Decoded Sundays – Napoleon

Simon Mills, also known as Napoleon, is an electronic music producer and an eclectic DJ. He rose to musical prominence in the early 2000s as one half of wonky chill out duo Bent. His solo work continues his trademark quirky, slightly vintage, nostalgic, warm style, drawing heavily on his extensive record collection and an array of analogue synthesisers. Simon now lives and works in rural Ireland, and to keep himself busy he’s spending the whole of 2014 recording, producing and self-releasing an EP a month. He even does his own artwork. 2015 will see a hook up with the fast expanding Secret Life empire, another album and a return to the DJ circuit.

“I dropped out of a Fine Art degree to pursue my music instead and my first job was producing sample/music libraries, and I ended up having music on 28 Days Later, The Negotiator, Arlington Road and the game Half Life, and got a name drop in a Jean Michel Jarre album because he’d used a lot of the sounds I’d made.” He says of his entry into the music industry. Then came Bent, five albums in seven years, DJing and live gigs all over, stacks of sampling and success. Everything changed with their critically acclaimed album Programmed to Love in 2000. From signing on the dole with blue hair, promising the lady behind the counter that he was about to get a record deal to jumping about in a space suit with star gazer Patrick Moore in the video for Swollen in a matter of weeks. The end was a natural progression, Neil moved to London, Simon stayed on in Nottingham for a while before moving up country. “My last studio in Nottingham was below Crazy P, which was great but very distracting, I just wanted to go to the pub with them all the time!”

Simon’s exclusive mix for us features some of those new tracks as well as some forgotten gems and he tells us its the most downtempo mix he’s done for a while.


01// Napoleon – Buenas Noches
02// John Barry – 007 And Counting
03// Rebelski – Alka Seltzer
04// Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Mbube (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
05// Napoleon – Fairy Bluebell
06// FFWD – Suess Wie Eine Nuss
07// Wendy Carlos – The Rocky Mountains
08// Autechre – Montreal
09// C418 – Mice On Venus
10// Penguin Cafe Orchestra — In The Back Of A Taxi
11// Philip Glass – Anthem: Part 2
12// μ-Ziq – Ethereal Murmurings
13// The Beach Boys – ‘Til I die (Alternate Mix)
14// Joseph Canteloube – Bailero