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Robbie Lowe is a DJs DJ. Fiercely passionate about the music, but always with a smile on his face, you can find him in Sydney’s King Cross playing or supporting the local nights most weekends. With a long standing love for all things Tech House, his warm melodic sound has seen him become one of the premier DJs of the Australian underground scene. Regarded as a ‘go to’ guy for quality warm ups, Robbie has enjoyed many high profile gigs in Sydney and beyond. 2016 promises to be one of his busiest years to date, with gigs in Asia and new releases ready to go. A&R Simon Huxtable wanted to find out a little more…

Hi Robbie, great to finally connect, you’ve been pretty busy of late! How you going? 

Really good thanks. Life is good, playing lots of great gigs in Sydney, surfing a lot and feeling heathy!

Tell us about how you got into DJing and early influences?

I was introduced to DJing when I was about 19 by a good friend. Previous to this I was a surfy grommet that was totally obsessed with dance music. Early influences came from the late 80’s and early 90’s Pop, Acid & Hip House, Garage and Rave. So all the tell tale signs were there from an early age that I was probably going to end up with a life that revolved around music. I was also really fascinated with the idea of mixing records and keeping a constant groove… I just loved it.

The funny thing was back then, I never really wanted to be a DJ. I was just happy collecting records and mixing in the bedroom for hours, and there were days I wouldn’t leave the room. I think mum got worried sometimes and started to leave food at the bedroom door!

Well, 24 years later and you still can’t get me off the decks and away from clubs. God bless my friends that threw me in the deep end with gig opportunities in my very early years. They could see the passion in my eyes and that I was in for the long haul!

Robbie Lowe 2

Sydney among other cities have undergone radical changes in recent years with Government cracking down. How have their actions impacted on nightlife, and what are the locals doing about it?

Yeah the Sydney lock out and alcohol curfew laws that were introduced in 2014 definitely crippled our thriving nightlife for a while. In a word it basically sucked. At first the effects were devastating. It was horrible seeing so many well established late night trading venues and livelihoods lost. We have been all effected in some way and some obviously worse than others.

It’s been a struggle, but we’ve gotten on with things and the spirit in this city is strong. We’ve basically had to adapt for now, and if anything this debacle has brought the industry closer together. There are some amazing events and weekly parties really buzzing at the moment. Sydney is buzzing and nothing is going to stop the music or people dancing. And It can’t get any worst, so things will get better!

Robbie Lowe 3

Tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us, its pretty great! 

Thanks! This mix is has a pretty chilled vibe. Musically I’ve gone down a slightly different road than usual, showing off a taste of my chilled out side. The sounds on the mix will usually soothe my ears after playing gigs or to help relax at home. It was fun collating music and making the mix. I also tried to make something you can come back for a listen after a few years and still enjoy. There some of my personal favourites on there that I’ve been saving for a mix like this. I hope you dig!

You’ve been busy in the studio we hear, do you have much any releases on the horizon.

I’m currently working on an EP for the Reckless Republic record label. Hope to have this finished in a couple months with some cool remixes. And later in 2016 there will be a few more surprises. I really want to get busy in the studio in 2016!

Just to finish off, where can we catch you playing over December and into 2016?

You can catch me at C.U Saturdays (Civic Underground), Reckless Republic / Spice Events and various guests spots and special events in Sydney. I’ll also be doing a bit of touring in 2016 with my first stop at Koh Bali, April for an ‘All Night Long’ set.

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