Decoded Radio presents Nube Music Records with Manu F + Interview

Manu Fernandez aka Manu F was born in Curuzú, Corrientes and is now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a DJ, Producer and owner/founder of Nube Music Radio and Nube Music Records. Decoded Radio welcomes Manu to discuss some of the adversity trying to break through as a young DJ or producer in Argentina and how Nube Music is trying to help provide a platform for new talent to be heard through both his online radio and record label.

Welcome Manu. We have been speaking quite frequently over the last few years as your radio station Nube Music is one of the original stations Decoded Radio have been syndicating too. Can you tell us about how the online station has developed as it wasn’t always called Nube Music was it?

Yes, that´s right! We’ve known for quite a time and almost grew up together. Well, Nube born as a manner of facing and provoking a change in the form of working with other projects, trying to give shape to a concept where the label and the radio would be main characters. As for the name, Nube means cloud, and I chose it because it resembles the feeling I get when listening to progressive house, like floating in around heaven.

And what are some of the other syndicated radio shows from artist around the world listeners can tune into?

In Nube there are several electronic styles but, we focus on the progressive house and the artists involved, are the ones I consider to represent the best the style not only in Argentina but internationally. To name a few we have Julian Rodriguez, Simos Tagias, Madloch and Tim Penner.

Let’s talk about your own radio show on DIGITALLY IMPORTED called Coven. When does this air and what is the format for the show?

The radioshow is a 2 hour of exclusive music. First hour is a personal selection from different labels around the world, and the second one is dedicated to a new guest. It airs every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2pm (ARG time)/7pm (CET) on

Is there a particular reason why you named the show Coven?

The name COVEN came up when I was in pursuit of a term that could express in one word the sensation you get when you gather with your own kind, you know? We all love making music and the result is magical, sometimes witchcraft like. So, I guess Coven fulfills it purpose.

Let’s talk a little about your productions now. You have done a series of unofficial remixes including Freddie Mercury & Bowie ‘Under Pressure’ and Depeche Mode ‘Freelove’ amongst others. Are these remixes at testament to the music which shaped you growing up?

Of course! I grew up listening to these monsters of music, it’s my humble tribute. Besides, I like to try new sounds and to put my personal touch to such amazing tracks! I find the whole creative process very amusing and entertaining.

Only a few months ago Nick Warren was supporting a track of yours ‘Into the Cloud’. How does it feel received recognition from an idol of yours and such an iconic name in progressive house?

Well, it´s an incredible honor when someone you look up to, someone so big in this industry, shows support. It´s encouraging and revitalizing. We are all familiar with the love Warren has for Argentina, and let me tell you, we couldn´t be any prouder!

What new music are you currently working on which will soon be due for release?

At the moment, I am working on an original track for Nube called Digital Kiss, and on a remix for a new Nube member called Kleinsky. Both are going to be released this June.

And could you tell us about some of the artists on your label? Decoded’s very own Ian Dillon has also been on remix duty for a release too?

I am thrilled with the quality of artists working on the label. Although, most of them are Argentinian, working with Ian Dillon and the remix he made for Emi Galván gave us an international reach, it was a nice experience. Artists like Iván Miatto, Fabri López, Berni Turletti and Mario Puccio, defined the sound of Nube. Soon, the great Robert R Hardy will definitely give the final shape to the label.

Other than your own label what are some of the other labels you have released on and is there anyone in particular you would like to give special thanks to for supporting you?

Hmm, in the near future there will be releases of some remixes that I’ve made for Superordinate and for my friend Hernán Serrao for PRO B Tech. I will always be grateful to all my colleagues and the opportunity they gave me to be part of their labels.

The music industry is fiercely competitive the world over. In South America and specifically Argentina how hard is it for younger emerging DJ’s and producers to get noticed, play their first gig, network etc? What were some of your own struggles you managed to overcome?

It is very difficult, especially in this time in Argentina. It is one of this project missions to put light on some new artists. To give them the space to develop them and also to show them paths that ultimately, will help them grow better. To have tools to get gigs and shows. Argentina is the land of progressive but the audience is very critic, and not all artists reach up to the standards.

Now let’s talk about your label feature mix. Who are some of the producers involved and what direction did you choose with the structure of the mix?

The mix that I’ve sent you is a sample of the new material Nube is getting exclusively for Decoded Radio. We have new stuff from Kleinsky, Robert R Hardy and Goraieb, that points the direction we are taking Deep and Progressive House.

Could you name one South American producer and one European producer you currently hold in high regards?

There are some pretty good ones! But I would say Emi Galván from South America and Mr. Robert R Hardy from Hungary. I really like how they work their tracks because they always use emotional melodies as central tales.

Before we bring the interview to a close I’d like to thank you for your support of Decoded Radio over the years. On this note how important is it for the industry to continually support each other and pull together regardless of how big a player you are in the industry or where you are in the world?

Absolutely! I am 100% sure that the answer is to help and support each other. It matters not who you are or where you come from. Our love for music should be greater than anything!

Many thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to add?

Personally, I would like to thank everybody at Decoded for showing us the path of good work and professionalism. You can see the quality of the product and for that, we want to keep working harder and improving. Thank you all very much for this opportunity to show my work.

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Nube Music Records with Manu F.


Ian Dillon

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Manu F

01. Kleinsky – Dreaming a new way (Original Mix) NUBE MUSIC
02. Robert R. Hardy – Bora (Original Mix) NUBE MUSIC
03. Rogier – Force (Ivan Miatto Remix) NUBE MUSIC
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05. Goraieb – Delta Corvi (Original Mix) NUBE MUSIC
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07. Manu F – Angel´s Path (Original mix) NUBE MUSIC
08. Niceshot & Armando Guerrero – Air Changes ( Original Mix) NUBE MUSIC
09. Fabri Lopez – Let’s Get Lost (Julian Rodriguez Remix) NUBE MUSIC

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