Decoded Sundays – Joey Fehrenbach

Next up on the Decoded Sundays mix series is a guy who has been consistently producing world class downtempo music for as long as I can remember. I firm favourite with the likes of former guest Nick Warren, this mix blends his love of sonic layers and melody with a sound I’ve personally been toying with – Balearic/Slow-Mo House.

When Joey Fehrenbach was four years old, his mother played Frank Mills tunes on the piano for him each night to get him to go to bed. That was when he fell in love with music and understood melody as a powerful tool for expressing emotion.

Joey comes from a long line of professional musicians including aunts and uncles who played for everything from symphonies to commercial jingles. He’s been writing music since he was thirteen and for the past twenty, he’s produced electronic music, starting with an old Mac Plus and a few old analog keyboards and an 8-bit sampler. For nine years he recorded dance tracks under the name Dream Traveler. One of his songs,” Time,” appeared on Paul Oakenfold’s Transport CD, one of the highest selling dance compilations of all time. In 2006 he switched direction and started using his real name. “I wanted a more personal connection to the listener and the only name I could put on it was my own. Band names tend to mask the artist’s identity. There’s nothing more intrinsic than putting your real name on an album, and there’s nothing more personal than writing the most emotional music you can to try to express to others who you really are.” His goal was to eliminate boundaries and write emotionally charged, melodic music. He even self-released his first album on his own record label to avoid any outside influence.

His music has been used on TV shows like Steven Seagal: Lawman, History Detectives, and Earth 2100: ABC Special Report. Two of his songs, “Behold” and “Being Around You,” were included on Nick Warren’s Global Underground – Paris compilation. His earlier release, Mellowdrama, topped Downtempo and Chillout radio charts and sold record numbers over the past four years. Before that, as Dream Traveler, he released numerous dance singles and remixes that became dance floor favorites, played by DJs including John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, and Scott Stubbs. Joey’s music has been enjoyed by thousands all over the globe. You may not be four but this is emotionally satisfying music you’ll want to listen to every night.


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07// Joey Fehrenbach – Night Hammer (Dream Traveler Remix)
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