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Movement Recordings was founded in 2008 by Tash & Stage Van H as the label of DJM Productions, an imprint responsible for various successful events of high-quality electronic music since 2005. The aim was to release fresh and innovating sounds establishing Movement Recordings in the international music industry, after numerous top releases from renown & promising Producers. Since then more than 100 digital & vinyl releases came out, varying from Electronica, Deep House, Progressive House and Techno. Nowadays, Movement Recordings can be seen and heard all around, busy with label showcases & tours in Europe, Middle East, Asia & South America, powered by Movement Bookings.

Ioannis Ntouskos aka Dousk is an artist from Greece. Born in Athens, he completed his classical music studies in 2000 which comprised of classical piano, jazz and electronic music production/engineering. His influences are mostly of electronic origin, whether in the form of 60’s & 70’s psychedelia & experimental electronic music,
the late 70’s disco, break-beats, the 80’s progressive rock/avant-garde scene and 90’s Detroit and Italo-techno.

With 2 successful albums under his belt and a 3rd personal album on the way, having performed and toured in some of the best clubs in the world, Dousk is here to stay. Embracing variety in musical styles, the focus is on producing quality music, be it Progressive House, Tech House or Techno, or virtually anything else under different aliases. This has earned him a spot on the global dance scene and frequent appearances in dance music charts. Almost every world-renowned DJ has spinned a Dousk track.

Hello Ioannis. I’ve been a fan of your music for some time now so it’s great for the opportunity to chat. I hope you’re well?

Thank you for having me on the show! Feeling very very well at the moment, if not a little tired, but only because there’s a new baby in the house!

Congratulations, that’s great news. Before we move onto your latest remix could you tell us about your relationship with Tash and Movement Recordings?

It feels like I’ve known Tash since forever. Quite a few years back we met at a dance event he was hosting and somehow, we’ve never stopped talking. Movement Recordings is just the topping on an admittedly tasty cake.

So, Fashion Victimz – Jungle Bell is the aforementioned remix. They are a production duo from Tel Aviv which you have firmly put your Dousk stamp on. The original is a lot deeper so what key elements did you pick from the original track to keep and build around?

I prefer not to listen to the original mix before completing the remix, as this helps me steer the whole thing in an unforeseen direction. Sometimes though, it’s inescapable. This was one of those times. As I was listening to the original I remember saying to myself: “Oh man, this… this is actual music… this sounds beautiful. ” And thus, the conundrum; do I preserve the musicality or should I sacrifice it to the dance gods? In the end, a sacrifice was made. I can’t really help it. Most of the times, you feed me a calm tune, I’ll turn it into something powerful. You feed me a monster, I’ll send you back the tame version. So, it’s triage time! Kept the lead, chopped the bass, threw away a criminal amount of stuff but retained some characteristic drums and atmos, then sprinkle some Dousk and set the heat on high and let it simmer for a while.

And I’d also like to mention ‘West of Dub’ which is more of a Tribal/Tech House track. A different sound completely to the remix we were just speaking about. What does having a diverse sound mean to you as an artist?

It’s both a blessing and a curse. People that connect through my music at one time might feel disconnected when they hear the next stuff. I’d like to believe that there are a few kind people out there than can see through all this and experience everything as one. West of Dub is a typical example of a track that might cause my more progressive house minded fans to grow face pimples. I mean it’s techy and relatively dry and it has freaking Bob Ross vocals, but hey, life sucks and then you die, right?

For anybody who is into their gaming you have also contributed compositions in computer games music & computer demo soundtracks. Can you tell us some of these projects you have been involved with?

By now this part of me is so old, that most of that stuff has turned to abandonware. You can barely run it on a modern computer without emulation. But yeah at the time it was great being able to create music with trackers (music software). I fondly remember having to manually enter loudness values in hex and creating delay effects by copy-pasting a little further away and adjusting the volume to compensate. Fun times!

You have also written music which features in TV and radio. Do you find writing music for a project with a brief such as CSI or Doctor Who is more challenging than writing music to be dancefloor orientated?

Sometimes it’s even easier as you have a direction. You already know what is going on in a scene and you are writing music around that. And sometimes it’s just a producer listening to something you’ve already created and he likes it enough to cue it in an episode.

Could we now talk about the launch of your label?

Oh yeah sure. It’s named Bumpy Ride, as I feel it aptly describes my course through the years. It’s been a Bumpy Ride baby *puts glasses on*.

This label will be mostly a personal affair, an outlet for all the little things that usually get lost in the noise. The remixes will be uncoupled from the main release as I believe that frees up artists to make the best remix that they can, devoid of strict deadlines. You might see the occasional original from other artists although it is not the main purpose of this label. If you are a Dousk fan, this is as pure as it gets.

…. and also tell us about your involvement with Soundz which is a brand of custom made earplugs I’ve noticed being widely endorsed by the likes of Joris Voorn to Detlef?

Well it’s like when you are on those dates where everything is going so great that you feel it’s magical? And I’m not even talking about the custom ones which are awesome anyway. The guys from Soundz have created a one-size-fits-all pair of protectors that is the most comfortable I have ever put on. By far. Easy to plug in, you forget it’s there doing its thing. Easy to plug out. I didn’t think it was possible to have such quality filtering in a one-size protector, it’s like voodoo doodoo. I have a pair on my keys, a pair on my bag and bought another for my girlfriend.

We have touched briefly on a couple of current releases so let’s look at what you have scheduled in the coming months?

I’m a little busy raising my baby boy at the moment which means it’ll take a bit for new releases to get out there, but I’m not stopping. No siree. Got a technoish remix for DJ Zombi over at Beat Boutique coming soon and an original collab with Jorgio Kioris for Juicebox Music. A few originals to follow after that and I’m still debating on whether I should put in the time to complete the third album, I guess we’ll see.

Do you have any tours planned in 2018 or any parts of the world you would love to play where you have not yet visited?

There’s something cookin’ in the air. Looks like Argentina, Australia, India, Israel, Ukraine, Serbia, Japan are on the table for 2018. I would love to get deep down in South Africa and give it a shot if I had the chance.

If we look a little closer to home there is an increasing presence of quality Greek electronic music artists. What is your opinion? Is it a vibrant market at the moment as a clubbing destination?

Yeah there’s new blood appearing which is quite encouraging. It also makes me happy to see some of these Greek artists setting their sights abroad. The local scene has been sadly contaminated with way too many self-absorbed-social-media-ghost-buying ‘artists’. There are still some places where you can enjoy a good party although it feels like there are fewer compared to last year. It really comes and goes in Greece, it’s quite normal.

It’s been great chatting and I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. What are your plans over the festive period?

Likewise thank you for hosting this and Happy Holidays. I’ll be stocking up on diapers and will be attempting to find an extra extra small Santa Claus Hat for father-baby photo ops near the fireplace. Maybe also sneak some studio time to finish a remix while everyone’s eatin’. Ho ho ho!

Enjoy these times with your new family. All the best.

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Movement Recordings with Dousk.


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