every minute so we do a lot of work when we are here.

Now this is maybe a difficult question, what would be your top 5 personal picks from the label and why?

This is a hard one.

Dario D’Attis – The Good Old Days (It’s timeless)
Jan Blomqvist – I don’t think about you (One of Jan’s best songs in our opinion and has more than 1 million views on YouTube)
Guido Schneider – Enidane (One of our first international guests back in the day and a beautiful morning track)
Smash TV – Todesstern (what an epic synth)
Animal Trainer – Maunder (Shameless self promotion haha)

Looking forward what is your vision for the label in the next five years?

World domination haha. Seriously, trying to continue as it is, doing more label showcases, releasing some more good music, discover even more talents and try to have a good time. Besides this, maybe a goal would be to release an album one day and doing vinyl again.

You have both kindly agreed to put together a label feature mix for us. A great opportunity to dig back in the archives and to also showcase future material. How did you settle on which tracks to include?

We Tried to make a coherent mix with tracks that have a good flow, even if they are old or still unreleased. There is a big back catalog with over 60 releases and several compilation now so we had a big collection to choose from.

Thanks guys for you time and excellent feature mix It’s been a pleasure chatting. Lastly, what is in the pipeline for Hive Audio in the coming months and rest of the year?

There will be a Far Sushi EP coming next with 2 epic trancy melodic bangers. After this Mirco Caruso with a remix from Reto Ardour, which is more tech housey, then it’s time for the summer slices compilation where we feature more unknown acts from Switzerland. There is still the big project with the 10 years of Hive compilation later this year with a lot of friends like Marco Resmann, Einmusik, Sebo K to mention a few. We’re really looking forward on this one!

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Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Hive Audio with Animal Trainer.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

#4. Pete Oak – Trying Not To (Gabriel Ananda remix) [Sincopat]
#3. Eagles & Butterflies – Comet (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]
#2. Stacey Pullen – ROK (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remix) [Black Flag Records]
#1. Several Definitions – Square (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

Mini Mix

01. Roger Martinez – Chinguarime (Stas Drive Remix) [Soundteller Records]
02. D-Nox & Beckers – Last Call (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
03. Michael A – Perception (Original Mix [)Stripped Recordings]
04. Juan Deminicis – Scape (Original Mix) [Plattenbank]
05. Einmusik – Genus (Original Mix) [Polymath]

Animal Trainer

01. Guido Schneider – Enidane
02. Sons of Aoide – Solaris
03. Smash TV – Slayer
04. Animal Trainer – Drop In
06. David Jach – Attention
07. Dario D’attis – The good old days
08. Jimi Jules – Earl
09. Kaltehand/Natasha Waters – Left (Manuel Moreno Remix)
10. Jan Blomqvist – I don’t think about you

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