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Heavyweight producer German Brigante has been blowing dance floors to bits with his viral groovers for years now and he is an artist who can really dictate the mood with his club fillers. Ever so passionate and consistent, German has proved time and time again just why he is held in such high regard. With releases on labels such as Get Physical, Dirtybird and 20/20 Vision, it’s clear to see that he has the backing of the world’s leading labels, just as much as he has the backing of his fans.

We had the brilliant opportunity to grab a few words with the Tech House wizard and learned a great deal about his workflow, releases and what it takes to get to the top.

Hi German, thanks very much for chatting with us! How’s things?

Hello, everything is good. Just got back from my tour in Argentina and now some time to get some rest.

Let’s start with your first release on your very own Manitox label ‘Electombo’ came out recently. What was the reception like?

It has been excellent on the media and Beatport. We are really happy.

Was it an exciting moment for you when the first release landed?

I have been waiting a long time for this. It is something that I needed to do in my career and finally managed to do it.

What was the reasoning behind setting up your own label?

At this point of my career I needed a place where I could freely express myself, something that was mine and different.

So what does the future hold for Manitox? What are your short term and long term plans?

There is some great stuff coming from artists like Nick Maurer, Hector Couto, Niko Schwind, Thomas Gandey and Synesthyzer among others.

Do you plan to focus on established producers, or will you be looking at breakthrough artists also?

Right now we have on board artists that we like to get a different approach. We don’t want to sound just like the rest.

You’ve also managed to get super talented Kevin Over on board. What is your relationship like with him and what do you think makes him stand out as an artist?

Kevin and I are friends. We have met several times at Get Physical events. He will also be our guest on our first “Manitox” Showcase in Cordoba (Argentina). I am fan of his sound.

Let’s talk about the very beginning. Can you tell us a bit about your journey?

I grew up in a musician family. I used to listen to Pop and Hip Hop until I first listened The Prodigy and I got into electronic music and broken beats.

Do you still feel the same way about House music as you did when you started out? Do you still get that overwhelming excitement every time you step into the studio?

Every time I go into the studio, start composing and get what I am looking for is amazing. No words to describe it.

Is there a defining moment in your career so far that you believe was a catalyst to your success?

I think it was when Games and Manitox were released. It was played by big names.

What do you think it takes to make it to the top?

Talent, had work and luck.

Let’s do a little self reflection exercise. What do you think it is about your sound that everybody loves?

It gives people something different that they like. But I think this is a question for them.

Let’s talk a little about your studio process. Do you start each project with a blank template?

I never start the same way. I can start with drums, bassline or melody. Depends of what I am looking for.

What would you say is the most important part of the track creation process? Are all parts of the process equally important?

To me the groove is the key. It is what guarantees the movement on the dance floor.

What is your favourite DAW to use and what is your favourite thing about it?

Logic X. The power of midi and the possibilities on the arrangement.

Yet another release in your ‘Modulations’ EP just around the corner on super label Get Physical. What is it like working with them? You must have a great working relationship!

Yes, I feel part of the family. Working with them is super easy. They are great professionals. It’s a pleasure to keep working with them.

We have a very special studio mix from you! What do you think the benefits of a studio mix over a live mix are? Do you feel you can get more creative?

There is a huge difference. When in live you depend on the reaction of the crowd. When you are in the studio is more personal.

We have a tracklist entirely from yourself, which is fantastic! Do you feel that playing your own tracks in a mix is a good way of evaluating whether they are 100% ready?

There is not a better way to know the moment when a track is done.

What does it feel like to see crowds of avid music fans having the time of their lives dancing to music you have meticulously crafted?

It makes you so proud. An overwhelming feeling.

What are the main cues you look for in an audience when deciding what to play next?

How they move and react what I am already playing. You can’t let the crowd stop.

How do you prepare for a gig? Do you ever get nervous? If so, how do you deal with the nerves?

I usually don’t get nervous. I just focus on what I am about to do. Just once I have had a bad experience because I was sick and afraid to pass out. But It went fine.

German Brigante’s ‘Electombo’ EP is out now on Manitox
Grab it here

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12. Games (remastered)

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