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Launched in 2009 in Birmingham, UK; One Records is a label influenced by the many facets of house and techno. With Adam Shelton and Subb-an at the helm, the label is a breeding ground for some of Europe’s hottest burgeoning talent in the shape of label mainstays John Dimas, Jack Wickham, Alex Arnout and Tristan da Cunha, alongside newer faces Acid Mondays, Samu_L and Yamen & EDA.

Musically, One Records takes its cues from 90’s acid house, deep Chicago sounds, mid 90’s US House, Balearic afterparties and the London warehouse scene of the early millennium, Subb-an’s experiences of playing alongside house greats like Francois K and DJ Pierre, and Adam’s meticulously curated classic record collection; plus a tight party contingent from Leeds, Manchester and it’s own home crowd, who never fail to turn the dancefloor inside out.

Label parties can be seen regularly at a growing number of institutions including Watergate, fabric, Bob Beaman and festivals like Exit, The Garden and Secret Garden festivals and more. With all operations carried out with a unique and uncompromising edge, One Records continues to carve out its identity and stakes a place in the underground.


Hey Ashique. Thanks for taking the time in joining us on Decoded radio. It looks a pretty busy week for you including One Records at Watergate Berlin with yourself, Adam Shelton and Diego Krause. What’s in store for the label night?

We do regular Wednesday’s at Watergate, which are intimate and fun as only the waterfloor is open. We’re really happy to have Diego on as he’s a mate of ours and we’re a fan of all his productions. Expect it to go late for this one, the sun will certainly be up!

How is the full tour schedule looking for the week?

It’s been busy, I played Heideglühen last Saturday morning in Berlin, which is a fantastic spot and then flew to Edinburgh to play before Moodymann. I also partied at panorama bar for Perlon which was great. Then Wednesday is one records at Watergate, Saturday I play a festival in Amsterdam and then fly to Moscow for Konstruckter club.

Before the launch of One Records Adam and yourself were also running and residents of Birmingham’s legendary Sunday daytime party ‘Below’ at the Rainbow pub and later cellar door/courtyard. How significant were those parties to your exposure as artists and of course later becoming label owners?

It helped a lot, but if anything it was a place for us to hone our craft and be comfortable in being able to experiment with the music we liked both on and off the dancefloor. It was great to have the ability to book artists that we love and respect and build on those relationships.

Adam Below

There must have been some special moments over the years with Below. What were some of your favourites?

I used to live there, it was an old victorian boozer. I had my bedroom there, my studio. It was non stop party central for 3 years, so as you can imagine there are so many stories! In particular the 12 hour rave we started in an ice cream van at an after hours !! Imagine taking over an old ice cream van, putting some subs in there and cramming as many people as you can get in over 12 hours!

I remember it well ha. What were the deciding factors for you both launching the label together?

It was a natural progression really. We were running the party, I was making a lot of music and we had a lot of great artists around us so it felt right. We didn’t actually give it a lot of thought, we had some music and a concept so we ran with it and we’re super happy we did. It’s been a great outlet for us over the years to showcase our sound and surround ourselves with great friends who make great music.

You later decided to relocate from Birmingham to Berlin? Was it always the plan to relocate and how beneficial was it to the success of the label?

There was always the plan for me to leave Birmingham, it was just deciding where to move to and Berlin was the final choice. From a label point of view it’s great having that inspiration from being here, as you know the scene and artists here are fantastic and it’s been great to build new relationships with artists like John Dimas and Cab Drivers. Being in Berlin makes it very easy to hook up with people so it works well me being based here but its also great Adam being in the UK.

As a partnership how is the day to day running and operations of the label split between you both?

Well we have a label manager as both of us are quite busy but generally it’s 50/50 depending on who’s available at the time. In terms of music we go through everything together, selecting the packages together as a team, thats our rule. It’s a relatively easy label to manage, I mean the most important element is the music, and we have plenty of it.


There is clearly a very high standard when it comes to signing music to the label. For anyone who isn’t familiar how would you describe the ethos of the label and style of music it purveys?

We like to know the artist and see a vibe, we like people who work hard pushing themselves and their music. We’re music lovers and its about like minded people.

Is there any artists you would love to sign who would really suit the sound of One Records and why would they fit so well?

Yes !! We’re a massive fan of DJ Sprinkles… this would be a number one choice, the productions have so much depth and feel naturally real and unforced.

You have kindly agreed to put together a label feature mix for us. A great opportunity to dig back in the archives and to also showcase future material. How did you settle on which tracks to include?

I decided to put together a selection of tracks that I best feel suit the sound of ‘One’ for people who know the label and for people who don’t. There are some more recent and upcoming tracks on there from Yamen & Eda and a I picked of a few old ones from John Dimas, iO, Cab Drivers and myself. Its an easy rolling mix, nothing to heavy.

Your musical appreciation also extends beyond the dance floor realms of house and techno, but also onto screen and music score’s, especially the new series on Netflix ‘Stranger Things’. The soundtrack is something special isn’t it?

It’s great, I’m a huge fan of films scores and soundtracks and the Survive guys did a great job to capture that 80’s style with that 70’s warmth and production style. What I love about the the film and the sound is you can visually hear and see the influence and inspirations done really well. I actually recorded a mix made up of a selection of tracks from films, you can check it here

Before we round things up I’d just like to mention your new track ‘Island Fever’ on Cabinet Records. Can you tell us a bit about the track and when is it due for release?

I made this record a year ago in Berlin during the summer, you can hear it has a summer vibe. I love playing daytime parties so I wanted the track to capture the energy of the day but with a dance floor vibe. I showed Dan (Cab Drivers) who took the track straight away, I was overwhelmed…

Lastly, what can we look out for in the coming months from One Records?

Some tasty business thats for sure, Yamen & Eda (See review here), The Mole, John Dimas, Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo, Bobby O’donnel and myself.

Subb-an 4
Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents One Records with Subb-an.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

#4 Djuma Soundsystem – Parga (Original Mix) [Soso]
#3 Finnebassen – Soul (Original MixI [Polymath]
#2 Yousef – Tightrope (Original Mix) [Hottrax]
#1 Nicko Izzo & Marcelo Vasami – Trigger (Simon Shackleton Remix) [Hope Recordings]

Mini Mix

01. Luke Santos & George Yammine – Pleasantly Painful (Ryan Davis Revision) [Global Underground]
02. Walking With Kings – Zart (Original Mix) [white]
03. Robert Babicz – Kinect (Original Mix) [Plattenbank]
04. TrockenSaft, George Absent feat. Mz Sunday Luv – I Got a Feeling (Gabriel Moraes Remix) [Dear Deer]
05. Dar & Dor – Zed (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Movement Recordings]


01. S-AMPLE – Pedestrian
02. John Dimas – Hypnotize Me
03. Yamen & Eda – Temporis
04. Adam Shelton – No Speak
05. iO- Mir – Cab Drivers Mix
06. Yamen & Eda – Hustle
07. Alex Arnout – Jakku
08. John Dimas – You Don’t See
09. Adam Shelton Ft Francesca Lombarda – Mirrors – Subb-an Terrace Mix
10. iO – Na Letnem

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