Decoded Sundays – AMAN

Hailing from India, AMAN is no stranger to the array of sounds and melodies that enchant his home ground. Since 2008 he delved deeper into the realms of electronic that led him to play deep house, techno, electronica to name a few.

AMAN hosted a weekly radioshow called Tranquility Sessions on India’s best Electronic Music Radio Station: Tenzi FM. Tranquility Sessions aimed to showcase music from the many underground talents present today. AMAN had the privilege of hosting some of the biggest and most respected underground artists on his show such as Moonbeam, Airwave, Nikko Z, Praveen Achary, Cactus Twisters, Digital Mess, Sonic Union, PHM, Dinka, Michael Cassette and a few more.

Having released music on Change Audio, Agara Music, Soundteller, Balkan Connection, 3rd Avenue, amongst many other notable labels there’s no doubt that as a producer, he’s willing to push his musical boundaries each and every time. His tracks have been supported by some top producers and artists of the industry.


01// Sheila Chandra – Shehnai Song
02// Gardens Of God – Look Son, Dragons Come
03// Henry Saiz – Anubis (Flowers & Sea Creatures Remix)
04// Vinayak^A – Step Out And Root A Note
05// Avatism & Clockwork – Sothis (Dead Heat Remix)
06// Kiasmos – Burnt
07// A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos VI
08// Flowers & Sea Creatures, Villanova – 5 O’clock In The Morning (Club Mix)
09// Eduardo De La Calle – Downwards To Vasudeva
10// Yagya – Sleepygirl 6
11// Alex Burkat – Four Seasons

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