Decoded Sundays pres. Real Gone Kid

This weeks chill mix comes from our own A&R guru Simon Huxtable. His current project name of Real Gone Kid encompasses a wide range of musical genres, and one thats close to his heart is Soulful Drum n Bass.

“ I was listening to an old LTJ Bukem mix recently and I was struck, not only by Danny’s mastery of the decks, but how each record seemed to fit so well in the mix. I wanted to make something like that, and also show case some music I never get to play, like the dub reggae tracks at the start of this mix. I also wanted to highlight some really cool talented new producers making incredibly soulful tracks, like Phaeny and Seiren (who we featured a few weeks back). I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did putting it together. Have a great Sunday chill!” – the Kid

Music nerds are a strange breed. Whether its the internet, dusty music stores, or even their girlfriends parents music collections, they are always searching. Never content with their own vast collections of music, much of which they rarely play, the music nerd is at much at home in a noisy night club as they are in quiet contemplation with headphones on, staring at the mid week rain through their bedroom window. Real Gone Kid is one such nerd.

Having had some success in the late 90s and the early part of the the new millennium, Simon’s attention has changed to giving back to the scene, which started with a small podcast aimed at giving the stars of the future a chance to raise their profile in an industry rife with PR white noise and fake DJs.

He wanted to show the world, and himself, that there were still DJs out there that played music for the love of it, rather than to become famous or make money. The podcast was called ExposureUK and ran for 3 years, he met some fantastic DJs and as a point of pride would travel the country to see them live before he considered them for the podcast, such was his devotion. That devotion got noticed by some important industry people, and he was introduced to Bootleg Social and Musicology director Damion Pell who was, at the time, toying with the idea of a new website. The rest they say, is history…


01// Edge 2 – Tempest Dub
02// H-Foundation – Hear Dis Sound (Craig Richards Mix)
03// The Police – Walking on the Moon (Faciendo Remix)
04// Omni Trio – Trippin on Broken Beats VIP
05// Seba – As Long As It Takes
06// Phaemy – Ayla
07// Seba & Lotek – Universal Music
08// Break- Give it up
09// Utah Jazz – Runaway
10// Drs Ft. LSB & Tyler Daley – The View
11// EBTG – Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix)
12// Hundred Waters – Murmurs (Sieren Remix)

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