Decoded Radio presents Roush label with Hector Couto + Interview

Roush Label is established in Spain by Hector Couto with a clear idea on his mind, to offer something different not based on new trends and the main focus would always be on “Good underground house music”. Roush are a label with a clear ideology and passion on what they do, they are underground, they are Roush.

Hector Couto is one of the most respected artists around with a true global allure for his genre of house music, with his unique production style which has been described as being the perfect blend of Chicago house and old-school techno, Couto has been busy making waves within the dance scene for the past seven years. His groove-thickened vibey DJ sets have seen him throw it down at some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, while his prolific work in the studio runs parallel.

Lauded time and time again for his “unique” style, Couto decided in 2013 to launch his own record label Roush and believes that with his ability to balance established artists and emerging talent is what makes the imprint standout in the genre’s hugely competitive market.

Hi Hector it’s great to have you join us. You have just returned from touring Argentina. How were the shows?

Argentina is never disappointing, my gigs alongside Mar-T with Amnesia Ibiza Present in Buenos Aires / Cordoba / Rosario and Resistencia was a total blast. The energy of the crowd and the well organised gigs made this tour around Argentina a unique experience. I so hope to come back soon to this beautiful country.

We are here to talk about Roush. Let’s start with FreedomB – Juicy Groove (Inc. Hauswerks Remix) which is out now. How has feedback been for the release?

This release from FreedomB has been working really well and I love the vibe this EP has, and Hauswerks on the remix make and excellent reinterpretation of Juicy Groove. The feedback’s been absolutely mental from the likes of Jamie Jones, Roger Sanchez, German Brigante, Santé, Technasia, Danny Serrano and more.

Next up for release is a young UK producer from Milton Keynes – Jamie Trench with his ‘Take a peek EP’ which includes Chris Carrier on remix. Can you tell us about Jamie and his EP?

Jamie Trench EP was released first in vinyl format last year, so for us now is the time to delivery on digital. The UK producer has developed a characteristic vibrant groove and hard percussion on the originals. For the remixing side we gathered two of the strongest figures in the French underground scene – Chris Carrier and Mr KS. The EP will be released via Roush label on 24th April.

Out of some of the other younger producers who have been signed by the label who has really stood out to you and why?

Luuk Van Dijk is a young dutch talent that you must keep an eye on, production and DJ skill are always on point and in September he’s gonna release his third EP with us. Another producer that we love on the label is Vozmediano, his track Back2Soul released on our V.A On & On BPM Sampler hits the Top´s on Beatport and Traxsource for more than three months. We are working on his debut EP on the label and a new track on our next V.A On & ON ADE Sampler.

As a platform to feature artist on the label you run a Roush podcast. How important is it to push and showcase their DJ talent as well as their production?

We love to help our artists and we are proud to say that we have a strong relationship with all of them, so we are always trying to introduce new methods of promotion so podcasts, radios, premieres, interviews and DJ feedback’s are really important to promote the artist and the release.

You have a new release out yourself titled ‘Climax EP’ on Steve Lawler’s VIVa Music. Can you tell us about the EP and how it landed on VIVa?

Steve Lawler released last January on Roush an EP called ‘People Having Sex’ with Cuartero and myself as remixers so in the transition of the release, I decided to send my unreleased material and Steve loved some of the tracks. We released Climax via Viva Music a label that I always like since it’s beginnings.

Back to Roush now. I particularly like the label artwork. Who is the illustrator? What is the theme to the artwork?

The artwork right from the beginning of the label has been created by Miriam Santana, a talented young local designer from our island of Tenerife. The theme of the artwork always tries to interpret the release name or the artist.

To best suit your label if you could re-release a track from any label with a new remix package what track would you choose, and additionally who would you choose to remix it, and why?

I would re-release Leon Vynehall ‘House of Dupree’ on my label and to be honest I would love to remix it. The energy and the vibe that this tune has for me it’s amazing.

Absolutely, it’s a brilliant track. You have kindly agreed to put together a label feature mix for us. A great opportunity to dig back in the archives and to also showcase future material. You have showcased a few tracks which are not yet released I believe?

Yes I want to advance some unreleased tracks from the label in this mix including music from Los Pastores, WLF, Alberto Segador, Tuccillo, Paco Wegman, Javi Bora and Hector Moralez. The label this year concentrates a lot of hype and we have already scheduled in 2017 a lot of new artists like Klangkuestler, Anotr, Tian Karl and many artist releasing for the first time on the label.

Coyu has very recently spoken out about how difficult it is for new or not popular names to get noticed or given a chance by big labels. He since went on to do a Facebook live broadcast of promos sent to him by lesser known producers. Do you agree with what he is saying and did you find yourself in the same circumstance as a younger producer?

For sure, but like everything beginnings are always hard. The best advice for the young producers are to be focused in their production and patience to choose the label for their music, step by step everyone can release in a good label but it takes time.

How accessible for you was underground house music and events growing up in Tenerife, or the Canary Islands in general?

When I started in this, the scene on the island wasn’t like today. We’ve been very influenced by break beat and Hardcore in the 90’s and House compared to another parts of Europe arrived very late to the island. Today is totally different and the House Scene is stronger than ever with clubs like Monkey Beach and Papagayo Beach Club and Festivals like Greenworld bringing to the island the best underground DJ’s.

The Ibiza season is almost upon us. Are there any dates we can catch you on the island?

My Ibiza season looks pretty intense, this summer you can catch me at Amnesia Ibiza, Together, DNS and more dates to TBA.

Thank you for the feature and interview Hector, It’s been a pleasure chatting. Before we end is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks guys for give me the opportunity to talk about my label ‘Roush’ and hope everybody enjoyed this exclusive set for Decoded Radio only with Roush Label tunes.

Hector Couto

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Roush label with Hector Couto.


Ian Dillon

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#3 Inkfish – Before The War (Barry Jameison Remix) [Pangea]
#2 Antrim- It Will Be This Time (Donatello Remix) [Manual Music]
#1 Matan Caspi – Paranara (Original Mix) [Eleatics Records]

Mini Mix

01. Marc Marzenit – The Imaginary Trip To Hawaii (Dosem Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
02. Mathias Kaden – Desolate (Original Mix) [Knee Deep In Sound]
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04. Eze Ramirez – I`m Neutral (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue]
05. Solarc – Dust City (Ben Eidani Remix) [Global Underground]

Hector Couto

01. Tuccillo – Melo Melo Garden
02. Los Pastores – Shelter In Haven (Original Mix)
03. WLF – Summer Love Peace Music
04. Mennie – Material Trip
05. DiChiara Brother’s – House Culture (David Glass Remix)
06. Alberto Segador – My Own Thing
07. Darius Syrossian – Time
08. Hector Couto – Like This
09. Demarzo – Loft
10. Jacky – Lost (Latmun Remix)
11. Hector Couto – Dont Need you
12. Truth Be Told – Mr.Fuxxx
13. Paco Wegmann, Javi Bora, Hector Moralez – Return To Detroit

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