Decoded Radio presents Silver M with Fatima Hajji + Interview

Silver M is Fatima Hajji’s new label and brand of events. Behind the meaning of the symbol of the moon (M) and Silver, you can guess the intentions of this new platform created by Fatima to provide and spread her personal conception of sound within the growing techno scene, invoking the power to be different, the magic of brightness over darkness and the irresistible force of the night united with a burning passion to party. If you were born with electricity and a real punch running through the veins, then you’d know it is impossible to let them just on the inside. You must allow all that flow escape to the outside. That is exactly what has happened and still happens with Fatima Hajji, she was born with those qualities. Every time she gets on stage in front of an audience or locks herself in the recording studio, she transmits it with extreme facility. She possesses a great talent on selecting club music (muscled electronic sounds), good skills in the mix, etc and is especially remarkable when she is confronting a packed dance floor when the ‘magic button light’ goes on leading an innate symbiosis with the crowd.

Fátima is Spanish by birth but with Arab origins and a confessed lover of nature and animals, as well as striking colours and of course, she’s in steadfast love of a fireproof music genres like Techno. From its analogue and classical roots – she’s specialist in bringing up her deep African origins- through more contemporary sounds, including Techno-house. She stands for freshness, audacity and ruthless grooves, the ideal medicine for having fun. Since we chatted to Fatima last year all has been progressing brilliantly for her “time goes by so fast. I’m pleased to have had such a great year with my music and gigs, so I’m very very happy” she added.

As we didn’t cover this in your previous interview I’d to take a moment to discuss your early clubbing experiences and where you were introduced to electronic music? “I was really young. My brothers listened to Techno and I borrowed their K7 to listen to the stomping Techno sounds of 1999, sometimes at home, sometimes while working at my mum’s grocery store. Shortly after I found an academy who taught me to mix and then I started to buy vinyl, second-hand decks and an old mixer when I was 16 years old. When I wasn’t legal age to get into places my brother would take me to the clubs near our Area (Valladolid, Salamanca, Zamora) to listen and dance to the visiting DJ’s and then take me directly home, after this my brother would continue to party with me sleeping safe”. So, it’s your brother we can thank. Excellent!

On this occasion we have you back on the radio side of Decoded Magazine to take a closer look at Silver M and talk about what is in store for the imprint in 2018. “It’s my pleasure. Yes, the label is having a great moment, we’ve been releasing EPs every month and after receiving a large amount of good music, we’ve now decided to release every 2 weeks. We’ve just released the first in our Eclipse series which is a VVAA with 10 new names and it worked really well. We’ve also just released an EP from the master Spartaque and for the coming months people can expect super sounds by well-known producers that I love and also used to play in my sets like Rudosa and Drunken Kong plus new and not-so-new names that I’ve just discovered like Roetgen Limiter, Ranchatek, Mark Greene, Peja, The Strings and Einhorn among others” Fatima explained “We are on fire right now and have more quality demos being sent to us than ever before”.

As just mentioned Silver M is picking up a number of fairly new names to push on the label. How important is it for up and coming producers to have the chance to release music on your label? If so, what is it you are looking for from an artist that will make them stand out? Fatima replied “I think everyone has their own vision, but maybe it depends where she or he is, for some it’s important for others it’s just nice or interesting; the thing is that we only want to cooperate with producers who feel the label is fine to release their music, and I choose from those the sounds that I really like to play or even to listen to at a party. There’s nothing more behind it, the sound and the vibe and also the well spent time working on something that we love”.

You recently had your debut label showcase at Egg London, how did it go? “I really loved the place, the energy and the people, it was so powerful. The label has showcases in Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam and now we added one of the ‘must-dos’ like London”. Is this something you are looking to do more often? “Yes, we’re open to bring the label showcase wherever there’s a nice place to hold a good party. Indeed, I hope to be back soon.” Fatima further added “Those showcases where the sound is good and the people are hot are the best memories I’ve had like Florida 135 Huesca, Privilege Ibiza, Depot Amsterdam, Industrial Copera Granada and lately Fabrik and LAB in Madrid with enormous sound systems. And, of course, Egg in London had a great sound system and a very hot crowd too, but sure there are much more that I’m forgetting right now”.

As for music you are playing at the label showcases you have mentioned, are there any particular tracks that are regularly making it into your sets? “I’m playing 3 tracks by Roentgen Limiter who’ll be appearing on Silver M in June, he makes impressive fat bass sounds that I love. Also, I’m playing my new 3 tracks from my forthcoming EP that’ll be released at the end of April. Every time I play this, my doubt is if to play my original track Hammer or the awesome remix of it done by Rudosa”. And, what do you find yourself listening to during your downtime? Is there a genre outside of techno that you enjoy? “Sure, I like music but don’t care about genres at all. While I’m in the studio (most of my day) I’m listening, mixing or producing Techno, but when I’m in the car or while travelling I like to listen to every kind of music. If it’s good and the rhythm captivates me, I don’t judge it by the genre”.

In the studio, is there a piece of equipment or plugin that you find yourself using on almost every track? “There’s a plug-in that I’ve been using a lot lately called Hive and also the monosynth midi Bass Station II is featured on my latest productions”. Also, with the release of the new Roland TR-8S have you had a chance to take a look yet? “No, I didn’t check it yet” she replied.

The techno scene seems to be going from strength to strength. What is your current view on things? “Over the last couple of years, it’s grown very much and constantly, and it looks like it’s going to keep growing. In the past, you would mostly see young people at the parties, now you can find (in the proper places) a very different range of ages. Once you really like Techno music it stays forever and I think all the people involved can feel this. I’m very positive about the future, the scene boasts many good musicians, great festivals, amazing clubs and every day it’s becoming more popular and more professional plus most of the people do it for the love of the music” Fatima explained. And in addition, I had to find out given her choice out of any other DJ, who would you like to go B2B with the most, and why? “I’ve always admired Carl Cox. He has a really good vibe that everyone can feel when he’s playing and also as a person, his smile is so iconic. It’s a dream of mine to play B2B with him.

As we bring the interview to an end Fatima gave us a quick introduction to her Silver M feature mix “I made a selection of tracks which fit more to my sound; all the tracks on the label I like for different reasons and these are my favourites to play in a set. It was great to speak with you as usual and thanks for all. See you on the dancefloor.” It was a pleasure as always Fatima. Keep them coming, we’ll keep dancing. See you soon!

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Silver M with Fatima Hajji.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

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Mini Mix

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Fatima Hajji

01. Raúl Pacheco – Brunette (Original Mix)
02. Frankyeffe – Crowd (Fatima Hajji Remix)
03. Fatima Hajji – Ghost (D-Unity Remix)
04. Fatima Hajji – Hammer (Original Mix)
05. Loco & Jam – Stressed (Original Mix)
06. Fatima Hajji – Moon (Original Mix)
07. Fabio Neural – Revolution Dub (Original Mix)
08. Fatima Hajji – Ghost (Original Mix)
09. Dani Sbert – Magma (Original Mix)
10. Fatima Hajji – Melodream (Original Mix)
11. Wanb – We Are (Original Mix)
12. Drumcomplex – Wave (Original Mix)
13. Frankyeffe – Countdown (Original Mix)
14. Fatima Hajji – Star (Original Mix)
15. Victor Fernandez – Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
16. Fatima Hajji – Silence (Original Mix)
17. Fatima Hajji – TLOK (Original Mix)

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