Decoded Radio presents Incroyable Music with Dopish + Interview

Sebastian and Tim make up Dopish – a head turning duo that are fast grabbing the attention of the electronic music scene. A part of the Incroyable Music family they have released a number of EP’s all of which carry the Dopish sound throughout. Their productions are driven by intricate melodic patterns and deep bass lines, coming together for a spherical, stimulating and emotional sound. Headed by Fennec & Wolf and Bellville Incroyable Music is fully committed to a creative and unapologetic musical approach that goes way beyond the traditional boundaries of genres.

Hi guys and thanks for joining us. Let’s jump right in with Second Sun which is your current release on Incroyable Music. Decoded Magazine we’re kindly offered the premiere which we gladly accepted. How has feedback been on the release so far?

Thanks for having us! We’ve got many good feedbacks on the release in the past weeks. It’s good to see that acts like Sasha are supporting our music.

Your melodic and deep driving bass production with Second Sun is likened very much to progressive house? Is this a category you would align your style too?

Absolutely. Naturally, we like melodic stuff combined with characteristic pads & bass lines. Our intention is to create a unique atmosphere with this elements in our track. The crowd was very open minded and totally killed the dance floor.

How did you both meet and how did your musical partnership form?

We know each other since our childhood. During our time at university we shared our passion for electronic music and started DJing. So, that was the beginning of our musical partnership.

And when did you become a part of Incroyable Music?

Right in the beginning when it was founded. But we have to mention that both founders of Incroyable Music were already friends before Incroyable Music was founded.

Operating hand in hand with Incroyable Music is the booking side Incroyable Booking. Can you run us through the other key Incroyable artists involved with the brand?

There are some people involved in the daily business of Incroybale Music besides the acts of whom two are also the founders (Fennec & Wolf, Fabio Vanore, Bellville & Dopish). We’re sitting in cologne where the headquarters are and some of our studios are. We have Lena who is responsible for the social media content, the distribution and some other stuff. Then we have Gerardo who is taking care of the bookings and the development of the Label. Nina and Fabian are managing all the events we are running. There is still one position for the Incroyable Merch shop which is still vacant because we just started with the shop.

Incroyable Music radio is a platform for all artists to showcase your individual style. How do you feel you all complement each other musically and what gels you all together to form the Incroyable sound?

Everyone brings his own strength and skills. For example, Fennec & Wolf is brilliant mixing engineer who inspires with detailed work. But in the end the whole crew is inspiring themselves.

Let’s talk about some of the Incroyable event showcases. Which have been some on the most recent and most enjoyable for you?

The last Incroyable Showcase in Berlin was a blast. We had a great time with the crew and cooperation partners during the weekend. In the early morning we played a special b2b2b2b set with our Incroyable mates Fabio Vanore, Bellville and Fennec & Wolf.

Can you list a few of your biggest influences? Both DJs and producers who have had an impact on your music?

Hard to say. There are so many brilliant DJs & Producers. Everyone has his own definition of electronic music. But Sven Väth was definitely one of those who inspired us.

Ibiza is only just around the corner. What are you most looking forward to about this summer’s season?

We are looking forward to meet some friends and musicians on the island. It would be great to see that some big acts play our music in one of the famous clubs!

What are some of the current projects you are working on and when are they due for release?

Currently we finished a cooperation with our Incroyable mate Fennec & Wolf. At the moment we are working on a track with Fabio Vanore for his first album.

And lastly. What have been some of the most rewarding moments in your involvement with Incroyable Music?

Our last trip to France was special. We all lived in an apartment in Les2Alpes which gave us a very inspiring crew experience. We had a great time on the boards and at the decks. We played at some amazing spots with magnificent views.

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Incroyable Music with Dopish.


Ian Dillon

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02. Fabio Vanore- Genesis (Original Mix)
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04. Dopish – Issoria (Original Mix)
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10. Fennec&Wolf – Nazareth (Original Mix)
11. Bellville – Illusions (Vocal Edit)

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