Decoded Sundays – Naif & Real Gone Kid

A&R Guys Ian French (Naif) and Simon Huxtable (Real Gone Kid) pride themselves on having wide and varied music palettes. They argue about many artists across many genres, but one thing they both agree on is ambient music and in particular orchestral soundtracks from big budget movies.

So, with that in mind, the pair set about to concoct a mix based on their mutual passions, marrying their love of Cinema and Ambient music. The mix incorporates many of their favourite artists like Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnauds with classics like Firewater by BT and the triumphantly melancholy Autumn Leaves by Coldcut.



Living in a small rural Northern town wasn’t without it’s hardships. The inhabitants lead ordinary lives filled with ordinary things, but Ian wanted more, he wanted a life less ordinary. For young Ian, it meant trips to nearby cities for his music fix. Record shops like 3 Beat and Eastern Bloc were vinyl meccas where dreams came true and fierce allegiances were formed. These were the building blocks for a life less ordinary. His idols were the West Coast house mafia of Halo, Hipp-e and Onionz along with the UK progressive elite.

Playing across the board has made Ian difficult to pigeonhole. He is equally at home playing soulful drum n bass as he is hammering out a hard as nails techno set. He describes himself as an electronic music fan rather than pick a specific genre, and its this wide spectrum musical palette that drives him to continually seek out really great records that other DJs delete from their hold bins.




Real Gone Kid
Music nerds are a strange breed. Whether its the internet, dusty music stores, or even their girlfriends parents music collections, they are always searching. Never content with their own vast collections of music much of which they rarely play, the music nerd is at much at home in a noisy night club as they are in quiet contemplation with headphones on staring at the mid week rain through their bedroom window. Real Gone Kid is a music nerd and he celebrates that fact with deep thought provoking, melodic DJ sets. As director and A&R manager for Decoded Magazine, he also has a unique view of how the scene is evolving and can really help the careers of artists he feels passionate about.


01// AFX vs The Dark Knight – th1 [slo] Burner (RGK will burn you Edit)
02// Scott Walker – Farmer in the City
03// BV Dub – Make the Pain Go Away
04// Nils Fram – Says
05// Mestre & Santos – Judgements and Misconceptions (acapella)
06// Rawdee – Wayfarer
07// Bladerunner vs Vangelis – Tears in the Rain (Time to Die)
08// Oliveray – Growing Waterwings
09// Moby – The Last Day (Michael Lovisa Remix)
10// Rabbit in the Moon – FlooRi.D.A. (Lunasols Sub Aqua Mix)
11// BT – Firewater
12// Olafur Arnalds – Near Light
13// Real Gone Kid – Decoded in Amsterdam (Outtake #3- RGK Chill Edit)
14// Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Remix)

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