Decoded Sundays – Naif

Naif aka Ian French based in the North West and has been a DJ now for over 15 years. He does not like to pin himself to one genre and simply likes to think of himself as playing “electronic music”. His style incorporates many genres including Electronica, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, House, Techno and Progressive. As well as his love and passion for the scene and the music, Ian is also runs the A&R department of Decoded Magazine alongside Simon Huxtable. Since Decoded Magazine’s inception, Ian has had the chance to work with and bring some big names of all genres of music to the readers of the website.

Ian’s mix for Decoded Sundays has given him the chance to programme a mix of music that he often doesn’t get a chance to play. The whole ethos behind the Decoded Sundays mixes was to give artists carte blanche and allow then to construct a selection of music with a Sunday chilled vibe. In this case Ian has compiled a mix of Drum & Bass and Breaks. Ian often features Drum & Bass in many of his mixes but this gave him the opportunity to lay down a full mix of said genre. He hopes you enjoy that mix, and it is one I know he had great enjoyment in constructing.

01// Mimi Page & Hybrid Minds – Starlet
02// SpectraSoul – Memento
03// Anile – Depths
04// Technimatic – Chasing A Dream
05// Utah Jazz – Endless feat LaMeduza
06// Malaky – Days Go By
07// Submorphics – Rosewood feat Christina Tamayo
08// Utah Jazz – January Silence
09// Break – Theyre Wrong (Calibre Alternate Remix)
10// Utah Jazz – Clarity of Thought
11// Hydro – Instant_Sanctity
12// Blu Mar Ten – Break It All Apart (Break Remix)
13// Tokyo Prose – Ventura
14// Calibre – The Wash
15// Tokyo Prose – Fragmented You feat Milton
16// Technimatic – Second Look
17// Anile – That Night feat Jess Brinham
18// SpectraSoul – No Doubt
19// Zero T – Roxy Music
20// Arp XP – Winter in Sardinia (Calibre Remix)
21// Amaning – Satin Keys
22// Everything But The Girl – Blame (Fabio Remix)