Decoded Radio presents Lucidflow label feature with Nadja Lind

We’ve all been there. Those times when you are lost on a dry ice blanketed dancefloor; the dense fog coloured with spherical hues of greens, pinks and blues, where human shaped silhouettes undulate haphazardly like distant waves on the horizon. Then that moment happens; something cuts through the system like a shot of sorbet directly down your spinal cord. The confusion lifts, the haze turns to clarity and suddenly you see your fellow audience with fresh eyes, all synchronised in movement at the most primal level. That moment, right there, is Lucidflow.

Since 2009, Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch have helmed the Berlin based imprint, an outlet for their own creations—either together as Klartraum or in solo form and for those who share an affinity with their vision; deep without being languid, direct without being obvious.

1 Nadja Lind portrait BW credit Doris Pepper

Hi Nadja, thanks for joining us on Decoded Radio it’s great to catch up. What have you been up to recently?

Thanks a lot for the invitation. I’ve been up to the usual e.g. Listening and replying to demos and promos. Preparing the the next Lucid Podcasts featuring D. Diggler. Skyping with my booking agent and last but not least had the time to prepare the music for my next Lucidflow radio shows on Frisky Radio and Pioneer DJ Radio. I also had to stay one week in hospital where I finally had a metal plate removed from my collarbone after a nasty biking accident 2014.

Really? I hope you’re on the mend now. I’d like to start with how you got into the industry. Where did the initial love story begin?

In terms of electronic music I got hooked somewhere back in the late 90ies. I listened to all kind of electronic from Trance to Gabber, Breakbeat to Goa and soon became a regular at Sven Väth’s OMEN club and also at Dorian Gray Airport Frankfurt where I got introduced to Techno, House and Deeper stuff as well.

Around 2003 I bought my first record players Technics 1210 and started collecting vinyl like a maniac. NYE 2003 I played my first official gig in front of several hundred people being so nervous that I hardly managed to put the needle on the records. But all went well. I regularly spent weekends with DJ friends where we would play our new records to each other for days and nights. It was a very nice time. Music meant something to us. But I’ve always been more interested in how this kind of music is being created. So I bought Propellerhead Reason (V2) and a tutorial book (analogue lol) since my internet connection was still via modem so YouTube video tutorials were not an option. It was a painfully slow learning process but always when I was about to give up something blissful happened: A nice sound or I could actually translate the idea in my head into a sequence of music which kept me going. I also tried out other DAWs before a friend introduced me to Ableton and I haven’t changed ever since.

Has living in Berlin opened up more opportunity for you?

I’d say yes. Initially I moved there because I met my ex-boyfriend via the internet who is from Berlin. Some friends from Berlin were already teasing me I should come and live there. So after a short period of driving the 666 km distance back and forth I decided to move to here. Around that time I also met Helmut with who I’ve been doing Klartraum for 10 years now and the label Lucidflow as well. We had the same taste of music and also were both interested in the same topics e.g. brain development, lucid dreaming, spirituality, psychology, neuroplasticity and so on. We met regularly to read books and make music. Klartraum was born.

But even though I don’t go out much other co-ops were formed like e.g. my former neighbour who is now touring as ItaloJohnson. Or Holger from AKA AKA and Thalstroem, Grünbox and many other cool artists.

A nice by-product of being in Berlin is that everybody who’s in involved in the electronic scene comes here at some point so I get to meet a lot of people from all over the globe without even leaving my studio. And not to forget you have the airports nearby to get to gigs easily.

As you briefly just mentioned you are also a part of the production duo Klartraum with Helmut Ebritsch. Congratulations with now celebrating your 10th year. How did you both begin to work together and how would you describe your current sound?

Thank you! As I mentioned above we started meeting up regularly to make music and very soon after had our first release as Klartraum on Night Drive Music. Since then we just have been keeping on and it turned out that I now live in the same building in my own flat but a shared studio on the top floor which is very convenient production-wise and for our company’s workflow.

Difficult for me to describe the sound: When we play we need a very good sound system to process the bass and sub bass and our deep, multi-layered sound. There are rather many little things going on than big drop alarm sounds. Craig from Silicone Soul and also Orde from Slam said to us that they recognize a ‘Klartraum’ right away within the first beats. We often receive the feedback from fans that our music is timeless. Thank you very much at this point, guys for listening, supporting and writing to us. This really means a lot to us!

What a great accolade. Has your sound and style evolved much over the 10 years?

Yes our style’s definitely evolved but it’s very hard to take a helicopter view when you’ve been so deeply involved in the process. It’s like watching your hair grow. What I can say is that we have come to the conclusion that creativity is our first priority. No restrictions and no ‘shoulds’. Remixes excluded of course. We do as we please on that particular day – whether the outcome is Chill-Out or Techno or what not. Our sound has also changed depending on the equipment and the way we’ve been producing. What seems to be unique is the we’ve been working in parallel with two synchronized systems so each of us can hear what the other is working on. This way nobody dies from boredom just sitting there and not being able to do much. Our working process is pretty neat – we record a live session so we can have a listen with a fresh ear and in a next step finalize the track.

You have also graced the decks of the main room of DC-10 Ibiza for Circoloco. That must have been an amazing experience?

It was indeed amazing! On top it was Circoloco’s 17th Anniversary with so many great artists such as Matthias Tanzmann, Kerry Chandler, Ellen Alien, Steve Rachmad, Nina Kraviz, Art Department, Apollonia and many others. Backstage was just as packed as inside the club! Fantastic party crowd, big sound system, good friends and awesome vibe and Manuela my booking agent from AD-Bookings also came to join us! A blast!

Nadja Lind DC10 Ibiza Mainroom 2015-2

Outside of you production alias and DJing you also co-founded Agile Mastering with Helmut? Could you tell us more about the service and some of the labels and artists you have worked with?

Helmut started mastering 1995 for all kind of bands, styles and artists. I only master some of my own stuff and learn by doing and listening/watching. Most important is to develop your ear. Wonderful to have such an experienced Pro to learn from.

Agile-Mastering has been mastering for labels such as Soma Records, Darkroom Dubs, Stil vor Talent, Burlesque, Parquet, Kling Klong, Solee ‘Flashbob’ on Noir Music and ‘Resistance’ on Bedrock and of course our own imprint Lucidflow as well as many amazing artists such as Hatikvah, AKA AKA, Dub Taylor, Oliver Schories, Solée, Marek Hemmann, Technasia, Moonbootica, Turntable Rockers, Dirty Doering, Joachim Pastor, Tigerskin, Phonique, almost all Klartraum and Nadja Lind and many more. See

I am super picky when it comes to mastering my tracks and due to several unpleasant incidents I now only deliver mastered-by-Agile files, no premasters. It only leads to much more work on my side and bitter aftertaste I had to learn.

Lucidflow has now been running since 2009 with artists such as Grunbox, Steve Rachmad and Silicone Soul all releasing music on the label. What is the labels ethos when it comes to signing artists and new music?

The music must excite me. I must want to play it out in my DJ sets – either peak time or warm up doesn’t matter. The mixing doesn’t have to be perfect but the production skills and musical feel must be conveyed through what I hear in a demo. The next step is to get to know the artist a bit closer. Especially if it’s a new artist we need to be sure that the demos are not just copied from some sample CD or even copied from other artists. So we check their background and former releases and if they haven’t had many we ask them to send us new material. Also very important is the communication flow between us, the label, and the artist.

Could you name us a few artists you would love to sign who haven’t been already and why?

Lulu Rouge because their music is brilliant and gives me goosebumps. Jon Hopkins – I saw him with Nils Frahm live at Admiralspalast and he left quite an impression.

If you could have signed any tune ever released to Lucidflow what would it be and why?

Quo Vadis from G-Man – It’s No. 1 in my all time favourite techno tracks ever. (Again, thank you Gez!)
Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session) from Depeche Mode – from start to finish just goosebumps.
Carrier from Rhythm & Sound they’ve set the standard for Dub Techno in general.
Watchtower – Jimmi Hendrix since he was out of this universe. Music God!

Some great choices there Nadja. Which has been the most successful release to date on Lucidflow?

Klartraum – Pain Relief and either Nadja Lind – Drifting Elements (incl. Chris Lattner remix) or Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine – Making A Difference which we repressed in different coloured vinyl’s and sold out several times.

I’d like to take this opportunity in thanking you for providing us with an exclusive label feature mix. There are number of unreleased tracks included. Could you tell us when these are due for release?

Up next is a release from myself with a fantastic Terry Lee Brown Jr. Dub remix (14.3.2016) which I added to this mix. Then Jon Donson – Cube (28.3.2016) huge tune; A Klartraum Remix on a track from Patrick Lindsey and the other tracks are still confidential at this point.

Can you talk us through the tracks selected in this label feature mix? What gave them the edge over other releases? I can only imagine it’s a difficult task with only 60mins to fill?

We are going to hit the 100st releases mark in April + 9 vinyl releases + sub-labels ‘Sofa Sessions, im-moral and Supergroove Records’. So you can imagine there’s a lot to choose from. My aim was to do a very deep mix featuring mainly the new stuff and only few older tracks on Lucidflow incl. Riccicomoto’s Running in Circles on Sofa Sessions intro.

Lastly, what can we look out for in the coming months from Lucidflow?

Besides the above mentioned Nadja Lind – ignore & block (incl. Remixes by Terry Lee Brown Jr., Helmut Ebritsch, Estroe, Satoshi Fumi) the next releases are:

Jon Donson – Ferus EP (with remixes by Helmut and Al Bradley)
Patrick Lindsey EP (incl. Klartraum remix)
D. Diggler. EP No.1 (there is more to come)
Paul Moore (GER) EP
Sousk & Stefan Weise EP
Nadja Lind EP
And a collab between Helmut and Paul Loraine… and I will continue my Turing In binaural Ambient No. 7 of course.

Regarding 10 Years Klartraum:

Best Of Klartraum Remixed Compilation with remixes by Marek Hemmann, Mark Henning, Silicone Soul, Ian Pooley, Terry Francis, Steve Rachmad, D. Diggler and many more also available on

March: ‘E’ Album (all four Enneagram Album parts)
May: Enneagram Remixed (remixers Detroitrocketscience, Patrick Lindsey, Justin Berkovi, D. Diggler, many more)
July: Best Of Klartraum Remixes
October: New Klartraum Album

Many thanks for your time chatting with us. I wish you all the best in your ongoing success with the label.

Thank you very much for having me. All the best to you and Decoded as well.

2 Nadja Lind portrait BW credit Doris Pepper

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Lucidflow label feature with Nadja Lind.


Ian Dillon

01. Jozef K & Winter Son – Starlight In Another World (Original Mix) [SKINT]
02. Tube & Berger Feat. Ghost Loft – Set Free (Original Mix) [Kittball Records]
03. Sabb & Boy.An – Not Feeling That Fine (Zoo Brazil Remix) [SK Supreme]
04. Butterflies – Moonlight (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
05. Frank Storm & Simon T – Extension (Yousef Circus Rework) [Decay Records]
06. Booka Shade feat. Daudi Matsiko – Neon Gods (Dub) [Knee Deep In Sound]
07. Kuo Climax – Long Time (Ben Grunnell Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
08. Leftwing & Kody – Hit It (Original Mix) [Lost Records]
09. Tom Peters – Restless (Climbers Warehouse Remix) [Selador]
10. Marc Romboy – Counting Comets (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Bedrock]

Nadja Lind

01. Running In Circles Deep Session feat. Hansekind – Riccicomoto – Sofa Sessions
02. The Loft – Manna From Sky – Lucidflow
03. Eschaton – Tonepushers – Lucidflow
04. Ignore and Block (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Dub) – Nadja Lind – Lucidflow
05. unreleased (Klartraum Remix) – Patrick Lindsey – Lucidflow
06. Enjoy The Music (Yapacc Remix) – C-Rock And Patrick Testor – Lucidflow
07. Am I – Paul Moore – Lucidflow
08. Blurred Field – Universal Language – Lucidflow
09. Ignore and Block – Nadja Lind – Lucidflow
10. Barletta – Yapacc and Ricky Erre Love – Lucidflow
11. unreleased – Klartraum
12. Zero Gravity – Brickman – Lucidflow
13. unreleased – Jon Donson – Lucidflow
14. Get Ready feat. Elimar (Klartraum Remix) – Riccicomoto – Lucidflow
15. Ignore and Block (Helmut Ebritsch Remix) – Nadja Lind – Lucidflow
16. Reborn (Nadja Lind Remix) – Brickman – Lucidflow
17. Kaiku (Deep Spelle Remix) – Mario Tamasi & Gjidoda – Lucidflow
18. Beautiful – Klartraum – Lucidflow

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