Decoded Sundays – Real Gone Kid

Music nerds are a strange breed. Whether its the internet, dusty music stores, or even their girlfriends parents music collections, they are always searching. Never content with their own vast collections of music, much of which they rarely play, the music nerd is at much at home in a noisy night club as they are in quiet contemplation with headphones on staring at the mid week rain through their bedroom window.  Real Gone Kid is one such nerd.

“For me,” He says, “chill out music has always been as important as the upbeat sounds we ravers tend to head toward. And as a producer, the ability to structure a piece of work with out the rigid backbone of a 4/4 beat is an art in itself. With this mix I wanted to show another side of my musical palate, and open your minds to the wealth of downtempo and ambient music thats out there. Starting with a classic Carbon Based Lifeforms track I slowly head deeper into ambience, culminating with a seminal Leftfield production which still sounds as fresh today as it did nearly 20 years ago.The finale, a piano solo, is filled with such melancholy there was no way I could miss letting you hear it. Pure emotion in audio form. I hope you enjoy this mix and it eases your Sunday hangovers.”

01// Richard Burton – War of the Worlds speech
02// Carbon Based Lifeforms – Central Plain
03// Solee – Legends (Slow Motion Mix)
04// Verche – Into the Forest (Ambient Mix)
05// A Reminiscent Drive – Life is Beautiful
06// KLF – Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my Heart
07// Minilogue – In the smoke we all became birds
08// Leftfield – Release the Pressure
09// Fortdax – Oxenfolly
10// Charlie May – We Control Everything
11// Sander Kleinenberg – My Lexicon (T_Mo Sunset Mix)
12// Mira Calix – Sparrow
13// A Winger Victory for the Sullen – We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, for the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year.