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Music nerds are a strange breed. Whether its the internet, dusty music stores, or even their girlfreinds parents music collections, they’re always searching. Never content with their own vast collections of music, much of which they rarely play, the music nerd is at much at home in a noisy night club as they are in quiet contemplation with headphones on staring at the mid week rain through their bedroom window. Real Gone Kid is a music nerd.

Real Gone Kid aka Simon Huxtable, started out as an indie kid who liked Nirvana, Brit Pop and Bob Dylan, but he felt he was still looking for that ultimate musical release. Then, in 1991, he heard Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea and his world changed. In those early days he couldn’t afford turntables, so he would record music from the radio and make pause tapes of his favourite tracks. He got his first set of decks many years later. They were Soundlab DLP 32s; belt drive and a nightmare to mix on. He practiced religiously for 18 months, giving away mix tapes and getting his friends to let him DJ their house parties, then gigs started coming along with residencies at some local bars.

The residencies, glamorous as they sound, were in chain pubs which wanted a ‘happy upbeat party sound’, that didn’t always sit right with Simon, as he wanted to showcase the amazing music he was finding and educate the public away from the dull 90s pop they were being drip fed. That meant he had to learn to build the night over 3 or 4 hour sets, occasionally slotting in tracks which excited him, while at the same time keeping the crowds and the bar managers happy. Playing these extended sets also taught him valuable lessons about how to warm up a crowd, read their reactions and how to take them on a musical journey without playing hit after hit. After a few years Simon began to land gigs at local night clubs playing alongside some of the countries best DJs which lead to guest appearances at festivals and bigger events.

Around 2002, Simon began using a sound design program called eJay 3 – it was really basic, but he quickly learned how to arrange tracks and work with layers to create a cohesive whole. After a long break in production, due to increasing work demands, he moved onto Ableton. Networking and building relationships with fellow music friends through social media led to his first release for Melbourne based Singer/Songwriter eM, with a track called ‘You Don’t Know’. Fortunately, the paying public agreed and he made the record labels top 10 sales on Beatport and the artists’ top 3. Now signed to Mirabilis Records, BSR, Whartone and Evoked Recordings Simon’s productions span multiple genres.

In more recent years, Simon’s attention has changed to giving back to the scene which nutured him along. That started with a small podcast aimed at giving the stars of the future a chance to raise their profile in an industry rife with PR white noise and fake DJs. He wanted to show the world, and himself, that there were still DJs out there that played for the love of it, rather than wanting fame and glory. The podcast was called ExposureUK and ran for 3 years. He met some fantastic DJs and as a point of pride would travel the country to see them live before he considered them for the podcast, such was his devotion.

That devotion got noticed by some important industry people and he was introduced to Bootleg Social and Musicology director Damion Pell who was, at the time, toying with the idea of a new website. That was 2013, today the website – Decoded Magazine – has become one of the hottests sites for underground dance music, and Simon as UK editor and co founder has access to the cutting edge of a scene that opened his eyes and gave him the musical release he craved all those years ago.

I recently spent a wonderful day at Woodstock69 in Bloemendaal, Netherlands dancing with 2000 other music fans to a 6 hour set from El Maestro (Hernan Cattaneo). I was blown away by his music and it reaffrimed my love of progressive house, so this mix is inspired by that day and by the amazing music I’m finding this year. I know you’ll love it as much as me!” – Simon Huxtable

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01. CLiVE – We Start Moving
02. Boris Werner – Dance of the Humpback Whale
03. Manuel Mereno & Mario Aureo – Floating City
04. Dahu – North (MPathy Remix)
05. Nick Devon – The Poem (Dahu Remix)
06. Ambivalent – Whyou
07. Hacker & Miethig – Sambal (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
08. Luke Santos and George Yammine – Pleasantly Painful (Ryan Davis Remix)
09. Third Son – Grey Matter
10. Erdi Irmak – Undiscovered Hideaway (Li-Polymer Remix)
11. Radiohead – Daydreamer (Stereo Underground Remix)

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About the Author

UK based former DJ and promoter, co-owner, director, writer & creative at Decoded Magazine. Studied at the University of Wolverhampton graduating in Graphic Communication & Typography (BA Hons). In house video editor and avid MMA follower with a keen ear for dark, twisted, hypnotic, tribal progressive house and techno.