Decoded Sundays presents Montreal’s Decker//

Head designer for Ubisoft by day, world class DJ by night, Alex Decker lives the dream from his palatial downtown Montreal apartment. With Stereo and Circus mere walking distance and the best poutine in town on his doorstep, this plucky young French Canadian is teetering on the edge of stardom. I met Alex around 6 months ago, when I played a gig for Exotik Nights in his hometown. We became firm friends over vitamin water at my first experience of the greatest sound system on Earth – Stereo – seriously, its worth the airfare alone!

What impressed me about his DJing was his patience and attention to detail, and it was no real surprise to learn he had a passion for the sounds of LTJ Bukem and the Good Looking back catalog, so it was a no brainer to invite him to compile a mix of his favourite producers and tracks. This one is pretty special!

My mix is basically of a ‘tribute’ to Seba & Future Engineers. These are the artist’s that inspired me the most from the ‘LTJ Bukem  and Good Looking’ sound. Atmospheric DnB, and still major influence today. This is what they produce at the moment. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!” – Alex Decker

01// Seba – Physickl
02// Seba – Mesmerism
03// Seba – Lose Control
04// Mako – What a little moonlight can do (Break remix)
05// LM1 & Indigo – The 591 (Future Engineers remix)
06// Kredit – Ascending Red (Future Engineers remix)
07// Blu Mar Ten – Overwhelm (Seba remix)
08// Seba – What’s your fantasy
09// Seba – Painted Skies
10// Seba – Distance
11// Future Engineers – Sensory Disorientation
12// Blu Mar Ten – In your eyes (Ulterior Motive remix)
13// Foreign Concept ft. Naomi Olive – Endless Fade
14// ASC – Caesium

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