Decoded Radio presents PlattenBank Records with Guy Mantzur + Interview

PlattenBank Records is the Label of Guy Mantzur & Yaniv Tal who are always looking to release high quality music, fresh sounds and fantastic artists & DJ’s. In one sentence: Serious music and only serious music.

Tel Aviv based Guy Mantzur specializes in creating electronic music that defies over-simple genre classification. Drawing influences from Tech House, Techno and proper Progressive House, he creates his own distinctive musical template that has seen him establish himself as a top DJ/Producer worldwide. He is instantly recognizable through his unique hypnotic melodies and seductive grooves, both in his productions and his DJ sets.

Decoded Radio manager Daz Pearson caught up with Guy before the New Years celebrations to discuss new releases including Blooming Fields and ‘A Guy in’ and a talk through his PlattenBank label feature mix.


Hi Guy, great to have you on Decoded radio. 2016 has been another big year for yourself and PlattenBank. If you quickly glance back at the last 12 months what have been your handful of moments you are most appreciative of?

Hey, first I want to say thanks for having me here. Yes, 2016 was an amazing year for me and the label and I’m thankful for that. I want to believe that there is not just one moment that has been special, and is the way of looking at things as a long marathon. Build the label step by step and treat every release in the very special way it deserves.

You have decided to take the final weeks of the year for time with friends and family. How much of a strain on personal life can constant touring and the demands of the profession become?

One of the most important things in our profession and in life in general is finding the right balance. I love travelling a lot and can’t imagine my life without it, and yes there are moments that it can get really stressful, demanding and there are weekends you can’t even find time to sleep. That’s why I decided to rest my mind, heart and body for a few weeks and give the full attention to my family, friends and myself, in order to start 2017 with fresh vibes.

We featured your new release ‘Blooming Fields’ from the self titled EP on our last show. Can you tell us about the EP? How it came together?

I had planned to make a solo release for Plattenbank by the end of this year. After playing Blooming Fields many times I decided that this should be the one, so I did later ‘Lullaby’ and completed the EP. I really feel that I have succeeded to put out all of my musical agenda in this EP as a DJ and producer and it really reflects my personal taste at the moment.

Decoded Radio have featured and charted many releases from Plattenbank including Robert Babicz ‘Kinect’ and Juan Deminicis ‘Scape’. When signing artists and tracks to the label what are you listening for? Is there a specific sound and style to fit the label?

I’m not really looking for specific genres or style and I’m very open minded in everything related to music. I’m usually signing music that I love to play and most of the times I test it at the clubs before signing it. Another important thing for me is the personality behind the music. Yaniv and I are looking at Plattenbank as a family so it’s important for us to be surrounded by people with positive and friendly vibes.

Plattenbank was first started to release your own and friends music. Is this still the case almost 8 years on?

As for now we release not only friends music because we know that the world has a lot of amazing music to offer. Still we really try to keep the friendly warm vibes with everyone working with us.

If we can now talk about ‘A Guy in Buenos Aires’ – A live mix recorded from The BOW Club in Buenos Aires which was released on the label 28th November. What is your evaluation of the night, experience and outcome of the live mix?

Argentina is a very special place for me. I have there a strong relationship with the crowd and each tour is like a mystical journey for me. Same as this night, it was a 5 hr set that moved so fast and felt like few moments.

I’m so happy from how it came out and that this is the first part of my “a Guy In…” series. Being there at the the amazing Bow club, feeling the crowd, sound and lights all blending into one piece of cosmic energy, moments that will stay with me forever. I hope people can close their eyes while listening to it and imagine they are there with us.

While we are talking events this New Years Eve you will be playing in Belgrade with Guy J. You both compliment each other superbly, the Alter Ego b2b sets in Ibiza especially. Are there any plans for another b2b set on the night?

I love Guy J and beside him being one of my favourite artists and DJ’s he is also one of my best friends. I think that this is why our b2b sounds so tight together. At this night we are planning for solo sets but life teaches us they are full of surprises, especially in nights like this.


…And moving into 2017 you will be playing Electric Gardens Festival in Australia. What are your thoughts on being a part such a great and solid line up? And of course the guaranteed sun to go with it.

I’ve heard so many good things about Australia and I’m very exited to tour there for the first time. Being a part of this festival makes this more exciting for me and I’m looking forward to explore this beautiful place and play alongside these amazing artists.

If we can now move back to the studio. With two very successful albums under your belt with ‘Moments’ and ‘Time’. Are there any plan for a third album?

As for now I don’t have specific things planned and I decided to focus more on solo EP’s and remixes but to be honest being few weeks at home now brings me back to my old love which is making albums full of live music, diving deep into the deep ocean of the soul, so you can never know how this year will end.

You are musically very well rounded and class yourself first and foremost as a musician before a DJ/producer. Are there any projects you would like to get involved in away from electronic dance music?

Yes I remember myself playing music since forever. I used to do lots of live music, writing songs and lyrics. Lately I found myself more and more playing on my old piano and composing acoustic songs. I don’t have any specific projects in mind but I have an idea to start a live streaming video performance from my living room, just sitting on the old piano, playing and singing my songs. I’m really excited and even a bit afraid from how the crowd will react.

Your PlattenBank label feature is one I’m very excited about. It’s always a hard task to narrow down the best of the label to 60 mins so how did you eventually finalise the selection of tracks to include?

It’s really hard to select the best of, and I really love most of the tracks I’m releasing so this mix for me is not the best of; it’s just a mix out of the Plattenbank catalogue. Doing the mix made me realise again how much I’m connected to the tracks and how they turned out to be part of my sound.

Lastly what releases are in the pipeline on PlattenBank for the early part of 2017?

As for next year I’m planning to do remixes for Blooming Fields and Lullaby. I have a few Dale Middleton beautiful tracks that are now being compiled into a release. I’m also working on secrets #03 and the second “a guy in…” compilation. There are also a few more EP’s planned but we prefer to keep it as a surprise for now.

Thank you for your time with featuring PlattenBank with Decoded Magazine Radio. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

Thanks to everyone who read this and listens to the set, without you there is no music!

Happy new year, I love you :)


Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents PlattenBank Records with Guy Mantzur.


Ian Dillon

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Guy Mantzur

01. Kevin Di Serna – Shambhala
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05. Guy Mantzur – Lullaby
06. Interaxxis – Natural Fear (Sahar Z & Khen Remix)
07. Eitan Reiter – Your Own Paint
08. Roger Martinez – Gomera
09. Chicola – Addikted (Guy Mantzur Remix)

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