Decoded Sundays presents Real Gone Kid

Music nerds are a strange breed. Whether it’s the internet, dusty music stores, or even their girlfriends parents music collections, they are always searching. Never content with their own vast collections of music much of which they rarely play, the music nerd is at much at home in a noisy night club as they are in quiet contemplation with headphones on staring at the mid week rain through their bedroom window.

Real Gone Kid is most definitely a music nerd. Like many of his age, dance music’s arrival was the wake up call he needed. Thatcher’s Britain was a desperate place, and rave music provided a release. Over time his love for all forms of music began to take shape, and he decided to learn to DJ and make his own tracks. With some success, he’s DJed all over the country; recently going international. His tracks are now also finding themselves in the boxes of some of the major players in the underground scene.

Regarding the mix he says:

“Digging deep into my back catalogue of chilled music, I’ve put together a rather beguiling mix ranging in styles and tempos perfectly sequenced to take the listener on a magical journey. Suited best for lounging around a pool somewhere sunny and hot, I have classic tracks from a bygone era, like Skynet’s mid 90s trip hop classic ‘Seashell’ or Pan Electric’s 2006 track ‘Rising Slowly’ rubbing shoulders with new and unreleased material from Aquasky, Kimyan Law and a personal favourite, Ash Walker. The summer just got a whole lot sooner!” – the Kid

01// Mongolian Jetset – Y Lentokone Mungo
02// Pan Electric – Rising Slowly
03// Michna – Believe in Me
04// Skynet – Seashell
05// Bob Grove – Sleepwalking
06// Dark Star – Grey Sky Blue
07// James Blake – Wilhelm Scream (Kieran J 2015 Revisit)
07// Aquasky – Kuana
08// Kimyan Law – Glow
09// Dustin Nantais – Cloak (Max Cue Remix)
10// Xspance – Dream Frequency
11// Ash Walker – Long Arms
12// Oversoul ft. Gramma Funk – Universal Unfolding

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