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On 17th November 2017 House music’s acclaimed imprint Snatch! Records will celebrate its landmark 100th release, seeing the label’s esteemed head honcho Riva Starr team up with Chicago’s most unconventional House hero Green Velvet to deliver an EP well worthy of its billing.

This monumental two-track offering follows yet another year, for the label, at the forefront of credible House music and comprises of two exclusive dancefloor-ready cuts, in the form of the EP’s stomping title-track ‘Keep Pushin’ (Harder)’ and the strings-infused Techno groover ‘I Feel Good’, which both benefit from Velvet’s signature spoken vocal lines.

Since its 2010 conception, Snatch! has prided itself on releasing music from a diverse array of talented artists, boasting releases from the likes of; Carl Cox, Groove Armada, Matthias Tanzmann, Skream, Andrea Oliva, Davide Squillace, Santos, Romanthony, Dennis Cruz, wAFF, Richy Ahmed, Darius Syrossian, Francisco Allendes, Adam Port, &ME, Butch and Paolo Martini among others plus Riva Starr himself.

Firstly, some big congratulations are in order as we have you here to talk about Snatch! Records landmark 100th release. We’ll keep things nice and fun for the occasion. How does it feel eventually hitting this landmark?

It has been a crazy ride so far and we’ve learnt how to run things in this mad business. Eventually, we’ve helped a lot of young producers to break through and also get to know a lot of the amazing creatives of the industry. So far so good!

For 7 years the label has been pushing quality underground house music which you have stated was “a lab to test your mad ideas”. I guess the lab is working?

Defo! It feels priceless to be able to push things in which most of the others don’t believe in or are not sure to invest in. We have our own sound ideas and we also feel that mixing the cards every once in a while helps with the creative and keeping things fresh! It’s very easy to stick to one particular sound if it becomes very popular… easier to chart etc. we’re always on the move!

The 100th release is due on the 17th November which is a double track EP collaboration with Green Velvet. Can you tell us about the release and why Green Velvet was the man for the moment?

Caj has always been one of my mentors in this industry I also did a few other things with him and a full album on his label a couple of years ago. It just felt right to ask him to celebrate this landmark release together and it’s a HUGE honour to be able to host him on my humble label.

There has always been diversity in the music released on Snatch!. Is this a reflection on your personal taste and style or a conscious decision to widen your reach of target audience?

As long as it’s something that I would play in the club then there’s no reason for not releasing it on my label – SNATCH! definitely reflects my taste as a DJ. I also come from an age where DJs could and would play everything from slower tunes to the peak time bangers. I also used to play breakbeat, Jungle and Hip Hop, so for me it’s kinda normal to have a wider taste in music.

You are throwing a Snatch! 100th Release Party at Egg London on 24th November. Which artists have you invited to play and what can be expected on the night?

It’s a homies party really, we are very close to the EGG guys and our last party with them was incredible! On the night, I’ll have the pleasure in hosting Gene Farris and Dennis Cruz, two talented chaps (we all had a #1 Beatport tune together a few months ago), rest assured that it’s gonna be grooovy! We’ll also host a pre-party in collaboration with DJ MAG in the early evening.

If we can now do a little reflection on key releases:

Well, we’ve had a few big ones, like a father I’m pretty much proud of any of them and it would feel bad to just pick one but if I really have to I would say the Groove Armada EP. They have always been a favourite of mine and I also had the chance to add to the release my remix of their classic ‘Superstylin”. The full EP did so well and I hope we will manage to release something more from the guys!

Which release has been the best-selling?

We have a few pretty much on the same level; ‘New Life’ by Dennis Cruz, ‘Superstylin” (Riva Starr Remix) by Groove Armada, ‘Better For My Brain’ by Pele & Shawnecy and ‘Play’ by myself, Dennis and Gene. But there are a few others too.

Which released surprised you the most in terms of how well it was supported?

Well, ‘Better For My Brain’ from Pele & Shawnecy was a cheeky one, we didn’t know what to expect as it features a raggatonish vocal sample but all the greatest DJs embraced it so we got support from Marco Carola to Paco Osuna, The Martinez Brothers to Luciano etc.. all-in-all we found that EVERYONE played it!

With which artist did you have the most fun working on a release with and why?

Well Green Velvet is always a good laugh to work with and I always learn something new every time I do collabs with him!

Now let’s look to the future of the label? Obviously, a lot more to come so who is scheduled for release in the coming months or early into 2018?

We got plenty of surprises, next up is a smashing EP from Flashmob, then the best of 2017 with an unreleased remix from Latmun of a NICE7 tune, a new edition of the Inhouse various artists EP and the launch in March of our SNATCH! Classics where I and other producers revisit some old house classic. Exciting!

Is there anybody you would still love to work with or sign to Snatch and why?

Ah there’s too many, always looking at the new generations tho! We also have a side label called BROCK WILD where we experiment even more with the weird stuff :)

A lot of young producers have been given valuable exposure through releasing on the label. Are there any in particular you are most proud of in helping their name become more widely recognised? Maybe Brett Gould for example?

Brett definitely broke through the HOUSE MUSIC IS release with us, also Dennis Cruz got a lot of exposure from his releases on the label but over the years we’ve had youngsters (at the time) like Solardo, Emanuel Satie etc… moving their earlier steps also with us.

And lastly, could you talk us through your label feature guest mix you have done for us?

It’s a little mix resuming the last few months of releases on the label, almost the deeper side of it, hope you’ll enjoy it!

It’s been great to have you join us and a pleasure to be a part of celebrating a landmark achievement. Before we wrap things up is there anything you would like to add?

Yes, we love PIZZA!

Thank you and all the best with the future of Snatch! Records.


Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents SNATCH! Records with Riva Starr.


Ian Dillon

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Riva Starr

01. DJ Simi – Hot Pants Tribe (Original Mix)
02. Dateless – Darkness Takes Your Soul (Original Mix)
03. Outway – The_Ghetto (Original Mix)
04. Darius Syrossian – Fugazi Land (Brett Gould Remix)
05. Paolo Martini & Alex Neri – Sparks (Original Mix)
06. Brett Gould feat. Shyam – Believe (Original Mix)
07. Sergio Fernandez – Urano Beatz (Original Mix)
08. Dennis Quin – So Intense (Original Mix)
09. Riva Starr & Green Velvet – Keep Pushin’ (Harder) (Original Mix)
10. Italoboyz – Go Molian (Original Mix)
11. Soul Speech – Funk Speech (Original Mix)
12. DJ Simi – Man Drake (Original Mix)

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