Decoded Sundays presents Project Skyward

Project Skyward aspire to create the universe in sound, drawing from a background in science and astronomy, songwriter Ryan Field hopes to bring the heavens down to earth as expressed through thought provoking lyrics and captivating soundscapes.

Like a chance meeting in space between Flying Saucer Attack and the Cocteau Twins, Project Skyward is as catchy as it is cosmic. Modulated guitars, sublime electronics and breathy boy/girl harmonies combine to create an androgynous, boundless music which is so radical and yet so recognisable, it could only have been hatched on this planet.

Hot from his stellar release on Hope Recordings, LA based Ryan has constructed one of the most inspired mixes we’ve hosted this year. From Ambient beginnings, he moves effortlessly through genres, taking in the likes of Ulrich Schnauss and Luke Slater plus a couple of amazingly cheeky bootlegs and some live reworkings. This mix is about to make your Sunday a whole lot better!

01// Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd- Southern Shores
02// Beacon – Between the Waves
03// Beach House – Space Song
04// Ulrich Schnauss- Her and the Sea
05// Washed Out – Weightless
06// Hammock – Muted Angels (live remix)
07// Project Skyward – Holographic Universe (Ulrich Schnauss remix)
08// Luke Slater – The Needs of the Many
09// Stellardrone – A moment of Silence / Sasha – Time after Time (mashup)
10// Apparat – Like Porcelain / Way Out West – The Gift (mashup)
11// Thomas Fehlmann – Treatment (live remix)
12// Project Skyward – Omniscience (live remix)

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