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Lapsus Music is the label founded in 2008 by Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi a.k.a Supernova. Through Lapsus Music, Supernova aim to experiment different sounds. Starting from one music concept they aim to produce their own music, release others music to create a kind of an open lab where they can work with DJ’s and producers from all over the world, sharing a new language.

Lapsus is the virtual “square” where artists from different places in the world can meet and share their ideas and opinions, looking for a sound and “music worlds” continuously changing. Until now the label has hosted a lot of new talents and big names who have always alternated with a great synergy.

Welcome Emiliano and Giacomo, it’s great to have you guy join us. I’m spoiled for choice where to start. Recently releasing on Elrow Music with your ‘City Lights EP’ and many great releases coming from the Lapsus label. It’s clear to see you’re continually busy?

Yes we love every different side of our job, from the production to the DJ set till the label management. We work hard to achieve all our goals and at the moment we are really focused in the studio. So more music will come out soon.

I’d like to start with some new and upcoming material from Lapsus we have been receiving at Decoded. Out now is the Di Chiara Brothers first solo EP on the label ‘Backing in Back’. The guys have had previous releases on Hector Couto‘s Roush and elrow music. How did the EP land with Lapsus?

We were in contact with the guys since a couple of years‘ cause we like their sound and their energy reminds us of our first steps as Supernova and most of all Di Chiara brothers are Tuscans like us. Some months ago one of the guys send over to us some demos to listen and after testing them few times on the dance floor we decided to welcome these talented guys and their music on Lapsus Music. They were really happy about it and on that occasion they declared to be big fans of Supernova for several years. Mutual respect between fellow countrymen. Fantastic!

… also the amazing Thabo Getsome & Distale ‘Hot for you’ EP is out now including a favourite track I’ve mine from the EP ‘Training Day’. How has feedback been for both the originals and remixes?

We got a lot of great feedback on this ones both on originals and Ruben Mandolini or Black Loops remixes from the like of Matthias Tanzmann, Karotte, Dennis Ferrer, Luna City Express, Ninetoes, Lee Van Dowski, Piemont and many more.. The Black Loops remix is actually sitting at N.3 on Traxsource Tech House chart.

Now moving onto FEX‘s ‘Ground EP’ which is due for release 3rd March who is another first solo release artist on the label. The EP includes remixes from Shosho and Angelo Ferreri. What diversity in sound do the remixes bring to this package?

We are really happy to release the first solo EP of our buddy FEX. We have welcome this guy in the Lapsus Music family since a while now and we felt this was the right time and tracks to release the EP. All the originals are good, we have tested them even at The Bpm festival back in January, but we wanted to add a couple of remixes to explore different sounds on the release. Both the artists have remixed “Why”‘ cause the track have a cool vocal. The Beatport edition comes with a remix from Shosho bringing his typical solid groove and dark rolling tech bass, while the Traxsource edition contain a remix from Angelo Ferreri with his cool raw grooves and old school house feeling.

You have your own ‘The Wild Weekend EP’ due for release on Nick Curly & Gorge‘s 8Bit Records the first week in March. Loving the driving energy in these tracks, specially the melodic groove of ‘Detuned’. Was the direction of this EP aimed more towards the sound of 8Bit?

We have always been eclectic in our productions and lately we have two slightly different side of our sound. One is more into the raw house vibes like our Elrow Ep and we also like to be more tech sometimes always keeping our house roots. When we had that tracks finished we thought 8Bit was a good house for them. We like the label a lot and Nick & Gorge liked the tracks a lot as well, so here we are!

You have a refreshing musical ethos with Lapsus Music and I quote ” to create a kind of an open lab where you can work with DJ’s and producers from all over the world, sharing a new language”. Could you elaborate on that for us?

Lapsus Music is the square where Supernova meet their own fellow. Like in the big squares of antiquity it’ s from here that all the biggest projects begin. Lapsus Music was one of the first label in the world to go straight without fear especially on young talents from all over the world. Now the label has a big growth and in the square you can find more experienced colleagues and very important DJ’s and producers. Lapsus Music receive tens of thousands of demos per month during the last years. We are also starting showcases, new collaborations and a lot of new projects. The square is in turmoil and we like it a lot. The label has played host to a lot of new talent.

Have there been any who really took you by surprise since signing their music with how they have continued to grow as producers?

We love to give opportunities to young and talented producers, it’s one of the first goal of the label. We’ve also opened a management agency lately under the Lapsus family ‘cause we like to give the young artists we rally like, more and more then the chance to release on the label, but we want to support them and help their growth in this business. We already have a quite big family including Sante Sansone, 2 Sides Of Soul, Fex, Big Ma.Mi, Tucci, Flavia Laus and Lena Estetica. You’ll hear more from all these guys soon!

Turning to your own productions would you say you are now becoming ever more so experimental with your sound than usual? For example the more melodic ‘Avenida 146’ released on Stereo, the driving techno edged release due on 8Bit, compared to lets say the more groovier side to house music you have become known for?

As previously mentioned we have always been really eclectic in our records, even in the recent past like for Avenida 146, but now we’ve chosen to keep more focus on what we like and play more. That said we always like to have a raw housy side and a techier ones but both will have our trademark passion for good grooves.

“Work hard, hard, hard with a smile on your face always trying to do something better than the day before” is a rule you stand by. Would you say there is a certain percentage of industry people emerging who expect everything too easy, or aren’t aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to be a reputable name in dance music?

Everyone has their own professional beliefs. We have always believed that daily work, professionalism and the joy to do naturally what you like they were our key to success. We won everything step by step. We do not like shortcuts. Today is different. Sometimes it has more the image of the content. Young people are often misled by this. They lose the strength to struggle to reach a real success thanks to their professionalism, passion and sacrifice.

You kindly agreed to recording a label feature mix for us. Can you talk us through your track selection? I see a few tracks we touched on earlier in the interview. Is it a retrospective compilation or more of a feature of what is to come from Lapsus Music?

We wanted to include in the mix some of the things we have recently released on the label and a few ones that will be released in March including a selection of the forthcoming Lapsus Music Miami 2017 compilation plus new ones from Frederik & Kusse, Fex, Luna City Express, Dario D’ Attis, Channel X, Sosho and 2 Sides Of Soul just to name a few. And of course a selection of some Supernova tracks released on Lapsus.

The summer festival season will soon be upon us with already a huge selection of festival line ups being released. Are there any you are looking forward to or are there any you were blown away by last year we should check out?

Every year there are more and more good festival around the world, it’s really hard to pick some. We look forward to the new residency of Elrow at Amnesia Ibiza. We’ve played every year at Space with them and was amazing, so can’t wait to see what Amnesia can add. Also a nice surprise can be The Bpm Festival in Portugal in September. That is one of the best festival for us and last time in January in Playa del Carmen we played an amazing Stereo Productions party at Wah Wah.

Before we bring the interview to a close are there any future plans or goals for Lapsus?

Yes as we told you the square is in turmoil but we can’t reveal some secrets today! May we talk about it on the next interview after the summer? ;)

Certainly, it would be great to have you back and has been a pleasure catching up with you guys. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

Yes, thanks a lot for taking time to read this interview and to keep on following and supporting us and Lapsus Music. We will always work hard to give you our best! Love and respect. Emi e Giac!

Good luck with the ongoing success of your label.


Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Lapsus music with Supernova.


Ian Dillon

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#4 Affect! – Veritas (Thyladomid Remix) [Anathema]
#3 Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – kubrick (Original Mix) [JEE Productions]
#2 Montel – Shadows (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
#1 Joe Goddard – Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix) [Domino]

Mini Mix

01. Stereo Underground – Glacier Meadows (Original Mix) [Lost & Found}
02. Spuri & Andre Bastos – Alika (Circle of Life Remix) [Sprout]
03. Black 8 – Moses Mountain (Original Mix) [Hope Recordings]
04. Michael A – Panther (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
05. Guy Mantzur – Requiem For Us (Original Mix) [Balance Music]


01. Thabo Getsome – Don’t Make Me Wait (Black Loops Remix)
02. Luna City Express – Victims Of The Funk (Dario D’Attis Dubby Dub)
03. Sante Sansone – Drop It (Original Mix)
04. Frederick & Kusse – Ms Jackson (Original Mix)
05. Fex (IT) – Ground (Original Mix)
06. Supernova – Open Monday (Original Mix)
07. Qubiko – Early Days (Original Mix)
08. Supernova – Hardbeat (Original Mix)
09. 2 Sides Of Soul – No Fight (Original Mix)
10. Di Chiara Brothers – Backing In Back (Original Mix)
11. Shosho – Sick (Original Mix)
12. Piemont – Gingersnap (Alex Flatner & Lopazz Remix)
13. Rafael Cerato & Marc DePulse – Vertigo (Original Mix)
14. Channel X – Under Pressure (Original Mix)

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