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In times where a whole new generation of young producers and DJs started to take over the music scene German label Poesie Musik was founded as a new platform to discover new talents. Starting with Wankelmut’s release ‘Wankelmoods Vol. 1’ in 2012 the label specialised itself in releasing modern, melodic dance music with newcomers such as Jonas Woehl and Nils Hoffmann. Ever since, Poesie Musik has firmly established its concept.

Wankelmut aka Jacob Dilssner is a Berlin based DJ and producer with a particular diversity in his music between Deep House and Techno which has helped him to obtain a respected and recognized status within the German electronic music and DJ industry. At the end of 2012 the famous Electronic Music Magazine GROOVE distinguished him as ‘Newcomer of the year’.

Best known for his remix of Asaf Avidan ‘One day / Reckoning Song’ and since then a slurry of chart topping releases with ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ and ‘Wasted So Much Time’ he now returns from a hectic touring schedule with his new EP ‘Sirens’ due for release on Poesie Musik in August.

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Hello Jacob, It’s a pleasure to have you join us. How is your day?

Great! A few Off-Days in Berlin to enjoy the summer are always welcome.

I’d like to jump right into the action with your new Sirens EP due for release on Poesie Musik. As soon as I received the promo I had to get you on Decoded Radio so thanks for accepting the invitation. It’s everything you would expect from the Wankelmut ‘feel good’ melodic house sound. Could you give us a break down of the three track EP?

The three tracks are of course more club orientated compared to my singles like ‘My Head Is A Jungle’. All three have been a part of my DJ sets during the last 9 months as I was able to test them constantly on the road and improve them towards the final masters. When I met Joy in France it was obvious that I had to work with her on a track and we both agreed on ‘You Wanna Know’ as the perfect playback. ‘Tabula Rasa’ has been getting great reactions from the crowds in the clubs all over the world, this track is really essential within my DJ Sets. With’Reprise’ I added a third track picking up on the vibe I got from the two others adding a spooky female vocal sample.


You just briefly mentioned Joy who you met in the French Alps who provides the vocals for the main track “You wanna know”. What was the scenario when you first discovered her?

She is part of a French music collective and played as support in front of a DJ gig I did. I immediately made contact and we did the song together afterwards by exchanging files and ideas.

Was it your intention to write the EP to be signed to Poesie Musik or was it open for other labels?

I have a strong link to the Get Physical Family since I started my career in 2012. Of course, I am open to release on other labels also but the EP just felt right there.

And the release date for the EP is August 12th I believe? Is there a busy promo schedule ahead over the next few weeks?

Summer season is always busy with lots of festivals being added to the normal club gigs but that’s really the best part of the year to enjoy those festivals no matter if big or small. To do promotion is an essential part of the work as a DJ / Producer so I never feel this as being difficult.

Would I be right in saying in terms of musical ethos Poesie Musik is the deeper melodic imprint to the tech house sound of Get Physical Music?

Get Physical went through lots of stages and developments during their long lasting history. From my point of view this was always a quality music label, which delivered great stuff. It was never cheesy or not ‘up to date’. Poesie Musik just added a small different flavour being more melodic, having more vocals and at some points a totally different range of artists being present on the label. Overall it’s a nice add on to what existed already at Get Physical.

It’s not your first release on Poesie Musik. How did the relationship between yourself and the label begin?

Back in 2012 the link-up started with me having the same booking agency as M.A.N.D.Y. and andhim both being at Get Physical. Out of this situation the friendship grew and resulted in releasing my single ‘My Head Is A Jungle’ on Poesie Musik. Additionally I did the ‘Wood & Wine’ EP on Get Physical with great Remixes by Ian Pooley and Fabio Gianelli. I also launched my compilation series ‘Wankelmoods’ on Poesie Musik with two volumes out so far.

The label was founded as a platform to find new talents but also has an impressive back catalogue of releases from Hobo, Piemont, Solee and Gui Boratto. Do you find your sound sits well amongst the other artists on the label?

Overall the label has had a good musical guideline during the last two years. A lot of good friends of mine like Konstantin Sibold, Nils Hoffmann, Franz Alice Stern or Marvin Hey & Ferdinand Dreyssig released tracks on it. The names you mention brought in an international flavour which I also like and admire.

Out of some of the newer producers who have been signed by the label who has really stood out to you and why?

Franz Alice Stern and Fynn are two very talented producers now signed to Poesie Musik. Both are very good friends and I have to say that these guys have real potential. Both of them are working hard in the studio in Berlin and both are always full of new ideas and sounds.

Slightly moving away from Poesie Musik for a moment I’d like to quickly mention your Essential Mix from 2014. It was one of my favourites of the year, I particularly liked how diverse it was in track selection, specially dropping Slam’s – Positive Education. What was your initial approach to the mix and how much if any did you divert from the original plan?

The mix was done on the spot without much preparation. I was playing a lot of DJ gigs at that time and had a good idea how to create that mix which is very special in the career of every DJ. I was never successful with mixes which I planned out before with a strategy etc. In this case a certain spontaneous approach was the right way to handle it. ‘Positive Education‘ just felt very good to drop in there, something for the UK people with club-knowledge and history. Since then quite a few people mentioned that moment as being great when it showed up during the mix.

Which now leads me onto the meaning of the name Wankelmut which is a German term for ‘fickleness’ as a way to describe your music? Would you say you are not pigeonholed as an artist to a particular genre?

Wankelmut has a musical range as a DJ and Producer which is a bit bit like ‘Yin & Yang’ or ‘Black & White’. On a lot of occasions I tend to lean towards more techno stuff as the right choice to me to get great reactions at clubs however, there are a lot of gigs which are more suitable for more House music stuff. I really like a lot of UK house like Huxley, Gorgon City, Shadow Child and this sound combines those approaches quite well.

I spoke not too long ago with fellow Berliner’s Smash Tv (interview link) who say they prefer to release music with fewer labels and have a stronger relationship with those. When you are looking for a home to release new material how important to you is it to have an established bond or relationship with the imprint first?

There are lots of aspects to this question. It’s totally different if you are a young artist who needs more support compared to a more established artist. A lot of labels have a family aspect, which includes booking, publishing etc. That’s another aspect which affects this question. There is also the musical question. A lot of producers have range with different styles that means some tracks fit here and some tracks fit there. At the end of the day there is no real perfect approach because every personal situation is different. As long as you feel comfortable with it you are going the right way.

And finally moving onto your feature guest mix for Decoded Radio. I thoroughly enjoyed listening. How did you settle on which tracks to include?

I did a bit of a Wankelmut Showcase mix including a couple of Poesie Musik tracks. It starts with my remix for Hozier and continues with a couple of remixes I did for Flight Facilities or Marvin Hey & Ferdinand Dreyssig. There is also a great mix by my swiss based friends Fat Sushi for Nils Hoffmann. The mix ends with my remix for Lane8 which was out on Anjuna in late 2015.

The Lane8 remix is fantastic. Thanks so much for your time in joining us. Lastly is there is anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

Thanks for the support for an average guy from East Berlin.

I wish you all the best in your ongoing success!

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Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Poesie Musik with Wankelmut.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

#4 Oliver Schories – Artik (Atapy Edition) [Chapter 24]
#3 P.A.C.O. & Return Of The Jaded – Deamons feat. Shyam [Kitball]
#2 Tvardovsky – Soul Digger (Roger Martinez Remix) [Movement Records]
#1 AFFKT feat. Sutja Gutierrez – FlashCrash (Dubspeeka Remix) [Sincopat]

Mini Mix

01. Oniris – Pure (Beatless) [Ovum Recordings]
02. Hats & Klaps – R-Zone (Original Mix0 [Chapter 2]
03. Danny Oliveria – Touch The Sky (B Morais Remix) [Keep Thinking]
04. Sascha Dive – Funky Rhythm Seduction (Original Mix) [8 Bit Records]
05. Andrea Oliva – We All Love Chords (Original Mix) [Saved Records]
06. Habischman – The Way (Just Her Remix) [Selador]


01. Hozier – From Eden (Wankelmut Remix)
02. Flight Facilities – Down To Earth (Wankelmut Remix)
03. Jonas Woehl – Into You feat. Fabian Reichelt (Konstantin Sibold Years Ago Remix)
04. Wankelmut & Emma Louise – My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix)
05. Eva Be – Closer feat. Ben Ivory (Steve Hope Remix)
06. Wankelmut – Wood & Wine
07. Wankelmut – You Wanna Know feat. Joy
08. Nils Hoffmann – Rivers feat. Chloe (Fat Sushi Remix)
09. Wankelmut & Schleppgeist – Tesla
10. Marvin Hey & Ferdinand Dreyssig – Coeur De La Nuit (Wankelmut Remix)
11. Lane8 – Undercover (Wankelmut Remix)

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