Decoded Radio presents Rhythm Converted label feature with Tom Hades

Tom Hades started to discover and experiment with electronic music when listening to DAF, Kraftwerk and Front 242. At the age of 15, he bought his first keyboard, the famous Casio CZ-101 and transformed his game-computer, Amiga 500, into his first DAW. Quickly he got experienced with MIDI-integration and sampling functions, which gave him even more urge for buying/selling new material as addition to his current setup. During the same period, his old school friend, RedHead, was co-producing with Marco Bailey. He got in contact with Marco too which led them in 2000 to their first co-release.

In the same year as I Love Techno Tom started to do live performances. He got more & more experienced and started to play all over the world. His live performance was fully appreciated in countries like Spain, Colombia, Brazil, France, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Japan, Austria, Italy, Norway, Ireland and on many known festivals like Nature One, I Love Techno and City Parade. In the first period of 2002, Tom also produced his first solo release. In the next 3-4 years he continued to produce tracks on his own as well as his co-production with Marco on respected labels like MB Elektronics, Pornographic Recordings, Rhythm Convert, Northwest Dynamics, Invasion, Fine Audio, Patterns and Lupp.

In 2004, they decided it was time to take the next step, start a label. And so Rhythm Convert was born. Initially, the purpose of the label was to give an opportunity to new talents to release their material. Guys like Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Veztax did a very good job to show the people what is was all about. Nowadays, the label is more aimed to produce electro-techno tracks and less oriented towards loopy techno sounds. Tom’s current releases on labels like MB Elektronics & Rhythm Convert are oriented in the same way his musical taste changes, more melodic and even sometimes more dramatic music with flavors of techno, minimal, tekhouse and electro.

Nowadays, Tom is busy at concentrating in his next step, to develop his DJ career. In the near future you can expect DJ sets with dedication and filled with energy, as known from his live-sets, to give his fans the pleasure of clubbing. As every self-respected artist he will never forget his roots so live-sets will still be part of his main occupation. In the means of productions, future releases will certainly be done as well as a second album together with Marco. So keep your eyes open on some new productions because they will certainly surprise lots of people.


Hey Tom, welcome to Decoded Radio it’s great to have you here. How are things?

I’m doing well, thanks. Good times in the studio so always happy faces then!

2016 is looking like a big year for RC. Let’s start with your new EP ‘Subbed’ which is also the 100th release on the label?

Indeed, I think 2016 will be the year of changes in a lot of ways. The best way to express this is to say that getting up a couple of levels in a fast pace. I’ve been thinking about redesigning the label for a long time already but never had the courage to do so. Until some time ago where I really thought it would be a “now or never” thing.

There was a step down in the releases schedule for the label last year. Why did you decide to slow things down?

I wanted to slow down because at a certain moment no matter how hard you try to schedule everything coming out, if the pile is too big things get messy. So that’s why I had the impression I was literally starting to be a factory of music and following a bit what the music scene has become nowadays: loads & loads & loads of releases but out of all, nothing really stepped out. More tools and less character.

So the good news for all the RC fans – the label is being rebranded for 2016. What were the drivers behind the decision?

The biggest reasons behind the rebranding is because I want to build a close family & group of friends who are able to do their thing without any restrictions but in the same time following the style of the label. And about the style: I guess my heart always will be laying in the old school vibe where sequential and repetitive sound design has the foreground of the tracks. Not too fancy and surely not too clean sounding. Raw in the best way!

What changes and developments to the brand and label will be significant to further growth and success for RC?

Besides the fact that the sound will have a more outspoken character, also the graphics and exposure using teaser videos and other media methods will help to sculpture the more adult character of the label. Of course, we are looking at options to do maybe showcases but that might be a bit too quick for 2016 anyway. Let’s see how this year goes with the sound & style and focus even more on the next steps for 2017.

With a new focus on the RC family who do you have scheduled for releases in the coming months?

At this moment I try to keep the schedule as open as possible so actually nothing is really planned yet but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some stuff ready for take off. But you can expect for the first couple of releases to hear my sound coming up, maybe accompanied by some of my closer friends and colleagues. Those who know me know who I’m talking about.

Turning to your studio I’ve heard you have given it a little overhaul. What improvements have you made and what new hardware have you added?

The studio has had a complete makeover. Acoustics have been done on site by constantly measuring and redesigning the room, new hardware gear from brands like Moog, Access, Elektron, Dave Smith, Roland, Korg, Native Instruments, and so on have been purchased an put in a way that jamming is the main key. I also bought a new mixer from Allen & Heath to get things together and last but not least, a pair of new monitors which have been such a relief towards what I was using before. My previous monitors were Dynaudio BM15A which until today I still like and support but since I got the Focal SM9 series I must say that literally my sound spectrum went open. I’ve got far more clearer mixes and much more pumpier sound. And no, I’m not sponsored by them so I’m just telling this because I really like them!

Now let’s chat about your guest mix for a moment. It was a nice surprise to find a very rare solo production mix in the inbox. Why the decisions to go this route with the label feature?

I decided to showcase only stuff from me and especially fresh stuff so people can have an idea what to expect for the future. It will be more pumpy sounding releases but still where a specific sound or vocal has the main character of the track. And why not do a solo showcase if you have them ready for bringing out? Pretty curious to hear what the people think about it. Every shout out is more then welcome!

Of course, I completely agree with you. Of late there is a techno bandwagon developing as it did with deep house. Why do you thing the trend has shifted to techno, from a producer’s point of view, especially now more house producers are seen to be changing production style?

I think techno is and will always be the base of a lot of styles. And since a couple of years ago some of the good techno producers changed their sound towards what the crowd was kind of expecting at that moment I think it is natural that some of those people are coming back to their roots. Some things you can step away from for some time but not for always. If that is the sound or style that caught you in the beginning then that is what will be back.

Decoded recently released an article on the best end of night anthems. Which tracks would you include that have always worked for you?

I still love stuff from Extrawelt to end off with but there are so many good tracks out there, also new productions. For me personally I love things like Cleric – Recondite or UVB – Mixtion. These are the kind of ways I like to end because they have a slow building thing with a really nice breakdown (mostly only 1 big) at the end of the track where you can literally end with a bang.

Well, it’s been great to talk to you. Thanks for dropping in and all the best with RC in the future. Finally, where can we catch you performing this year? Any festivals and tours planned?

Thanks for having me! Always a pleasure! And yes off course, some gigs are coming up in Germany, Swiss, Italy, France, Serbia. So I guess the schedule is slowly filling up and will be having plenty of opportunities to see me playing out there.


Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Rhythm Converted label feature with Tom Hades


Ian Dillon

01. Rodriguez Jr. – Mistral (Stephan Bodzin Remix) [Systematic]
02. Flaunt – Rave On (King Unique Remix) [Anticodon Records]
03. OCH – Time tourism (Marc Romboy_s Roland Orchestra) [Systematic]
04. Guy Mantzur – Trees Of Eden (Original Mix) [DIYnamic]
05. Habischman – The Way (Original Mix) [Selador]
06. Sam Pauli & Paul Nolan – Atoms (Original Mix) [Chapter 24]
07. Isaac Tichaeur – Higher Level (Bicep Remix) [Loft Records]
08. Visionquest – Could Be feat. Jenny Mayhem (Original Mix) [Visionquest]

Tom Hades

01. Tom Hades – Tubular
02. Tom Hades – The Shining
03. Tom Hades – Fake Precision
04. Tom Hades – Scream
05. Tom Hades – Rolly
06. Tom Hades – Substantial Madness
07. Tom Hades – Just Believe
08. Tom Hades – Steps On You
09. Tom Hades – Hotel Devon
10. Tom Hades – Subbed
11. Tom Hades – Beware
12. Tom Hades – Pious
13. Tom Hades – Placid
14. Tom Hades – Echoing Bones
15. Tom Hades – Molecules
16. Tom Hades – Cadavers

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