Decoded Sundays – Ingo Vogelmann

Ingo Vogelmann is a multi-talented, multi-faceted artist of the highest order, and someone I’ve personally followed the career of very closely. Raised in his native Germany by a grandfather who composed classical works and played 9 instruments, an opera loving mother who sang soprano and an elder brother who composes and plays 3 instruments as well, he was always going to be musical himself! Aged 6 he had the fortune to be classically educated in playing drums, later his brother taught him to play guitar and piano; becoming a producer and DJ was just the logical next step!

Ingo has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the field of electronic music over the last 20 years. He’s not only an extraordinary and charismatic DJ, but also a workhorse in the studio, with 7 albums and over 150 singles and remixes to his name. Known for being a studio wizard, often breaking the boundaries of the possible, sone of his highly remarkable remix works were for the co-producer of Enigma (Jens Gad, and his side project “Achillea”) and the single “The Seeress Prophecy”. He has also remixed for Jane Silence’s “Break Easy,” Nash Donson’s “Brightness”, PVS’s “Peklow”, and also for the FRISKY Records label. With a lifetime of experience in the industry, he runs 3 successful radio shows on the worlds number one internet radio station – Frisky, the 8 hour marathon show “LIGHTWORKS”, the legendary Ambient show “TIME OUT” and the “Release Promo Hype Chart Essentials”

For this exclusive mix, Ingo has delved deep into his musical library to compile a mammoth 3 hour mix of some of the finest downtempo music I have ever been luck enough to hear, so sit back, relax and allow the tranquil sounds of Ingo Vogelmann to wash away those bad heads and heavy hearts!

01// Ingo Vogelmann – A Vast Island In An Unknown Sea
02// BT Feat Jes – Every Other Way (Addliss Desperate Remix)
03// Ingo Vogelmann feat. Francesca Genco – Swallows In The Rain
04// Cell – Universal Sunrise
05// Lee Fletcher feat. Markus Reuter & Lisa Fletcher – The Inner Voice (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)
06// Cell – Risky Nap Under Blue Tree
07// Apparat – Escape
08// M83 – Fountains
09// Underworld – Louisiana
10// JÛnsi & Alex – Indian Summer
11// Above & Beyond – Good For Me
12// Vibrasphere – Breathing Place
13// Ingo Vogelmann – What If
14// Ott – A Nice Little Place
15// Tripswitch – Deer Park
16// Carbon Based Lifeforms – 20 Minutes
17// Solar Fields – Electric Fluid
18// Solar Fields – Singing Machine
19// Network – Diagrams
20// JÛnsi & Alex – Happiness
21// Ingo Vogelmann – Places In Your Mind