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Sincopat was founded by Marc Martinez Nadal aka AFFKT which is dedicated to the search of the roots of black music as well as the essence of dance sounds, leaning with an eye towards jazz experimentation, staying in the essence of Soul, and featuring the frenetic rhythm of funk and the energy of house music. Diving into the past elements, Sincopat believes in a new generation of artists unafraid to experiment with eclectic sounds.

Having worked on coining the sound of his alias since 2008, it has been a plethora of sound, place, person & culture that has provided a platform for AFFKT to experiment with his output. Serving electronica crossover masterpieces that delve into the many sub-genre’s of house music via key imprints such as Suara, and his very own Sincopat label, and expressing versatility digging deep into his influences of the local by delivering heart-stopping, engaging techno on the likes of Kling Klong & Noir Music, AFFKT has committed to a life of synthesis and this is what sets himself apart from a comparatively shallow glance at dance music.

Once described as a “Son Of A Thousand Sounds”, AFFKT has evolved to a career peak where he has surpassed expectation and enjoyed praise from his peers. Cutting through the ranks, his path has retained an essence of so many that have influenced him, he now sits shoulder to shoulder in skill & presence.

Alberto Sola learned his craft in Electronic Music at the Barraca club school in 2009 after five years of intense studies as a resident. He is now label manager at Sincopat with AFFKT and having fun in the studio with friends and respected DJ’s the world over. Alberto is also immersed in his radio show DocePulgadas with Kiko Martínez which is broadcast globally.

Recently celebrating our 2nd Birthday Decoded Magazine’s Daz Pearson caught up with Marc and Alberto as part of our involvement as Media Partners with Selador & Sincopat at this years ADE conference.


Welcome Alberto and Marc. Great to have you join us ahead of ADE next week. I’d like to start off with the Selador & Sincopat event at Club NL next Thursday (20th October). Can you talk us through the selection of artists involved in the Sincopat line up and what they will musically bring to the event?

Marc: Since we meet in person last year myself and Dave Seaman have been talking for a while about collaborating on an event like this, we have some artist that have released on both labels so we planned on them initially but also we added more artist that are inside the wide range of sounds both labels are releasing. I think every artist has his own touch but we all share the interest for new and open minded music, inspired by the past but looking at the future. For us it’s a pleasure to collaborate with Dave and Steve, we really respect the label, I am in fact an artist as well of Selador.

Alberto: The full line-up is: Dave Seaman, AFFKT, D-Nox, Pete Oak, Steve Parry, David Granha, Third Son, Audio Junkies, Habischman, Mattia Pompeo, Jaap Lighhardt and Mike Ravelli.

Our Decoded team put together our essential guide to ADE this year. With so many amazing events, seminars and pop ups is there anything on your radar not to be missed?

Marc: Yes, every year seems that ADE is going further with events and Line ups. For us is a time to meet with friends that we normally don’t see during the year, so we try to be in as many places as possible to don’t miss anyone.

Can you emphasise just how valuable these music conferences and events are for networking to a record label?

Marc: Without any doubt ADE has a huge value to make networking, put faces to the people you normally talk via email and talk about the future. Also normally these days in Amsterdam are inspiring, you listen to many new music that your head is full of new influences.

Marc, your Son of a Thousand Sounds album was released only a few weeks ago. A fantastic spectrum of electronic music through tech, deep house and techno. Can you tell us about the project and how long it has been in the making?

Marc: Thanks, really glad that you like it! It has been an amazing journey to create this album during the last 2 years. For me it was important to do an album that you could enjoy listening in many different moments and situations. Is a deep and emotive story told along 12 tracks that reflect the wide range of tastes of sounds I have, and it definitely defines the shapes of music to come.

The Sincopat label was founded by yourself Marc in 2010 and Alberto was then introduced as label manager. How are your responsibilities of running the label now divided?

Marc: Yes, Sincopat was born 6 years ago and Alberto join a bit later, we had worked before on another label adventure called Barraca so we had on mind since then to work together again. Label work takes so much time, but we enjoy doing it a lot, Also Mattia Pompeo the new part of the team is helping a lot. We like to listen to the demos all together. I am taking care of the sound part, I make the masters on my own but also many tracks are mixed before we release them, so this takes a lot of work.

Alberto: My function in the label is to deal with distributors, update all the online Sincopat stuff, supervise the deadlines with the releases and remixes, search for new sounds, open new stages of work, be in touch with the artists, supervise and master the radio show and podcast, social media, and a long etc.


I’ve always been intrigued by the meaning of the name Sincopat. Where does it come from and how does it fit the meaning of the label?

Marc: Sincopat comes from Ragtime, the predecessor of the most of the music we know today, it was the first Jazz style known, but also my music and the music I normally like has kind of Syncopate elements. We decide to call in Valencianish to refer even more to our roots musically but also geographically.

The Sincopat label feature mix has been compiled and mixed by yourself Alberto. Can you give us a brief breakdown of the track selection you chose?

Alberto: I tried to offer a global vision of the Sincopat wide range of styles and genres starting with Eric Volta electronic journey remix for Darlyn Vlys & HearThug’s Agore, and growing and growing from slow to faster rhythms.

On reflection did it give you a good chance to evaluate how the label has developed over the past six years?

Alberto: Definitely. Sincopat has grown so much since the beginning. In fact, making this kind of set is when you really realize the huge catalogue you have and all the work is really printed in it. About the evolution, we are in a nice state of maturity. We started releasing only Eps, and now dare with albums. Punto 0 (AFFKT first album) was the first one, and now this year we have worked the launch of his second Son Of A Thousand Sounds.

If we could now delve a little into your personal music tastes away from your respective genres which artist or bands have caught your attention recently and why?

Alberto: As you said recently: Radiohead, Muse, beGun, Acid Arab, Jean Michel Jarre, Upercent, Kate Tempest, Rodion, Fiberroot, and of course all the Sincopat artists with whom I work close to.

Marc: Trentemoller, Telephones, Tycko, Jimi Jules.

As the end of the year is drawing to a close what have been some of the highlights for Sincopat from 2016?

Alberto: 2016 is marked by the AFFKT second album Son Of A Thousand Sounds. Also stunning releases have been launched like Audio Junkies, Third Son, Demarzo, Tim Engelhardt, Several Definitions, Pete Oak, Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG, Raxon, Upercent.

And of course looking to the future what is in store for the rest of the year? Are there any NYE plans for us to look out for?

Alberto: We are focused now in the campaign of the Remixes of the album, which will be released in two parts (28 October and 11 November) and then the full pack will be out for Christmas. Also attention to the first Ep of Ten Ven on Sincopat with a huge remix by Christian Nielsen, and to the single advance of one of the bombs we have for 2017: the first Piek album.

Thanks for the great chat guys. I hope you enjoy your ADE. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

Marc: Thanks to you for the offering. See you there, we are really looking forward for the night.


Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Sincopat with Alberto Sola.


Ian Dillon

Decoded Hot Picks Chart Countdown

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#3 Jeremy Olander – Roots (Henry Saiz Remix) [Vivrant]
#2 Chicola & Sahar Z – Morning Glory (Original Mix) [Rusted Records]
#1 Darren Emerson, Nick Muir & John Digweed – Fanfare (Darren Emerson Osaka Rework) [Bedrock]

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04. Arno Mueller – Construction (Original Mix) [Parquet Recordings]

Alberto Sola

01. Darlyn Vlys & HearThuG feat. Haptic – Agore (Eric Volta remix)
02. AFFKT & Upercent – Boira (Squire Burning Man remix)
03. Pete Oak – Trying Not To (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
04. Tim Engelhardt – Fundamentals
05. Audio Junkies fear. Haptic – Vitamins
06. AFFKT – San Diego (Kruse & Nuernberg remix)
07. Upercent – Cronopio (Third Son remix)
08. Mike Ravelli – Widow
09. David Granha – Third Skin
10. Mattia Pompeo – Nuage
11. Habischman – Groove Division
12. Piek – Trip To NYC

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