Decoded Radio presents Sound Avenue label feature with Madloch

Sound Avenue is a Belgium based electronic music imprint which was founded in the summer of 2011 by Dominique Heyninck (Madloch) and Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen (Yunta). Now in its third year of business the label has grown into one of the premier platforms for cutting edge electronic music. Sound Avenue has showcased a broad spectrum of established artists such as: Andre Sobota, Deepfunk, Eelke Kleijn, James Teej, Jay Tripwire, John Debo, Kastis Torrau & Arnas D, King Unique, Marc Poppcke, Petar Dundov and Pole Folder as well as nurturing exciting up and coming talents. This cohesive fusion resulted in immediate success that saw the label earn club and radio support from John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. Multiple triumphs soon followed with several Release Promo Hype Chart #1 releases along with prominent placement and banner promotion on industry retailers such as Beatport. Sound Avenue quickly built on their early momentum hosting label events both in their home country of Belgium and all throughout Europe. These uniquely branded club nights featured some of the labels primary artists including Beat Syndrome, Luis Junior, Matias Vila and Sound Process. As the imprint continues to evolve so does it’s sound, this broader spectrum of house and techno makes it an ideal musical home for artists from around the globe.


Hi Dominique, thanks for joining us on Decoded Radio and supplying us with a very impressive Sound Avenue label feature mix.

Thanks guys for having me again on Decoded Radio, it was a pleasure doing a Sound Ave only mix :)
What have you been up to recently, I believe you were DJing at a few fashion shows in Rotterdam a couple of weeks ago? It has been a busy period for me! Very productive days in the studio, some new EP’s & remixes are coming out soon. I also had my first oversea gigs at the Hookah Clubs in Mexico City which was such a great experience. The vibe & atmosphere is so much different than in Europe! And I had a lot of gigs in the fashion-industry which I do almost weekly in the fashion seasons.

Are events like these a good way of promoting the label as opposed to the usual club dancefloor?

Actually not, it’s something completely different than playing in a club. People are coming in the first place to see new collections of the designers instead of hearing new exclusive music. It’s always a nice & interesting challenge to find the right music for the brand you are playing for. It’s also a great way to get out of your comfort zone & start digging for tracks in other genres. Luckily I always get compliments of the music I’m playing on such shows :)

It’s been 4 years now since Sound Avenue launched with Mitrinique – Earthbound. Did you ever envisage the growth, progression and success achieved in still its relatively early years?

I had some kind of plan in my head where I wanted to go, yes. First of all releasing my own tracks with remixes from people I really like such as King Unique, Petar Dundov, Cid Inc, James Teej.
Apart from this I always wanted to have a combination of established names & new talents with all the releases. As a label it’s important to help new talents in the early stage of their career. It gives me a great feeling to see several artists grow & get more attention after they had a release on Sound Avenue.

Artists such as dPen, Petar Dundov, DarkSoulProject, Chris Fortier and Eelke Kleijn have all been signed as an original artist or remixers, a diverse range in production sound from house, techno and progressive house. The label is clearly not pigeon-holed to one sound?

Indeed, as a DJ I’m also playing various genres so that’s the reason I want to release whatever I want, doesn’t matter in which style. Off course you can label Sound Avenue as a progressive label but I think we’ve proven we look a bit further than prog only. That’s the reason I’ve started the sublabel 3rd Avenue 2.5years ago, to have a label for the pure old school progressive sound. Crossfade Sounds was born to have a platform for the deeper stuff that doesn’t fit so well on Sound Avenue.

Could you name us a few artists you would love to sign who haven’t been already and why?

I was lucky to have already a lot of my favourite producers on the label. Some guys I hope to so in the near future on Sound Avenue are guys such as Guy Mantzur, Guy J, Henry Saiz, David August, Gab Rhome, John Tejeda. Time is mostly the main reason for not having them yet.

If you could have signed any tune ever released to Sound Avenue what would it be and why?

Though question. There are so many great tracks released every year, I can give you a list with tons of music! If I have to give you one name, well. The first which comes up in my mind is “The Greenwich Tunnel” from Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z. Played this track over & over again without getting tired.

Which has been the most successful release to date on Sound Avenue?

That will be the “Eye / Take Over EP” from Kastis Torrau & Arnas D which was releases last year! I’ve been following both guys already a long time and was happy when they’ve send me this EP as a demo for the label!

You have also put on a number of Sound Avenue label events quite early on throughout Belgium and Europe. Would you encourage labels just starting out to do the same? What are some of the pros and cons from your experience?

We had a monthly label night in a small venue in my hometown Tongeren. It was the perfect place to showcase new music from the label every month. There were also a few bigger outdoor events we had in the festival season with guests like Luis Junior, Pole Folder, Remy Unger, Hermanez. The biggest pro is off course the name building for your label when you invite such big guys. Cons are these events are very time consuming & also financially it’s sometimes a risk. Unfortunately there’s only a small niche-market for our music in Belgium.

Can you talk us through the tracks selected in this label feature mix? What gave them the edge over other releases? I can only imagine it’s a difficult task with only 60mins to fill?

I’ve started with Hot Tuneik’s remix of “Lost Souls” from Savvas which came out this summer on the other sublabel Crossfade Sounds. It’s one of those perfect warm-up tunes which was picked up by many great names as well. Later in the mix I played a lot of unreleased material from Sound Avenue and also a track from 3rd Avenue. Most stuff will be released early 2016. An hour is always too short to tell a story in the mix, but I tried to do my best and hope the listeners will like this mix!

As we’re rapidly approaching 2016 are there any plans for Sound Avenue at any festivals, conferences next year? What news can our listeners and readers look out for?

This year there’s still my first tour in Argentina, the country with the most fans & artists of the label(s). I’m playing here the last 2 weeks of November. In summer 2016 the label will celebrate its 5th birthday with some special releases & compilations. I can advise everyone to keep an eye on our FB fan page for more news. It’s also the plan to have a showcase for the first time on ADE!

Many thanks for your time chatting with us. I wish you all the best in your ongoing success with Sound Avenue.


Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon with guest Madloch (Sound Avenue label feature)


Ian Dillon

01. Arthur Minnahmetov -Lost Beach (Original Mix)[238W]
02. Quivver – Pictures (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
03. La Fleur -Make A Move (Original Mix) [Watergate]
04. Marc DePulse -My Daily Keys (Dave Seaman Remix) [JEAHMON!]
05. Stas Drive – Wide Eyed Angel (Tash Remix) [Movement Recordings]
06. Sergei Spatz – Tropic (Following Light Remix) [Hydrogen]
07. Aman Anand – Raikou (Original Mix) [Sudbeat]
08. taMe – Lucid Dream ft Lauren Francis (Original Mix)


01. Savvas – Lost Souls (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Crossfade Sounds]
02. Michael A – Education [Sound Avenue]
03. Daraspa – Antko (Michael A Remix) [Sound Avenue]
04. Pablo Cetrini – For You (Interpretation 2) [Sound Avenue]
05. Madloch & Matias Vila – Haze Over Night (Roger Martinez Remix) [Sound Avenue]
06. Kieran J – Colours & Transitions (Li-Polymer Remix) [Sound Avenue]
07. Progress Inn – Veterans (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [3rd Avenue]
08. Yunta – Narguile (Subandrio Remix) [Sound Avenue]
09. Kastis Torrau & Arnas D – Take Over (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Sound Avenue]
10. John Debo – Think Of You (Kieran J Remix) [Sound Avenue]

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