Decoded Radio presents Riot Recordings with Frankyeffe

Frankyeffe is one of the most up and coming producers and DJ’s of the young generation with an array of releases on labels such as Phobiq, Alchemy and Rhythm Converted which instantly gained massive support by the likes of Len Faki, Richie Hawtin, Paul Van Dyk, Danny Tenaglia, Joseph Capriati and many others.

He has spent three seasons as resident DJ at the Rashomon Claub in Rome which is one of the most influental clubs for electronic underground music in the Italian capital. Through his productions he also quickly gained an excellent reputation beyond the Italian borders which led to increased DJ bookings across Europe.

In 2014 he founded Riot Recordings, an independent mainly techno based label which also has a strong and significant visual component with a focus on each cover artwork and promotional tools that follows the dynamism and fluidity of music offered by the Label. Furthermore he is constantly working on new material and touring as a DJ, one can be curious about his progression in the near future.

Decoded Radio manager Daz Pearson catches up with Frankyeffe to find out more.


Welcome to Decoded Radio it’s great you can join us and catch up. How are things?

Hello everyone. I’m very well and at the moment I’m working on my tracks and new projects – I’m very happy about the results so far. I look forward to sharing everything with you.

Riot Recordings is a relatively new label you started in 2014. I quite like the acronym meaning ‘Revolutionary Idea On Time’. Is there any relation to your Riot EP released back in 2012?

Yes, there is a strong link between the EP and the name of the label. The production of Riot gave me great satisfaction and through the track Riot I was introduced to a lot of people and promoters. My favorite DJs have been supporting this track and it made a lot of impact. It has a subversive sound and I love to rebel against things so I decided to call my label Riot.

Could you explain the meaning behind the name and why you chose to launch the label?

I created the label because I wanted to be free to release the music I want to release and I wanted to publish some works from other artists that need to get more exposure in my opinion. Riot is techno but I’ve released some tunes with other influences. I release what I like, especially music that provokes strong emotions in me.

What does the label bring to the techno scene that others may not?

Our goal is to produce good music and provide a stage to talented artists that struggle to find place on other labels. In the future we would like to bring Riot around the world. The label is still young, however, the goals are very clear.

In your opinion what are the most important business factors in running a record label which can be overlooked?

The most important thing is to always release quality music and always make the right promotion for the artist and his music.

Italy is a very passionate nation and even more so when it come to techno. How would you describe the scene in relation to other European countries? Is it supported and recognised by the government as much as it is in say Germany and Holland with its relaxed nightlife laws?

The Italian dancefloor is very warm and in recent years the techno scene in Italy has grown a lot. The government is still very far from the mentality of many other European countries. They are far ahead of us at the moment but I hope that in a few years from now we can talk about Italy’s festivals and parties in the same breath as with other European countries like Germany and Holland.

One of our recent discussion points at Decoded Magazine is whether you would encourage your children into a full time music or DJ career. What would be your thoughts on this with how saturated the music industry is?

Hehe, music is a wonderful thing that helps growing up and facing the world. It’s an art.  One day when I’ll have a child and he wants to learn, I’ll be very happy to teach him something. The world of DJ’s is saturated but if you want it bad enough and you are a strong artist and person you will be able to break through.

I’ve seen from your Facebook page a small clip of the mastering from a new track out soon? Can you give away any info yet and when is the release date?

Oh Yes, the track is called Regeneration, it’s part of a special project dedicated to Ibiza and will be out this summer on Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy Music label.

The Trenta EP remixes are creating quite a stir. There are some remarkable remixes in the package and incredible artists involved. How did you decide who was to be involved in the project?

I followed the album’s sound and the vibe that I wanted to convey with the remixes. In fact there are some very techno remixes but others are more harmonic and others are more tech. I wanted it to be as varied as possible, just as the original tracks in Trenta.

I’d like to thank you for accepting our invitation for a label feature mix. Could you talk us through the track selection of releases which you have chosen to include. I see a lot of your own material, and why not ha?

Yes there many of my own productions and remixes but there are also some unreleased tracks that will be out this coming July and August on Riot by other artists. July is busy because we’re releasing six EPs. Every Monday of the month a super release drops and we’ll have two vinyl releases in a special partnership with Industrial Strange on Riot037.

In September we’re going to have an EP from Eric Sneo with my remix and then a Dangeli release (marking his fourth EP on Riot) which sounds great and I’m sure you’re going to like it.

Decoded Magazine recently had a chat with Florian Meindl in which he stated “At the moment, fast Deep House is called Techno on Beatport, and to be honest, now we are at a point where I absolutely do not agree with 90% of the Beatport’s top 100 Techno releases”. Is it as frustrating for you as much as it is for Florian?
See interview here.

That’s right. The Beatport charts have a lot more tech-house than techno. But no, for me it is not so frustrating. I’m just focused on keeping the label on the road and in fact Florian will be releasing a remix of my track in August.

It’s been great to talk to you. Thanks for dropping in and all the best with Riot in the future. Where can we catch you performing this year, any festivals and tours planned?

Thank you for this nice chat. You can go on my Facebook page or head to my website and see all the dates. I can only say that soon we are announcing some important things.

Lastly is there is anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans? All the best!

I would like to say thanks for the support that I get every day. Thank you so much and I hope you will all like my forthcoming productions which will be released soon!




Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Riot Recordings with Frankyeffe.


Ian Dillon

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01. AndReewe – Remind Me
02. Frankyeffe – Eclypse Mental (Alex Mine Remix)
03. Frankyeffe – Creepy Mind (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)
04. Seba Lecompte & Soren Aalberg – Back To Back
05. Luca Gaeta – Breck
06. Frankyeffe – When I Was A Child (Macromism Remix)
07. Frankyeffe – Trenta (Rob Hes Remix)
08. Eric Sneo – What It Seams
09. Daniel Boon – Roketier
10. Frankyeffe – Tief Mich (Raphael Dincsoy Remix)
11. Frankyeffe – Go Way From Here (Klaudia Gawlas Remix)
12. Frankyeffe – Crazy Man (Mauro Picotto Remix)
13. Frankyeffe – Can You Feel
14. Alex Lentini – Migraine
15. Gery Otis – Hipnotic Bells
16. Matteo Gatti – Nine Or None
17. Frankyeffe – A Carpet Of Leaves (Joy Kitikonti Remix)
18. Frankyeffe – Dragonfly Flying (Clint Stewart Remix)

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