Decoded Radio presents Warung Recordings with Albuquerque aka Borgman + Leo Janeiro Interview

Since 2002, Warung has been responsible for spreading quality electronic music in Brazil. The work of a whole decade was able to develop true effects in the cultural reality, and today the country has a rich musical scenario where DJs, musicians and specially the crowd have become more demanding, creative and open-minded. Ten years after its first memorable night, the club proudly introduced Warung Recordings. The label is but a platform created to gather and encourage the work and talent of Brazilian musicians, such as international ones – all guided by the club’s hedonistic atmosphere. Through the label, Warung wants to reinforce its commitment towards the music made by and for people who are deeply in love with it.

Brazil’s Leo Janeiro has been forging a reputation for atmospheric house with depth and thoughtful rhythms since the release of his debut EP ‘First Contact’ in 2006. His latest release, ‘Solaris’. Collaborating with fellow Brazilian Mumbaata, strikes a neat balance between groovy and shimmering, deep and dreamy. Decoded grabbed the opportunity to speak with label manager Leo Janeiro, and their youngest resident Albuquerque aka Borgman provides a label feature guest mix for Decoded Radio.

Hi, Leo. There is a tropical element to this release, and indeed the name ‘Solaris’ hints at the sun. Was this the vibe that you and Mumbaata intended to bring?

Yes, Solaris represents a bit of that, we live in a tropical country and especially in Rio de Janeiro the weather is like that (very sunny) almost all year long. All the tracks of this EP have a bit of this atmosphere; it’s cool to be able to get that into the music!

HNQO and Andre Buljat have provided two quite different remixes here. What encouraged you to turn to them?

Henrique and Andre are both great friends and have in their DNA several influences and different styles. It was our intention was from the beginning to bring each one’s visions; It worked because I think they are complete artists and they are great! We were very happy with the result. The HNQO remix is sensational, has something very special and shows a lot of musicality. Andre did something totally different and more serious, very different from the original version and completed the idea very well.

Things are really kicking off on the Brazilian scene. Do you think that it was only a matter of time?

Think it’s already happening for some time now, several Brazilian names around the world scene are connected and doing an excellent job. Today we have a whole environment that helps a lot of new artists, such as parties, festivals, labels and the Brazilian music itself is being rediscovered by many artists from inside and outside of Brazil … It is very important that we always have this international support so we can go further.

Warung Beach Club is set just far enough away from the water that one could be forgiven for thinking that they’re deep in the jungle. Do you think that this gives it an extra edge?

Of course who doesn’t love a Jungle party! Bonus for having the sunrise with an ocean view!

Ben Klock is due to play there in November. His brand of no-nonsense techno will certainly shake things up. How much are you looking forward to that one?

Warung always brings many cool names all year long. Ben Klock is one of them, he is always very welcome and respected! The important thing today is that any artist that plays in the club feels that it’s different, this is something that everyone always comments. Techno, House, Deep, Tech House, Progressive are always well represented during the annual program.

Do you have any plans on making a full-length album?

Yes I have and I have already begun to work on this idea, we are slowly having ideas that add to the project of this album. It is important because an album reflects its moment and I think the time is coming!

Do you get to spend as much time in the studio as you’d like, given your other commitments?

I try to balance things and make everything always nice: studio, gigs, leisure, work, you need to have a balance so your creativity is always around when you need it! Now I know how to organize my time.

What are your plans for the Warung label?

We are working very hard to always have good opportunities and establish good partnerships with the artists. I divide A&R with Albuquerque, another resident of the club, we have a good team. Music is always something that awakens good energies and at Warung Recordings it’s the same, we try to do something within the musical philosophy of the club. We are completing 25 releases, a lot has changed and this is good because the change made us leave our comfort zone, it makes us work more.

Albuquerque aka Borgman has prepared a Warung label feature mix for us who I believe is the youngest Warung resident. Can you tell us a bit about him and how he came to become involved?

Albuquerque was clubber before becoming a DJ, that gave a very important background for him to become the DJ he is today, he is one of the responsible for Radiola (active musical nucleus in the south of Brazil) and also super producer too. This potential was identified by Warung Team and he took advantage of the opportunities and became new resident. Today he works a lot and has been conquering his space. We worked together on Warung Recordings and learned a lot because this exchange of ideas helps a lot both of us.

Where outside of Brazil is your favorite place to play?

Hard question! I think London, Barcelona and Berlin are great places. On my last tour I played at Fuse in Belgium and it was amazing to feel the vibe of the place. But in reality I like all the places where the public connects with my music, the artist should go where the audience is …

Do you have a pre-gig warm up routine?

I always try to listen to some songs that I just received last minute and try to relax and rest a little. I like to get to the gig first to feel the energy of people, this is something I really enjoy doing.

Thanks for your time, Leo.

Decoded Radio hosted by Ian Dillon presents Warung Recordings with Albuquerque aka Borgman.


Ian Dillon

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Mini Mix

01. Phonique – You want it (PH Version) [Systematic Recordings]
02. Reset Robot – Bark orders [Ovum Recordings]
03. Cid Inc – Flower of life [sudbeat]
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Albuquerque aka Borgman

01. Actor One – What You Do
02. John Monkman – Rhytmic Destiny
03. Mumbaata & Leo Janeiro – Solaris (HNQO Remix)
04. Davis – You’re My Everything (Cameo Culture Remix)
05. Albuquerque – Navio Pirata
06. Volcoder – Invasores
07. Albuquerque – Mariposa 88
08. Fancy Inc – All About Love
09. Marco Resmann – Sophie La Giraffe
10. Cristoph – Prisoner
11. Marco Resmann – Goos Mood
12. Cristoph – Make Out (Albuquerque RMX)

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