Decoded Radio presents Time Has Changed Records with Acumen + Interview

Managed by Timid Boy & Acumen, Time Has Changed has quickly established itself as one of the flagship labels of the new french tech house/ deep house scene.

Acumen, a proud father and a Pharmacist can’t spend that much time in the clubs anymore but stays well connected to the club scene with Time has Changed. His love for music began early and he was always open to all genres. After discovering the After hour club ‘Barlive’ it fascinated him in a completely new way. It was amazing to experience the location, people, atmosphere and the music which he still says to this day. Acumen has made a name for himself in the deeper Tech House scene; Richie Hawtin describes him as the best breakthrough producer of the year in 2009 and his music is supported by legends like Laurent Garnier, Loco Dice, Joris Voorn and Peter Kruder. His sets are dance floor orientated whilst not ignoring his Deep House roots, the warm sound that he came to love and cherish in the clubs.

Hi Antoine it’s great to have you join us. I hope all is well? Spring is upon us!

Hi everybody. I am super happy to be with you too. I love all the seasons but it feels good to get some heat. Especially that I live in the south of France.

Your love affair with electronic music stemmed from your clubbing days while studying at University? What were the events and clubs you used to regularly attend which sparked your passion?

Yes that’s exactly it. I discovered the electronic music rather in the clubs unlike a lot of friends who went rather in raves. The resident of the time was a big fan of the whole German movement, labels like kompakt, Poker Flat, BPitch. My ear has been shaped with this kind of sounds. At the time around Montpellier there were enormous evenings. Even maybe more than Paris.

How did your relationship with label partner Timid Boy begin?

I started by receiving his demos as a musician. It’s pretty funny when you think about it. I was an immediate fan to tell the truth. Then as he was one of the only Frenchmen in my stable. We called each other frequently. I proposed to him to integrate the label. And I am very proud of what he has developed with me for 10 years.

Does the name ‘Time has Changed’ have any reference to a specific moment in your life or turn of circumstance?

The name of the label is dedicated to one of my favourite pieces of music: Codec & Flexor – Time Has Changed. It was a sort of hymn to us, to tell the truth. It is also related to changes in music. The transition from vinyl to digital.

Brilliant Track. How are your roles as label owners divided between you both?

It is no secret to say that we have not exactly the same musical sensibility. But I think it’s more an asset than a disadvantage. His role is still more A&R than me today. It was the opposite at the beginning of the adventure. And if not we share a lot of tasks (press, promotion, upload …)

Let’s move onto the music and the current release on the label from Danito & Athina – Over You EP. Yourself & Javier Orduna are on remix duties to complete a great package. What do the remixes bring to the original track?

Yes I am very happy to have this duet with us on the label. This is one of my personal signatures. It is probably not for nothing if Solomun played their track Hydra all summer. I am also very happy to have Javier Orduna who is a great musician although may not be known enough to my taste. I hope that the remixes bring to the originals another vision. Other feelings.

You have recently given away a free track of yours ‘Ignorance Acquise‘. Was there a reason you chose to make it a free download?

Let’s say that I am convinced that the future of music is free. It is an illusion to think that the musicians of our category earn their salary with their tracks. It is essentially the shows that make them earn their living. Also I produce a lot, I often have pieces in stock. And then especially Sweet Melodic is a great site for sharing and sharing. I love their team. It was quite natural to give them a new piece because I had done the same with another ‘Felur Fantome‘. It is also a good way to present his music to many people. These two pieces are close to reaching 10000 plays.

Recently you have given high praise to Patrice Baumel, specifically his new ‘boarderline’ release on Chapter 24. If I’m not mistaken he hasn’t yet had a release on Time has Changed. Would he be somebody you would like to sign in the future?

Oh my god yes! But he is not so easy to reach. So I’m making a call again. Patrice I want you to remix me! If there is need to do the whole thing naked Avignon running I will!

Haha hopefully it will now happen. Time Has Changed have been throwing label party’s at Rex Club in Paris since 2010. How have the label events grown over the years?

Yes we have played as a residence at Rex Club very often, mostly in August. It seems to me one of the best clubs in the world with a great sound system and incredible energy. Damien is really trying to make a lot of events. But that again is probably still a big part to develop because my job as a pharmacist keeps me from making as many dates as I would like too.

In your opinion would you say running label nights have been detrimental in the growth of Time has Changed?

Not precisely but I think it would help the label take off if we could find someone to help us develop this part of the brand.

If you had the opportunity to throw a joint label event which label would you choose to best compliment Time has Changed and why?

I would like to do a label night with Chapter 24. We do not have exactly the same musical sensitivity but it is a label that I like very much and that is very well managed.

Running a record label, being an active producer and DJ, having a family is all very time consuming yet you still run and manage your own pharmacy. You could say you have 3 full time jobs. Could you share your secret in time management ha?

There is no real secret except that you have to be very passionate. But overall I love having this lifestyle and having things to do all the time. With age I also get up earlier which allows me to manage my schedule.

Moving onto your label feature mix which you kindly agreed to prepare for us. What direction have you chosen with track selection? I see some recent releases from Dennis Cruz, Axel Bartsch and previously mentioned Danito & Athina.

I wanted to make a mix that represents the spirit of the label. We see just a little our two universes between Damien and me. It is for this reason that we can move on to deeper things like Danito & Athina and Axel to more tech house club things like Dennis Cruz.

What future goal do you both have for the label? Since it’s launch in 2007 have you achieved everything you set out to do?

No I think we must be in perpetual evolution. Search and create constantly. I hope we will have another 10 years ahead of us.

How is the release schedule for the label looking for the next few months?

We have great releases that will happen throughout the year. But also a special birthday compilation in May and then I’m going to launch a whole new live with a friend at the keyboards. This may be a great year for the label and me.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time from your already busy life. We’ve really enjoyed the feature you have put together for us. Lastly is there anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

It was a huge pleasure too. Remain all humble and positive!

All the best!

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Time has Changed Records with Acumen.


Ian Dillon

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#4 Sharam – Arpi (Moonwalk Remix) [Yoshitoshi]
#3 Phoenix – Rise Up 20 (Zed White Remix) [Tactical Hots Music]
#2 Moby – Natural Blues (Victor Ruiz Remix) [Suara]
#1 Roger Martinez – Moksha (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]

Mini Mix

01. GMJ – One Thing Feeds the Other (Federico Santorsola) [3rd Avenue]
02. Matan Caspi – Northern Soul (Original Mix) [Static Music]
03. Carlos Manaça, Chus & Ceballos – The Strong Rhythm (D-Formation Remix) [Magna]
04. Marc DePulse – Snarewolf (Stas Drive Remix) [Eleatics Records]
05. JOBE – Four Colours (Original Mix) [Manual Music]


01. Sabb & Acumen – The way i like it
02. Metodi Hristov – Misted
03. Gwen Maze & Phil Dark – Play his game – Adam Shelton rmx
04. Third Son – Enoch sleeps
05. Spencer K – Isuly – Emmanuel Satie Rmx
06. Axel Bartsch – Beton darkness
07. Benno Blome – Abotha – Mihai Popoviciu rmx
08. Danito & Athina – Over You – Acumen rmx
09. Betoko & Haze M – Lush
10. Los Suruba – Drogo – Tigerskin rmx
11. Acumen & Metodi Hristov – Never Trust me
12. Timid Boy – Gangsta – Oxia rmx
13. Dennis Cruz – Caminante No Hay Camino

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